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Emergency.....Help needed to keep dog!

After being convicted of a Duii, My Oregon PO says my wife has to get rid of her dog she's had since a pup. She's very ill and her doctor says she should never be put under stress.
What can I do?
We have a 5 year old female German Shepard. I got a DUII and my PO in Astoria won't let us keep our dog at home while I'm on probation. It's my wifes dog and she raised it from a pup 5 years ago.

We're looking for some one with a place we can keep her. We'd be willing to build a kennel and buy food and pay all expenses and take
care of all cleanup, etc. (Perhaps even work out a fee or trade too.)

The dog is a small German Shepard (70 lbs), but is a "one person dog" and only relates to me and my wife. She'd make someone a great "watch dog" as she'd bark at strangers from her kennel.

My wife has severe Asthma and almost died from an attack in Feburary when she had to be rushed to the emergency room and barely survived. The doc said she almost didn't make it and should not be subjected to any stress. My PO doesn't care and said either the dog goes or she'll
violate me and put me in jail. We can't afford Commercial Kennel Costs of $10-$15 per day.

I'm worried that if we have to give the dog up it will severely affect my wife as even the thought makes her break out in tears.

I'm hoping someone here has some place we can house our dog for awhile? We'd take complete care of her and even if you have some extra land we could build a nice kennel for her would work?

Please Help? We don't know what to do!

Mike & Eva,
503 325 0861

phone: phone: 503 325 0861

Please explain 15.Sep.2005 19:45

po vs dog

What's the deal with the PO and the dog? How does s/he have anything to do with the dog? Please explain.

I'm sure help will come if you ask in the right places. The is one of them.

PO vs dog, and POs in general 16.Sep.2005 16:16


I know nothing about this case, but from general knowledge of The System, it's probably the kind of deal where the PO has the ability to exert petty tyranny under the guise of "public safety". I.e. the felon cannot have a weapon, cannot have a "dangerous dog", must have a "regular" job, must have a "regular" house, must do this, must not do that, etc. They can pretty much say whatever they want, as far as I know. The System Sucks.

Good luck to you folks, I really hope you find a solution. Maybe your PO will suddenly have an epiphany and realize she's an absolutely horrible scumbag and will quit her job and join the clergy, and you'll get a nice PO. Best wishes to you.