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Police shoot and kill obviously unarmed man near Sandy

A 27 year old man who appeared to be mentally disturbed was driving erratically out near Bluff road. He allegedly rear-ended someone and then fled. At some point, either before or after this incident, he removed his clothes. The police were called to respond, which they did in their customary manner. After tazing him a couple of times, and determining it wasn't having the desired effect, they shot him.
The man, 27 year old Fouad Kaady, was on foot at the time of the killing. He appeared to be having some sort of psychotic breakdown, and according to the public information officer (PIO), was "out of control." Two officers armed with state-of-the-art "less lethal" weapons and all the academy training tax dollars can buy, ultimately decided that he presented some sort of threat that they were unable to deal with any other way than to pull out their "lethal backup" and blow him away.

I wonder if race was a factor in their decision? Perhaps he looked like a terrorist. In any event, he was not driving a car ("I feared for my life"), nor was he capable at the time of concealing a weapon. No word yet about whether he was carrying drugs in his mouth or bloodstream, or whether a crack pipe was to be found nearby. I'm sure the corporate media will enlighten us about those important details soon enough, just as soon as they can glean that kind of "relevant" information from the PIO.

Given that Portland police officers shot and killed an unarmed man confined within the walls of a mental hospital a few years ago (and received medals for their efforts), I would say that it's probably not safe to assume that police officers have any common sense whatsoever when it comes to dealing with mental health crises. Please, if you see someone behaving in an erratic manner, and you believe they could present a threat to themselves or others, please call someone other than the police. If you must call 911, specifically inform them that this is a mental health emergency, not a police issue, and ask that they refrain from sending out poorly educated armed thugs to deal with it.

Please call the Sandy police department to register your disgust and fervent hope that the officers involved will be stripped of their guns and badges.

Well put 10.Sep.2005 09:31


Somehow, I just knew that someone with the writing skills to illuminate this homicide would do so. Bravo!

Sandy Police Dept Contact Info 10.Sep.2005 09:37


Business hours: 8am-6pm Monday-Friday, office number 503-668-5566
Chief Harold Skelton:  hskelton@cityofsandy.com
38970 Proctor Blvd., Sandy, Oregon 97055
FAX 503-668-4093

Defintiely worth a couple of phone calls, at the least.

Oh. And... 10.Sep.2005 09:40


Here's the Clackamas County Sheriff's office contact info as well, since it appears that at least one CC sheriff was involved in the killing.

2223 Kaen Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Ph: 503-655-8218
Fax: 503-655-8549

Seriously... 10.Sep.2005 12:29


Some basic details would be helpful:

(1)When did this event take place?

(2)Mr. WTF...how did you come by this story? Police scanner? On scene interview? Eyewitness account? Word of mouth?

It sounds like we'll be reading about this in the big O, but from the original article posted, it's hard to tell if this is actually the case, or if it's some kind of old news published obscurely in a gresham paper.

In instance after instance, it seems very much that police inability to effectively distinguish and respond to incidents where mental instability is a problem leads to fatalities that many people find unreasonable, insensitive, inhumane and unjustifiable, despite official conclusions to the contrary.

Accurate, complete information presented in coherent manner is essential to making headway against this disturbing behavior pattern that seems to characterize the portland police department, and now, gresham?

Over the years, there's been a number of shootings with highly dubious justification, but fatally shooting a naked man, if this is on the level, kind of takes the cake. Society needs something to protect responsible citizens from predators. A properly trained, humane cop ought to be able to do this, affording maximum protection to himself and others, without spontaneously executing citizens not entirely responsible for their actions. There's been a number of these in the portland metro area over the last 5-10 years. One cop, or 2-3 working together, should be able to non-lethally take down an unarmed naked man (if, based on Mr. WTF's story, that was the situations).

Writers in future, please do the best you can to provide complete, accurate, verified accounts of incidents of interest.

