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Dear Mr. Rove

skills & caution
Dear Mr. Rove,
I do so admire your skills: psyops, spinability, deniability... but I have to warn you that your clay just isn"t holding up in the kiln.
"Image" is all (location is a tired second) and the Bush folk just don't have the "glow" anymore.
Smart move is to keep them on the ranch and quiet.
Chertoff might be a good pick to front the game, but with dual citizenship, the death skull face and all, he probably isn't going to impress a whole helluva lot of muddle-of-america confidence - so... maybe you should find a nice Tab Hunter (scratch that - he was gay) - SOMEBODY who looks like everyone's favorite uncle (Howard Dean???) to push the message. It IS hard right now. Good Luck - or: better luck next time...
Amen! 16.Sep.2005 22:10


Wow you said it, M! Mr. Rove is just not what he used to be! There ain't no "glow" to these flunkies anymore!