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Sten Tree-sit: active logging, 2 trees evicted, 2 arrests

Update from Sten tree-sit
Update on the situation at Sten:

Yesterday (sept 14th) contract climbers working for US Forest Service Law Enforcement and Lane Co. Sheriff's evicted 2 of the 3 tree-sits in Sten unit 43. One tree is still occupied. Active logging has begun within unit 43.

Today (sept 15th) USFS and Sheriff's Dept LEO's escorted fellers into the area of the two evicted tree-sits and found one tree had been reoccupied by an activist during the night. Law enforcement guarded loggers as they cut trees around the activist, who remains in the tree at last report. Two activists were arrested on the ground, both were charged with interfering with an agricultural operation. Another activist is remaining in the third tree-sit further down the hill that was not evicted yesterday.

A police report was filed yesterday september 14th by an independent journalist who was present during the arrow attack last weekend. The report was taken by 2 officers from Lane Co. Sheriff's office. These same 2 Sheriff's were on-site today(sept 15th)in unit 43 at Sten, evidently the Lane Co. Sheriff's Department feels arresting forest activists is more important than finding violent criminals who would attempt to kill them.

Activists are continuing to occupy the forest at Sten and prevent further logging. Updated information will be provided as it comes in.

Contact us at:
The Challenge ! 15.Sep.2005 17:30

8 LeggY

O K , so here we are....... that moment in time that we all knew was coming ..... the time when we find truth in solidarity or we don't...
that time when we step up or step back .....
there are ways presently available to get good #s of bodies
on the ground , but the bodies have to be ready willing and able to recognize the importance of this moment.
that is the challenge that is staring us square in the face.

please help 16.Sep.2005 06:46


I can't help with this, I'm in another country w/o funds but people have to come out to this. don't let the bastards chop this beauty down!

who evicted the tree-sits? 16.Sep.2005 17:30


who evicted the sitters? were they cops? were they deputized? did they have badges and guns? were they the same thugs that evict treesitters up north?

Evictions 16.Sep.2005 19:01


The eviction climbers appeared to be contract climbers hired by FS and or hired by the Sheriff's Dept., as they were accompanied by law enforcement. They didn't reveal the details of their contract, just climbed up the trees.

jail support 16.Sep.2005 20:43


What's being done around jail support?

1st time public land tree sit evicted by USFS climbers in Oregon 16.Sep.2005 21:46


Is my memory correct? Is this the first time climbers have climbed against public lands tree-sits in Oregon???

Is this the man? 17.Sep.2005 14:40

Ben Franklin

Is this the man who removed the treesitters? the giant mustache and shades are a good clue. Also, was he wearing a green camo vest that said "TAC Team"?
Eric Schatz - Pacific Lumber's #1 thug
Eric Schatz - Pacific Lumber's #1 thug

Portland Call 18.Sep.2005 11:58


Reference the directions posted earlier and arrange a field trip for Portland heads.Eugene needs the help, they lack the resources to keep the basecamp populated for longer periods. I went with a friend two weekends ago and our presence alone was enough for the most part to keep the thugs moving.

One huge shout out to the sits holding up there. It's a beautiful area, and we appreciate your work. I'd be back but I am yet still bound by the toils of manual labor.

Can someone say co-intelpro? 20.Sep.2005 11:07

Sliver Thistleprick

Ok, people, here's what it comes down to: If the forest defense community of Oregon does not lend its participation in various forms to the Sten sit(sitters, ground support, security, gear, food, cash, rides), then any injuries (goddess forbid) that occur will rest on their apathetic heads. While there is a dedicated core group involved with this campaign, there is nowhere near enough people to keep things going safely, what with the shootings (a third shooting happened last Friday into the unit)and the law enforcement presence (not investigating the shootings, but busting media).

There are certain groups out there that are not participating in the campaign because they feel one of the members of the group is an "oppressor." Harsh words for a grumpy old hard core activist. While an "anti-oppression" policy can be a good idea, it has undeniably been abused time and time again for individuals to carry out personal vindictive agendas. That is why many activists are not too keen on this "policy." Just the same, it is unfair for the other activists to not admit that some sort of standards are necessary in the forest, for the world cannot be saved if people can't treat each other respectfully. Both sides need to drop the goddamn egos and work together for the fucking trees! Isn't that why we're fucking out there? (This is exactly what co-intelpro has done: taken real divisions and fanned the flames. Hell, seems like we don't even need the Feds to fuck things up, we're doing a damn good job ourselves).

Regardless of all that, if people are refusing to help out a campaign staffed almost entirely by "non-oppressors" because of one person, they are thereby jeopardizing the safety of those other participants. I maintain, that if any injuries happen in the woods, the blame should be placed entirely on the heads of the people who refuse to have any part in this monumental campaign, where activists are being hunted down like fucking dogs. While an "anti-oppression" policy can work sometimes, I think an "anti-getting killed" policy is far more important.

And for those who have not only dragged their feet in participation, but have actively blocked out information about the campaign, you should rethink whether or not you want to label yourself "forest defenders" anymore.

Third shooting on Friday!!! 20.Sep.2005 11:15

Sliver Thistleprick

On Friday evening, just before dusk, yet another shooting happened into Unit 43 of the Sten Timber sale. The shot was heard by a person in the unit, and was also heard by a person on the road, who saw a green hatchback drive by minutes afterward. On Monday morning, a report was made to both Lane and Linn county sheriffs. Neither of them have called back to get more information. It seems they are too concerned with pulling down treesits and confiscating indymedia videotapes to stop investigate attempted murders.

People need to come down to Sten to show support! The only reason these shootings keep happening is because the numbers (although substantial) are not great enough to deter the violence. A large contingent of folks will stop the shootings! Turn off the tv and get out there!

Pigs shitting on 1st amendment rights--indymedia videotapes confiscated 20.Sep.2005 11:26

Sliver Thistleprick

This weekend, the videotapes of two separate indymedia videographers were confiscated by Freddies. One of the videographers was in the process of getting footage of trees being felled within five feet of a treesitter (fucking deadly!), when he was led out of the forest, along with two mainstream media (reporter and photographer). When he refused to give his name immediately, he was shoved up against a vehicle, cuffed, and stuck in the back of a pigmobile for 15 minutes (corporate media was not touched). The reason for stealing the tape was supposedly for the footage of the videographer not giving his name (not illegal). The pigs obviously want the tape to see if there is anything incriminating on it (good luck pigs, indymedia ain't as dumb as you'd like to think).

The other videographer's tape was stolen under the guise of him audio recording pigs without letting them know (even though it was obvious he was filming them). They also threatened him with arrest for supporting the treesit (unfounded). They took his tape to see if there is incriminating evidence, as well. (they're still gonna be shit out of luck).

This is the shit that's going on up there. Even corporate media, Register-Guard, out of Eugene is documenting this, with color photos. Pigs are suppressing 1st amendment rights people. Yet another angle to get involved! Where are you people? Find your role and get out there!