OK. what we know 10.Sep.2005 13:56

Admitedly limited

Heard the "story" originally, when I accidentally left t.v. on while KGW was broadcasting, Thursday night. Published whole story here, but it got composted, due to media content. Google cannot seem to turn up any other stories on the subject, so either KGW has gone WAY beyond, or nobody else cares. Still wonder why we rag on cops here on this station?

If it can get posted, here is the article link:  link to www.kgw.com

More details 10.Sep.2005 16:31


Someone above asks when this happened. I believe it was the day before yesterday, the 8th, in the early afternoon. It was not, as someone in the discussion section suggests, "after a high speed chase." Actually, police were only called to the scene after witnesses saw a naked man wandering around, after he rear ended another car. Word has it, he had been driving very erratically, and may actually have hit a couple of cars, but he was not being chased by the police. He was, as stated in the original article, on foot and unarmed at the time of the police attack.

It cannot be emphasised enough that the police response was HIGHLY inappropriate. Lethal force is not to be used lightly, and is certainly not to be pulled out at the officer's convenience. Whether the man was "out of control" or not is not the issue. The issue is whether he presented such an extreme threat that shooting him was justified, which he clearly did not. It is not open season on human beings every time an officer feels like he's in over his head.

My feeling is that since this did not occur in the iredeemably corrupt precincts of Portland, it's unlikely that the officers involved will receive medals for what they did -- as they would have if they worked for the PPB. Rather, I have a sense, if only a hope, that they may actually be punished for what they did. We'll see, though. It couldn't hurt to give the Sandy police chief and the Clackamas County sheriff's office a call or two, to urge some decisive action that will put the PPB to shame.

Naked 10.Sep.2005 20:40

read it on katu.com and koin.com

It must be emphasized that the man is said to have been naked. The first report I read about this said there was "some dispute" whether or not he was armed. However there was no dispute over his nakedness. It sounded like someone was trying to imply that an obviously unarmed man, may have been armed, thus justifying the use of lethal force.

Seriously...thanks for the story link 11.Sep.2005 00:31


Thanks to whomever for posting the link to the KGW story. This confirms that the incident actually took place. A reading of the story leaves questions about exactly what happened, but the suggestion is, confirmed by other stories in the big O, that a naked, barefoot man, very likely unarmed, was lethally shot by cops, possibly while standing atop a police car.

It's difficult to piece together an exact timeline of the events in the incident from the KGW story. Those of us trying to figure out what happened by reading news accounts do not have information that will be available to people investigating and studying the incident. It should be very interesting to find out how the police will be able to provide a convincing explanation as to how an unarmed, naked, unarmed (if this turns out to be so) man standing on a police car around 2pm on a clear day can cause extensively trained, body armour equipped, armed policeman to feel "their lives were endangered" (oregonian article).

A couple scenarios explaining the officers actions that might be ventured:
Perhaps they imagined the victim might spring off the police car and elude the police in a foot chase until he was able to injure somebody or take a hostage, or, maybe there was a fear of aids/hiv infection from this victim who reportedly was covered with blood in such a way as to cause him to appear "painted" (big O article, I think), should they have to physically wrastle him down. Despite the fact that it was daytime (one article suggests the final showdown took place in a wooded area) maybe it was dark and shadowy enough for them to be able to say they thought he had a weapon even if he in fact didn't.

Despite what conclusions are eventually drawn, this incident so far seems to be just one more in a string of them blaring out that law enforcement personel in our area are absolutely unprepared to recognize the factor of mental disturbance in a suspects behavior and respond in an accordingly humane, prescribed manner.

In simple language, this means that in multnomah county, if you draw the attention of the police, and they stop you, you're either going to have your wits about you to the extent you can follow their commands to the letter, or you'll very likely end up dead. I can't believe there aren't many Oregonians of all classes and ethnic origin that would take great exception to that, knowing as they must, friends, family members, and acquaintances who have had just the kind of mental disturbance related behavior problems that could theoretically place them in the gunsights of police operating under the present shoot to kill criteria.

Links to big O stories: Must apologize for not learning how to make the link addresses below active...just copy and paste the addresses...it's worth it.

