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Where was the Cavelry

Just an observation of some facts about the federal Katrina Response, numbers taken from Newsweek.
On April 18, 1906 the San Francisco Earthquake struck at 5:15am, Army troups arrived to begin relief efforts by 7:00am--one hour and 45 minutes later.

99 years and four months later, New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina, and troops didn't arrive for three days.

What's going on here? Why, in an age of instant communication, does it take many times longer to organize a response?

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the answer is rather clear, but very difficult to accept 15.Sep.2005 19:26

Hans Scholl

The "inadequate response" was very intentional. It was not incompetence. It was malice.

Trying to spell Calvary 15.Sep.2005 21:15


All spelling disregarded, I can't help but wonder if this question is misguided. I mean, why the emphasis on cavalry? This is a natural disaster, not a war. Why call in the soldiers on horses?

Folks were hurtin' already. Their needs consisted of water and food and medicine. Not guns and bullets.

The first response should have been the delivery of needed items. There are so many stories of these basic supplies being withheld and denied. How many died not only from a delayed response but an improper response?

Well, a little later perhaps but the cavalry finally came and kicked ass. The streets are now owned by Blackwater, or so we hear.

Fuck the cavalry...

hear hear 16.Sep.2005 06:45


Fuck the cavalry, indeed! What happened to our red cross? They are still not being allowed to do their job down there. This was political/military strategy from the beginning - pain, suffering, confusion, lies, fear, destruction and all. Forget everything you thought you knew about this country and about war.

this is the twilight 16.Sep.2005 07:34

american democracy is going dark

the tyrants have taken complete control. their ideology of absolute self-interest has been engaged to the maximum degree and the social systems are collapsing all around. the stealing has reached the highest levels of state and there's no one left to staunch the flow. so rock on, amerika, while you still can; because the jig is nearly up.


JOE WALSH tendjoe@aol.com

The Bush family, Cheney, Rice, Rove and Chertoff should be locked in a room with temperatures at about 100 degrees for three or four days. No water, no food and maybe after the third day throw in some rats to eat their flesh. Every hour or so tell them help is on the way, start shooting some guns in the distance and cut the lights so they are in total darkness. After one week open the door and tell the one or two who survived that they are being put on buses for a seven or 8-hour ride to a new and wonderful place----don't tell them where they are going, just get them on the damn bus. Now, Mr. & Mrs. Bush, you may be able to speak about the frustration of the people of New Orleans.

Bush and the rest of these criminals should be tried for mass murder---end of story!

Proof. 18.Sep.2005 00:57


The problem with your comments are that there is something called proof, heck even probable cause that you must have before someone can even be arrested for a crime. Show me the proof that this went all the way to the White House. Conspiracy Theories dont cut it in the real world.