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Oregon Hunger Strikers need support!

Peaceful Protest/Hunger Strike at SRCI

by an OR comrade
August 2005
Peaceful Protest/Hunger Strike at SRCI

by an OR comrade
August 2005

In the spirit of resistance and in continuation of the
seventy man prison uprising at EOCI last month, the
news of prison gang unity has spread like wildfire! We
are currently locked down in the hole, because of the
Oregon Department of Corruptions excessive unjust
abuses and brutality. After the EOCI rebellion, the
warden and administrators performed an emergency
transfer of the most likely leaders of the rebellion.
Well that's how I got here at SRCI! and as our
struggles continue, so do our battles.

For the record, Snake River Correctional Facility is
notorious for murdering prisoners who resist their
abusers & oppressors. So instead of going at them
armed and violently (as @ EOCI) we are UNITED once
All major prison gangs and races!! In a peaceful 1000
man plus phone strike/hunger strike on general
population and of course us soldiers in captivity in
the Disciplinary Segregation Unit (the hole).
Unfortunately we are unable to communicate with our
comrades in the Oregon SHU (IMU-control units), but we
feel their struggles!! We all've heard rumors that
they are igniting sparks of resistance as well. Never
before have so many prison gangs come together for a
United Front to defend our rights against the DOC's
unfair control and oppression. Those supporting our
United Front to defend our humyn rights and freedoms
here in the Disciplinary Segregation Unit with me are
The Southsiders, European Kindred, The West Siders,
BROOD, New Afrikans, CRIPS, BLOODS, Kumi Nation, Aztec
[list continues, but letter is cut off]

Enclosed is the SRCI prison newsletter that has
sparked our flames of resistance. It seems the
Department of Corrections feels they have a right to
decide and control who we call and how many times, how
often and only a selected amount of people! In a
secret plot, it seems, to gather as much information
about our loved ones and family members and friends.
This is a violation of our families and friends
rights. We will not stand idly by and watch the
department of corruptions pry into our families lives
through their documentation of addresses and phone

In our peaceful protest hunger strike we are
staggering their system!! Many prisoners are getting
out of the hole early due to over-crowding (holding
prisoners for nothing) and because of this prisoners
are not being subjected to nonsense disciplinary
sanctions. Because the holes are too full, they can't
take no one to the hole-- us prisoners are STARVING!
To stand in unity despite of political views in this
unity we want change!

We need as much support from you people on the
outside!! WE must be heard. We are starving!! Enclosed
is a list of participants and comrades from the United
Struggle Within. Much love to the ARM Mister
Toltecatl. All listed have refused their food, going
on over 7 days [this letter was mailed August 31,
2005]. When will the corruption cease? Will these pigs
continue to laugh in our faces and watch us starve to

We will end our hunger strike when the DOC changes
their corrupt agendas.

Please email/write/fax/criticize and complain to:
Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI)
Jean Hill, Superintendent
Mark Nooth, Asst. Supt. , General Services
Judy Gilmore, Asst. Supt., Program Services
Steve Franke, Asst. Supt., Security
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, OR 97914-0595
INFO:(541) 881-5000 FAX: (541) 881-5460

Internal Affairs, Department of Correction
390 NE 2nd Street
PO Box 70
Ontario, OR 97914

Oregon Solicitor General
400 Justice Building
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97310

Oregon Attorney General
100 Justice Bldg
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97310

Governor of Oregon
900 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-4047

Department of Corrections
2575 Center Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-4667

American Civil Liberties Union
PO Box 40585
Portland, OR 97240-0585

Oregon Advocacy Center
620 SW Fifth ave, 5th Floor
Portland, OR 97204-1428
(503) 243-2081
(800) 452-1694
SRCI newsletter 16.Sep.2005 09:09


Could you please also repost the SRCI newsletter? Does this group have a lawyer?

Are you kidding me? 31.Oct.2005 07:42


I am a firm believer that prisoners should be treated with respect and that they have certain rights while incarcerated. However, being entitled to a certain number of phone calls doesn't qualify as one of those rights. I think that you inmates sometimes forget that you are locked up and being punished. It isn't supposed to be a fun experience where you get everything that people on the outside get. Perhaps you should quit sitting around complaining about every little thing that you don't like in prison and start doing something for yourself in there so that you are better prepared to live a productive life when you get out. I wouldn't wish prison on anybody who doesn't deserve it, but I have no tolerance for nonsense like 'they can't tell us how many phone calls we get to make.'

I was there! 20.Apr.2006 15:15

david b mcnair jr

I was there &it wasnt just at eoci & snake river. it was all over the state tworivers osp & I was there to go through all the brutality,torture,abuse of D.O.C's tactics. I seen &went through evry bit of it over the course of 5 years 10 months of incarsiration for a conviction of 2nd degree assult.it still amazes me that right here in our own country men and women go through the same abuse&torture that goes on in iraq,gitmobay and various other gulags across the world. this behavior was condemed by "our" goverment twards prisioners detained or in any way incasirated,by the united states. there are u.s.personel currently siting in federal prison right now for their abusive behaviors.how come there are no major actions taken agaist the people of our own state? i was there!i was beaten by whole teames of corrections officers in full riot gear,armed with "shock shields,chemical agents,handheld tasers,concussion grenades,and sting ball guns! every time i was unarmed,sometimesnaked or ina pair of underwear,with nothing in my cell. does this sound like exsesive force to u? does this sound like torture to u ? thats because it is.If there is any one who wishs to hear our stories or wishs debate the wrongs or rights of what happened please contact me. this stuff goes on every day.i am also aproud member of European Kindred. hail to all my BROTHERS & comrads in arms HEADS UP BOOTS DOWN! respectfuly David.B,McNair JR

503 429 2911
225 c street vernonia oregon 97064