The KGW piece seems to be the best, but one of the big O pieces is a commentary of some interest.

 link to www.oregonlive.com

 link to www.oregonlive.com

 link to www.oregonlive.com

 link to www.oregonlive.com

KGW="Real"??? 11.Sep.2005 10:08

to bland

I'm surprised and disturbed that anyone reading this site can still believe that a story can only be confirmed as having "really" happened if it can be found in the corporate media. That is a very sad error. I am much more likely to believe something that I read here, than to believe what I hear from KGW. Does anyone remember how KGW said that the police were "kinder and gentler" during the last Bush visit? If you were there, you know they herded people behind barbed wire, threatened them with loaded weapons, and drove around in tanks all day. Tanks! Real tanks. And then, they attacked people with pepper spray. So no, I don't listen to KGW. I can't believe anyone would think that's the way to "verify" a story. Geez. Pay attention. And stop garbaging up the site with links to corporate media. Who cares what they say? They lie.

Check the video section on this site. Watch "Fuck the corporate media" and "li2u news." You can download them for free.

Man was burned 12.Sep.2005 14:54


Fouad was burned severely by the fire in the car, that is why he was in such a state of mind. The family was told that he was not recognizable; didn't the stupid cops see that he was burned and frantic. We still don't know the whole story, and I am very sorry for his parents. I can't bring myself to go to his funeral as the outrage of this stupid act is n=more than I can handle. the community he was part of will not let this just slip away; the Arab community in Portland is not as outspoken as other minorities are since it seems we are all seen as terrorists no matter what we say or how long we have been US Citizens.

I have heard so much from the family about this, yet there is no closure? What happened? and how can mulpiple officers feel that there life's were in danger from an un-armed severely burned victim. I was told that the car caught fire while he was in it and that is why he lost control and ended up taking his clothes off due to the flames. I guarantee the police had better supply his clothing to prove so, the family will not stand for anything less.

As to why he supposedly kicked some guy in the chest? I cannot answer that. But these rediculous witnesses that say he had a gun; oops, later is might have been a shotgun are F*&^king blind idiots.

MURDER 12.Sep.2005 16:00

A family friend

It does not matter WHAT happened prior to the shooting...
A naked & burning man is shot, while naked on top of a police car....
What was the threat?
Did they believe that he was concealing a weapon?
Under his balls???
I don't think so......
It's time someone become accountable.
Law enforements job is to protect. A court's job is to judge and convict.


Stand With 12.Sep.2005 22:40

Den Mark, Vancouver

The larger community must demand immediate full accounting from authorities & not tolerate anything less, as we stand with the Syrian community during the process. What we learn will determine what to do next, but we have got to pursue truth & justice, & do whatever is required to achieve them.

Did you know? 13.Sep.2005 12:12

devil's advocate

A lot of people posting comments on this topic have been refering to the fact that the man could not have had a weapon and therefore could not have been dangerous. Did you know that in many cases, body parts such as arms and legs can be deemed "lethal weapons?" Also, from my understanding the officers used their tasers on him and it didn't seem to have any effect. That would make me think he could be dangerous. The only time I've ever seen someone uneffected by a taser, they were extremely high on drugs and extremely dangerous.

Just some thoughts.

Toxicology Clean 13.Sep.2005 12:40

Devil, he was not high

The guy was freaking out because of severe burns and could probably feel no other pain or react to electric shock. I know all Multnomah County Squad cars have camera's, wait til they show this one and everyone will see that he was in MAJOR pain. I know the family will make sure it gets to court so that the video will have to be shown.

