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questions about portland rescue mission

curious about the portland rescue mission, it appears to be fairly heavily influenced by christianity
personally, i do not subscribe to the thinking of the christian movement, and it appears that the portland rescue mission is founded on those principles. i am looking to donate my vehicle and they provide a tax-advantageous method of disappearing it. what are your thoughts on the workings of the portland rescue mission? thanks for any input (i am not looking to start a forum for religious debate).
soup'n' jesus 15.Sep.2005 20:54


There are plenty of less preachy organizations that you can donate your car to, I think even KBOO does that.

The Humane Society takes donations 15.Sep.2005 21:40


The Humane Society accepts vehicles:

Autos for Animals!

Humane Society in New Orleans 15.Sep.2005 22:00


Just so you know...the Humane Society has been doing wonderful work in New Orleans rescuing stranded animals of all kinds. Oregon Humane Society sent a team and they have a log of their experience on their web page. I think any donation to them would be for a good cause.

Portland Alliance newspaper 16.Sep.2005 08:25


Check with the Alliance, a progressive newspaper available at the libraries, co-op groceries & other places around town. I saw something in there that said they were accepting vehicle donations.

Portland Rescue Mission 16.Sep.2005 09:27


Yes, the Portland Rescue Mission is a Christian organization, providing services to people on the streets. If you don't want to donate the car to a place with Christian ties, then it's probably not the place for you. (As some people above have mentioned, there are other places.)

On the other hand, the mission actually does some very good work down here, among people not often assisted by many other organizations. I know some of the people who have done work there, and they have my respect. While I, too, do not subscribe to a lot of the hypocritical nonsense often spewed out as "Christianity," I do respect people who put their religious beliefs (Christian or otherwise) into action through good works. I find the people at the mission to be dedicated, thoughtful, non-judgemental activists. I have not found them to be preachy hypocrites. Don't know them all, though.

Street Roots Newspaper An Excellent Choice 16.Sep.2005 10:28

Ben Douglass

Contact a Street Roots activist or go online. These folks are definitely in need of a car and are very independent media oriented. Donations to Street Roots qualify's under the U.S. Tax Code.

As Easy As http://www.streetroots.org 16.Sep.2005 12:11


Getting to street roots online
is as easy as clicking:

(I guessed and checked just so others don't have to. :))

Drive Out Imperialism! 16.Sep.2005 23:46


Donate your used car to the Mujahadeen of Iraq! They will find many creative uses for it.
Resistance is fertile
Resistance is fertile

Do something more than an auto donation 04.Oct.2005 18:28

heavenbound FIFTYFIVETO2005@yahoo.com

You just might experience somthing more than a receipt for a tax deductable donation if you actually visit The Portland Rescue Mission. Just between you and me, I don't have enough faith to be an atheist.