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Rainbow Rescue in Mississippi at "Wall-less Mart"

This is reposted from one of the Rainbow lists I'm on. We in the Rainbow family of Living Light are accustomed to feeding thousands at our annual Gatherings for World Peace and Healing that have been held since 1971 in the National Forests and Globally. These are an excercise in creating intentional community, and small villages of over 10,000 people are created in the forests for a couple weeks. So naturally in keeping with our love for serving each other, and in the spirit of creating community through participatory democracy, some buses with filtration systems and kitchen supplies have gone to help out, and anyone and everyone is welcome to lend a hand with medical efforts and providing warm meals.

Volunteers are needed and welcomed, for those who want to help out with Mississippi relief efforts. If you've helped with FNB, then you are well-suited to help out and your help would be much appreciated.

For more info about Rainbow go to: www.welcomehome.org.

To donate to our medical and food efforts, go to:  link to tinyurl.com - these all go to the same place.
Rainbow Rescue - updated info 9/14/05

Update on what's happening on the hurricane relief scene. Granola Funk,
Iris, and Kiddie Village are setup at the "Wall-less Mart" in Waveland,
Miss. This is on highway 90 as you go through town. You can't miss it,
it's a large parking lot across the street from what's left of the
police station, and down the road from the water tank on a tower that
says Waveland on it. There is a curfew from 8pm - 6am, so don't arrive
at that time or you can't get in. There are military roadblocks
everywhere. It should also be recognizable due to the amount of buses
around the site.

Last night many of the Rainbow folks there for a few days finally got
to the same place. The folks there have joined with the BCBC, a christian
relief group out of Texas and the Salvation Army in providing mutual aid.
Supplies are finally flowing in. Last night they unloaded 3 semis of
food, and fed somewhere over 6000 people today, and the food is gone
already. More food and people are starting to pour in. They've also
become the main distribution center for supplies of water, clothing,
camping gear, and other support. And everything is free! :-)

I hear that it's interesting having cops and military people hanging out
around the kitchen in a friendly manner, as we've all become used a
more adversarial relationship. Supposedly they love the food. I also hear
all the other support groups are picking up Rainbow slang, and are learning
to say "Welcome Home" and shout "We Love You!". :-)

Anyway, they say they don't need anymore donations of clothing, it's
still way too hot and they have plenty. One thing they don't have is
more experienced kitchen crew. There are about 18 Rainbow folks there
now, and they've all been cranking for days... They say this is home
for now, and welcome folks to this site that have been wondering where to
go to plug in. Although there is now a support scene going on, please be
self-sufficient, and plan to work hard.

homepage: homepage: http://www.welcomehome.org

salty tides 15.Sep.2005 13:30


far out!