Sickened and Saddened 13.Sep.2005 13:21


I knew Fouad and I am SO upset by this. Seeing the look on my daughters face when she found our her friend had been killed, just about killed me. I feel for his parents, losing your only son, you child at such a young age. There has to be more to this story. How could you shoot an unarmed man? What about, if you have to shoot, learn to shoot an arm or leg to slow them down. Not for a man who never had a criminal record and was soft spoken and kind. Even if he had some problems on that day, you don't kill someone. I hope the media and police will be honest and the truth comes out. It won't bring Foaud back, but it might give his parents some peace of mind, knowing their son did nothing wrong. Our prayers are with the family and friends. SD

Fouad was my high school friend 13.Sep.2005 13:23

Jamie Bailey jamielou4@hotmail.com

I am very sadned by the outcome of this happening. I haven't seen Fouad since our high school days, but he was a good friend of mine. A good friend, a good student and a good person. The way the media portrays him is absolutely painful to me. I am very interested to see who is teling the truth. I fear that the police, if in the wrong, will not be punished justifiably considering that Fouad's life was taken. I am in such disbelief that I don't know whether to cry or to scream. The police shot an unarmed, unmistakely hurt man. What is this world coming to? To Fouad, I will miss you and will never forget you. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Distraught 13.Sep.2005 14:31

Another family friend

Just some random thoughts at this awful, unreal time; a horrible use of lethal force. If he was so burned, then of course the tazer would not work. How could you feel pain when every nerve ending is already lit up? He was a good guy from a great family. This is a tragedy - nothing less and likely much more. The Arab Community is strong. While there needs to be a full investigation and accounting of why back up was not called if the police feel threatened by a naked, bloody, burned man, there also needs to be unwavering support of the family in their grief. Please support them. They are wonderful people.

Friend 13.Sep.2005 15:44


I hope that anyone who has taken the time to read these articles, will also take the time to call and leave a complaint to the numbers listed above for the Sandy P.D. and Clackamas County. It would do them some good to hear some of the pain they have inflicted upon the community. Fouad's death is not only a tragedy, but also a real eye-opener to see how dirty the police and the media are. They work together so it doesn't surprise me. The police need to be stopped, and the only way this will happen is if we speak out and let this story be known. We can't depend on the police to let this happen because they will be too worried about covering their own butts in shooting a burn victim instead of rendering help. To anyone that is questioning his thoughts of what he was doing and thinking at the time...why don't you light yourself on fire and see how much reasoning and sense you have? The police are supposed to be here to serve and protect, and this is what they do...Oh yeah, and they need more of our tax dollars...well the money isn't going to education now is it????

re: Devi's Advocate 13.Sep.2005 15:47


"A lot of people posting comments on this topic have been refering to the fact that the man could not have had a weapon and therefore could not have been dangerous. Did you know that in many cases, body parts such as arms and legs can be deemed "lethal weapons?"

Are you seriously trying to say that two officers, complete with firearms and trained to subdue citizens with or without the use of "nonlethal" gadgets, had NO other option but to shoot and kill an unarmed man wielding nothing more than his "lethal" limbs? Do you realize how absurd that sounds?

"Also, from my understanding the officers used their tasers on him and it didn't seem to have any effect. That would make me think he could be dangerous. The only time I've ever seen someone uneffected by a taser, they were extremely high on drugs and extremely dangerous."

Being high on drugs and in a confused, perhaps violent state is not a reason to be killed by those who are tasked to protect and serve. The fact that you so quickly jump to that conclusion, as well as the knee-jerk reaction of assuming drugs were involved, is unsettling.

re: Clyde 14.Sep.2005 10:37

Devil's advocate

You have responded to my comments well. I tend to be in agreement with you, and just wanted to throw out a possible opposing view to spark some additional discussion.

Will miss Fouad 14.Sep.2005 11:10


I had the unique opportunity to work with Fouad at Marrakesh. From my experience he was kind hearted and thoughtful of everyone. He would always help out someone in need, and he was very honest. The customers loved him, and so did his co-workers. The newspaper article describes him as a monster. It is dead wrong. What shocks me even more is that they would even suggest that Fouad had a gun. In the conversations I had with him, Fouad would state things like, "I hate guns and war." We would talk about how sad war is, and I viewed him as a pacifist who loved animals and nature deeply. He seemed to think a lot about the
world and was quite the intellectual. Knowing that Fouad is no longer with us and the manner in which he was killed is heartbreaking because the world has lost a great person.

