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burned kid

They are going to get away with it
They are going to have an investigation, then it will go to a grand jury.

I know exactly how this works.

The investigation will be mostly trying to find faults in fouads life, the cops will be told exactly what to say.

There are special words a cop has to say to murder someone and get away with it. The magic words are "I was in fear for my life".

The cops are going to testify at the grand jury (which is highly unusaual), so they will tell the grand jury all kinds of things. And the public will never know what was said in there. Then they will clear them. It's a system, to convict those murders would bankrupt clackamas and Sandy, they HAVE TO CLEAR THEM. Its all about money. The guy who supposidly got kicked in the chest was not trying to help him, he came at him with a baseball bat demanding that he get off his property. He will probably testify at the grand jury. Who will speak for Fouad? He's dead.

Another thing, a hispanic kid was just killed in Sandy a couple of weeks ago then thrown in the woods. We are positive they were cops, they really had it out for him. There is no forensic testing going on or anything like that. His father came to my cousins funeral.

The last 7 years under Bush have been the worst years of my life.
God help us.

A couple of days ago someone who read my postings e mailed me saying that he deserved to die and that our family should go back to the middle east, we were not wanted here.

I'm with you in spirit 15.Sep.2005 20:53


screw the so called 'white Americans'. If they are talking to you this way, they don't understand their own country's spirit.

Try this out: I've gotten into the habit of telling people if they don't like a multi-ethnic multi-party democracy, THEY should be the ones that are leaving America because they don't understand or want human rights, equality under the law, or the basic principles of competitive democracy.

sounds like more state terrorism to me 16.Sep.2005 00:22

Hans Scholl

The death squads are in the streets. The genocidal campaign is underway.

this is crazy... 16.Sep.2005 04:47

free human being

zaki, I am sorry man for what happened. This is crazy. It is even crazier that the media will not tauch this story at all. I am thinking of calling all the news rooms myself but who do I direct them to for information? Are there any people who can talk about what happened? Any witnesses or family members? I don't know how his family is feeling about this either. I don't want to make things worst for them.

This is just unbeleavable. Cops get away with so much shit it is not even funny.
I am really sorry man.

Are there any protests at all? I just have not heard of any. Not that a protest will do much. It will bring media attention maybe. But like you said, the grand jury will most likely happen just like you described.

What about international media. I might be able to bring you or anyone who is interested in talking with some media in Europe.

And about the moron who e-mailed you, please don't listen to people like that. he is probably some dumb, ignorant, uneducated, closed-minded person who watches too much tv and knows little else outside of the box. You and your family are more than welcome here.

Amnesty International 16.Sep.2005 09:42

Amen on the apology for racist assholes

Contact Bush's terrorist nemisis, Amnesty international. At least they can be listed for crimes against humanity, so that if the ever go at large without the Secret Service protecting them, they can be busted and tried. This really sucks, and I really feel for the family. Those assholes need to go down, but then, so does this whole damned system, lock, stock, and taxes.
Poor people are helpless in this country, poor, tan colored folks are helpless and persecuted. Tell the world.

burned kid 16.Sep.2005 10:39

zaki prozak@tmailcom

Please help, any media attention on this would help the family, even something in europe.

what the hell is burned kid? 16.Sep.2005 12:08


please post information on what the hell you mean by "burned kid" I've seen posts and no story! What am I supposed to be outraged against! Do you think we all read minds...

I need to come in contact with someone... 16.Sep.2005 12:50

free human being

zaki, I need someone I can contact to talk about this incident. The e-mail you have bounced back. Is there a way I can talk with you? I don't want to be posting phone personal phone numbers but maybe you or someone you know has a working e-mail I can write to. If you can post that I will get in touch with you and we can go from there. The sooner the better. I want to start contacting media but without a contact person there is not much I can do. I don't know if it is appropriate to contact the family. Anyway, I'd like to talk with you if possible. Let me know what is the best way and most comfortable for you

reply to "what the hell is burned kid" 16.Sep.2005 15:31

free human being

Here is a link to the original post from zaki. I am trying to collect more information about this so I will write a report a soon as I have more...


close friend and cousin of Fouad 17.Sep.2005 19:49

Keenan Kahl keenankahl@hotmail.com

Fouad was and still is one of the greatest souls that has touched my life. He always wanted to make all around him happy and feel comfortable. I ask all to help in this fight for justice. Those who want to help can contact me at  keenankahl@hotmail.com .