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Bridge Vigil Planning

Now is the Time to End the War, Now is the Time to Bring the Troops Home
Vigil Flyer
Vigil Flyer
Bridge Vigil Planning Meeting reminder: Monday, Sept. 12, 7:00 pm at St. Philip
Neri Church, in the Paulist Center Building, SE 15th just north of Division
(the church is at SE 16th/Division, Paulist Center is across their parking

If your group hasn't signed on to support the vigil on Sept. 24 please
do so today! Contributions for poster printing, flyers, candles, and sign
making materials would be most helpful but are not a requirement. We will have some color posters at the meeting Monday night, ready for distribution. Funds would help with obtaining more color flyers and more sign materials, so that the dominant message will be well represented. ("Now is the time to stop the war, Now is the time to bring them home.")

The endorser list is at 13:

1. Living Earth
2. Archdiocese of Portland Office of Peace & Justice
3. First Unitarian Church
4. Journey and Koinonia Catholic Community
5. Buddhist Peace Fellowship
6. Oregonians Against the War
7. St. Luke Lutheran Peace and Justice Group
8. Pax Christi Portland
9. Portland Insight Meditation Center
10. St. Philip Neri
11. Christ the Healer UCC
12. VFP72
13. Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Please attend the meeting if you can, but most importantly, attend the
vigil and bring about 100 friends!

Thanks for all you do, Betsy
Betsy Toll
Living Earth: Gatherings for Deep Change
PO Box 86960, Portland, OR 97286
www.livingearthgatherings.org ~ 503.788.7311