His sister speaks 14.Sep.2005 20:21

community vigil for a fallen hero

I want to extend my sincerest thanks to all those individuals who have taken the time to comment on my brother, Fouad's, recent death and murder. It means alot to my family and I. We are in deep grief and shock at the early and unlawful death of our beloved brother, son, and friend. He was an amazingly authentic and special human being that will be greatly missed by all those whose lives he touched. He will forever live in our hearts. I am personally unable to rest until my brother's murder has been brought justice. He was murdered by the Sandy Police department in cold blood and we are convinced that all evidence will support our belief. We ask anyone with any information to please come forward and contact us. Unfortunatly those individuals who have persecuted my brother, Fouad, are those same people who we have looked toward for protection. They must be brought to justice, and serve the appropriate punishment for cold blooded murder. They have destroyed our lives in unimaginable ways and deserve the most righteous punishment for taking down a righteous brother, loving son, and irreplaceable friend. The war in the middle east isn't the only war we are fighting, it is in our backyards, as our sons are one by one slaughtered because of heartless misunderstandings. Peace.

close cuz 15.Sep.2005 01:10

close cuz

I feel terebal about what hapened to my cuz and I think the sherif that killed my cuzin is gulty and should be senteced to death. The same way as my cuzin, burn the sherif and when he asks for help shoot him/her. My cuzin was very nice, healthy and hansom. Know I feel cuzin short, thanks the f#@%$^ sherif.

Media 15.Sep.2005 03:28


Why aren't we seeing ANYTHING about this in the media in regards to the investigation. Even after the truth is starting to come out (i.e., family comments) the media still fills the need to ignore yet another police screw up.

I hope that the family & friends of Fouad organize some sort of rally in the very near future....

Also, maybe the family can create a blog or webspace for pictures, memorials etc.

You can get them free at blogspot.com

Furious beyond belief 15.Sep.2005 19:26

Megan Kehdi faelily@hotmail.com

I missed the protest on Tuesday, as I found out only Monday evening exactly what happened. This man was a cousin of mine, and I am outraged. If anyone is interested in another protest, or helping the family sue the pants off the sandy police department, please get ahold of me. I am only one angry person, but from the sounds of it I am not alone. This injustice should be heard loud and clear, and with your help perhaps we all CAN make a difference. Please e-mail me at  faelily@hotmail.com. In the subject heading please put something related to this story, so I know what it's about.

burned kid 15.Sep.2005 20:10

zaki prozak@tmail.com

They are going to have an investigation, then it will go to a grand jury. I know exactly how this works. The investigation will be mostly trying to find faults in fouads life, the cops will be told exactly what to say. There are special words a cop has to say to murder someone and get away with it. The magic words are "I was in fear for my life". The cops are going to testify at the grand jury (which is highly unusaual), so they will tell the grand jury all kinds of things. And the public will never know what was said in there. Then they will clear them. It's a system, to convict those murders would bankrupt clackamas and Sandy, they HAVE TO CLEAR THEM. Its all about money. The guy who supposidly got kicked in the chest was not trying to help him, he came at him with a baseball bat demanding that he get off his property. He will probably testify at the grand jury. Who will speak for Fouad? He's dead. Another thing, a hispanic kid was just killed in Sandy a couple of weeks ago then thrown in the woods. We are positive they were cops, they really had it out for him. There is no forensic testing going on or anything like that. His father came to my cousins funeral. The last 7 years under Bush have been the worst years of my life. God help us.

Numbers matter 15.Sep.2005 22:03


What a tragedy. Fouad was a loving, caring, and honest young man. He comes from a family that is so unique. Every one of his family members is so genuine and loving. They are top-notch individuals, just as he was. I would like to encourage anyone that is touched by this tragedy to support Fouad's family and friends in seeking justice. Strength lies within numbers. In a case such as this, the police and supporting agencies will do and say what ever they have to in order to get themselves off the hook. Please contact the Sandy police department and voice your concerns. Keep checking this forum to learn about rallies or other events aimed at seeking justice for Fouad's death. Clearly, he was severely burned, his face was unrecognizable. Did the police not notice that he was injured? Was his burnt & bloody body and face not a good enough sign that he had experienced severe trauma? We need to see that justice is brought to his murderers. It will not be an easy road but, but justice will prevail. Thanks to everyone for your support. God Bless Fouad and his family.

