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Mult County Dem Chair election

Does anyone know who won?
I was present for the election but could not stay to hear the result
after two rounds of voting. There were three candidates, and one of
those had participated in a sabotage action to keep Ralph Nader off
the Oregon ballot in 2004 (a petition signing event at the Roseland).
Some in attendance at the central committee meeting showed by their
applause support for the action of the particular candidate and I
presume for the others who participated. The issue was raised during
the Q & A part of the evening. I am a precinct committee person. I
was and am disgusted by the action against Nader. I've expressed my
thoughts to some members of the committee. What was done was unethical,
it was undemocratic. I was very disappointed that the candidate who
participated in the action defended it at the central committee meeting,
when an expression of regret would have been appropriate. All who
participated in the sabotage effort should be ashamed of themselves.
Democrats scream about dirty politics in Ohio and Florida but some
are blind to the dirty politics within. The candiate who was part of
it was defeated on the first vote. I hope that's an indication that
most feel such tactics are unacceptable.

To the new chairperson, if you are reading this, make it clear that
that kind of nonsense will not happen again. It should be put in
writing. You can use your position to make it clear to all in the
county party. It's wrong. It doesn't do the Democratic Party any
good in the long term. Instead of sabotaging other's efforts to get
on the ballot, out of fear that the candidate will take votes away,
the Dem nominee should work to appeal to those voters tempted to vote
Green or Independent. Kerry was a weak stand-for-almost-nothing
candidate who snubbed progressives, and there are consequences to that.
The sooner Democrats realize that the better (so they don't repeat it
in 2008). For example, I believe Kerry would have benefitted from taking
an early clear stand against the illegal Iraq invasion/occupation. He
ran a timid scared campaign. If Democrats can't win in the battle of
ideas and vision they shouldn't be elected.

Congrats to the new chairperson. I hope new leadership will produce
a party with a "green" and always ethical conscience.