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Eugeneans, Attention!

September 24. That's the day of action for those of us in the warmer end of Cascadia.
The peace community in Lane County is hosting a rally at the Eugene Federal Building (corner of 7th and Pearl) at 12 noon on Saturday, Sep. 24. Beforehand at 11AM there is a pre-rally at Broadway (9th St.) and Willamette, catty-corner from Taco Time. Friday I called CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County) to ask about the event and about flyers. Tomorrow Monday I am going in to pick some up and distribute them with tape (since I don't have any staples). Somebody with a stapler should pick some up too. Call them at (541)485-1755 and tell everyone you know to request that day off! There's also an effort to get together carpools after the rally for a second rally in Albany later that afternoon. NOW is the time to make some noise and let Eugene know what kind of a society you really want!
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the rally please.