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anti war for the rest of us
SAT SEPT 24, noon, at Westlake Plaza, near 4th and Pine, downtown Seattle; The ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) has initiated a Seattle ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATION in coordination with the national demonstration in Washington DC and joint actions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Anti-war activists will express their outrage and opposition to the war in Iraq as well as oppose colonial occupation and US threats against other countries. Local endorsers include: Arab American Community Coalition, El Centro de La Raza, BAYAN-USA (Seattle,) Digging Deeper Media Collective (Bainbridge Island), Filipino Workers Action Center, Independent Community Activist Network, Native Forest Council, US Committee for Labor and Human Rights in the Philippines, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee and Women in Black (Seattle). info  answer@answerseattle.org or 206-568-1661, for carpooling or busing from Bellingham, call Whatcom Peace & Justice Center 360-734-0217  http://www.answerseattle.org/  http://www.snowcoalition.org/event.php  answer@answerseattle.org or 206-568-1661, for carpooling or busing from Bellingham, call Whatcom Peace & Justice Center 360-734-0217  http://www.answerseattle.org/  http://www.snowcoalition.org/event.php  link to www.notinourname-seattle.net

repost from seattle indy  http://seattle.indymedia.org/en/2005/09/247957.shtml if your not doing anything please join us portland ! !
. 13.Sep.2005 23:33



In Eugene 14.Sep.2005 07:17



Join the Mobilization to Stop the War on Iraq
Saturday, September 24 at 12:00 noon at the Federal Building, 7th & Pearl in Eugene
March to the Rally: Gather at 11 am at Broadway & Willamette March at 11:30

■ the US presence in Iraq feeds the insurgency and decreases ability to meet human needs at home
■ it is time for a planned withdrawal of US troops
let Iraqis run Iraq
■ Join us on this day of national mobilization to end the war on Iraq

Sponsors: End the War-Eugene, Progressive Responses, a program of CALC, Justice Not War, W.A.N.D., Campus Strike for Peace Campaign, Lane County Democracy for America, Eugene PeaceWorks

For more information: website  http://www.peace.meetup.com/139 or phone 485-1755

In Portland 15.Sep.2005 19:42


Help Spread the Word
Join us to bear witness in a vigil for peace, bring signs with this clear, simple message:

NOW is the time to STOP the war;
NOW is the time to bring them home!

Some 2,000 Americans have died so far in Iraq.
Another 20,000 Americans suffer from serious injuries.
An estimated100,000 Iraqi citizens have been killed.
More than 100,000 Iraqis have also suffered brutal injuries.

Candlelight Vigil for Peace
On the Bridges of Portland
Saturday, Sept. 24 - 7:30 pm

Sidewalks on both sides of the Burnside, Morrison, & Hawthorne,from twilight until dark.

Anyone who has press contacts or other means of getting the word out, please help so so. Attached is a flier for handing out. Posters are available by contacting below.

Postcards calling for an end to the war will be made available at the vigil for signature, and these will be personally delivered to offices of Senators Wyden and Smith on Monday the 26th. Consider joining us on the September 26th to follow up on the vigil and lobby for an immediate end to the war.

Betsy Toll - www.LivingEarthGatherings.org - 503.788.7311
(Contact Living Earth to add your group as a vigil sponsor!)

Lobbying on the 26th 16.Sep.2005 10:05


VFP 72 and other groups will meet at Pioneer Square at 9 am on the 26th to begin making rounds to our legislators, carrying end the war messages as proposed by UFPJ for this national lobbying day. Meet us there!

stop wars 03.Mar.2006 07:13


i'm french... I wanted to know, if we can help you
in our action of "stop wars"...
maybe doing stencils in my contry...
for the war in Irak but for all the wars maybe...
please answer me at  heldo@free.fr