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Lars Agrees that Lane City Planners "Should be Killed"

On the air today, Lars Larson agreed with a hate radio caller that Lane City Planners "Should be Killed"
Today at 12:53pm on the Lars Larson local radio program on KXL 750 AM, Lars agreed with a caller that Lane County city planners should be killed. Lars and the caller were discussion some Measure 37 related issue when the caller said "...I think they all should be killed..." Very stupidly Lars said "I agree" before he went on to make his usual inane, ignorant, vile point.

Please make KXL radio (and owner Paul Allen) aware of your displeasure with this kind of vile, dangerous rhetoric. Recall that this kind of violent hate-speech is what started the genocide in Rwanda. Those Rwandan "radio show hosts" were tried in The Hague criminal court.
KXL Phone Number 15.Sep.2005 15:04


KXL Radio
AM 750

Business line phone number: (503) 243-7595

FCC 16.Sep.2005 08:38

Den Mark, Vancouver

The incident should be reported in a written complaint to the FCC. I recently filed complaint about "cris-chin" broadcasting network after pat robertson's verbal violence. These reeking stations are licensed, & those licenses should be challenged. The airwaves belong to us.

Investigations & Hearings
445 12th St SW, Room 3 B443
DC 20554

The golden rule... 16.Sep.2005 11:42

Pravda or Consequences

He who has the gold, makes the rules.

While it is true the airwaves do belong to us, the reality is that we are a republic and not a democracy.

We Are? 16.Sep.2005 15:25

Den Mark, Vancouver

We are a republic? We ARE? In a republic, we'd all choose a few people to represent us, inasmuch as we are too many to meet in assembly altogether. (Very few halls can hold many tens of millions. And the counting of hands becomes tedious.) So somebody set out to make a republic, which still has not been fully achieved. The apparatus is there, but too many abdicate responsibilities, which allows the aristocracy proxies which they do not deserve. Absent an active citizenry, the vacuum will be filled.

The airwaves belong to us. It is ours to guard that possession. If we don't, somebody will seize them, or, rather, has seized them.

Lars is the Pravda comment 16.Sep.2005 18:22

Lars hates bicyclists and many die by his thumbs down on air

'Gold makes you a ruler' and 'this is a republic' are two things Lars says over and over all the time. He posted that comment or else one of his robots did. Some lackey copycat looking for The Famous Big Guy's approval.

Don't hurt yourself 17.Sep.2005 09:23

Theremin Leg

Why, on earth, would one want to listen to Liars Larson?
He was a dreadful 'reporter' when he was on the Television news.
Stop inflicting pain on yourself. There are organizations out there that can help with this affliction.
Keep your radio tuned into 90.7 FM that is KBOO of course.
It's interesting that a man has just appeared in court for stalking this wretched human. I think he received a prison sentence. Let's hope they can't pick up KXL in prison.
Or perhaps they can only pick up KXL, as further punishment!

Should be killed? 30.Sep.2005 13:35

Lyle Wallace

I didn't hear the statement myself, but one cannot rule it out; the man will say anything. Has anyone filed a complaint with the FCC yet? Progress report, please.