Justice should be served 16.Sep.2005 08:55


Did the police even bother to tell the media that Fouad had no history of mental illness, had removed his clothes because they were on fire, sustained 3rd degree burns from his waist up (which I'm sure can cause hysteria! Are they stupid!) He needed help, not to be murdered by police. I think this whole incident is shady on the part of Sandy Police. They took too much time trying to get thier stories straight. Fouad was not a white male as they reported, he was Lebonese. He has no history with anything drug related. I think its disgusting that they not only murdered him, they painted a horrible picture of him with lies to cover thier own asses. I hope they fry and the truth comes out. Fouad was a wonderful person. I hope true justice is served.

Disgusted 17.Sep.2005 10:05

FTV santosftv@hotmail.com

First of all I think we need to ask the police department to show the video asap why wait, maybe because they want to change it????? Please make sure that is not done because the police and the people who are suppose to protect us when they make a mistake they always find a way to protect themselves.


i hope the family brought their own doctors to examine the body and that the family also provide the judge in charge of the case the medical history of Fouad since he was a baby to show the media that he never had any mental problem.

shock-horror 17.Sep.2005 11:20

a citizen

I was really surprised and amazed when I found about this tragedy, please until when are we going to suffer this injustice, can the police department explain why they had to shot the kid 5 TIMES, PLEASE 5 TIMES, and TASED HIM 10 TIMES, while they were 4 or 5 officers none of them could get the information of the plate number of the vehicle they have the machine in their cars and automatically gives them the report why didn't the police department contact the family at that moment, I'm not saying the whole group at least one could do some administrative work while the other 4 officers could be talking to the kid I wonder if they don't study that when they go to the police academy, or they just learn HOW TO KILL PEOPLE AND NOT TO HELP PEOPLE.
How can you expect people respect the police officers if they don't respect us and remember we pay them, our parents pay taxes as well as yours (everybody who is reading) or us to support them, then maybe we should protest and make sure our money goes to school and health programs and not to the STUPID POLICE DEPARTMENT.
Let's hope that this case realy clarify and if all goes the right way the legal and clean way then I hope the police officers should have SENTENCE TO LIVE or RECEIVE THE DEATH PENALTY, they distroy a family killing the only son and more than that they still destroying the image of the kid lying to the media and themselves because they don't have the balls to admit their responsability.
Why the police department say that they have to wait 2 weeks for the forensic report (autopsy) please a normal human being gets that within 24 hours what is that the police department trying to do, HIDE THE EVIDENCE, just a thought did the family got the chance to do everything on their own or maybe the police didn't let them because they know they are GUILTY.
We Americans are afraid of Terrorisim but one more time, we have a proof that our own american citizens are the terrorist so I don't want my kids to be not even around the police (sandy)officers.

Cuz 17.Sep.2005 11:27

Fayez Tanous ftanous@bellsouth.net

I am very hurt and sad about what happened to Fouad. It has been six years since Ive seen him. Now he is gone and i will never be able to see him again thanks to the sherif. I will only have the memories of the good times we had. I will miss him and i hope that the sherif that shot him pays for what he has done. He did not have a right to shoot an unarmed man. Lets pray the justice prevails to give peace to my aunt, uncle, and cousins because Fouad will never come back but we need justice. I will miss him.

many questions must be answered 17.Sep.2005 15:06


I think there must be many unanswered questions about the incident involving Fouad's death. One for example: How is it that Fouad's family seems to know that the fire occurred due to Fouad smoking in the car while carrying gasoline?

Were they following him in a car behind and witnessed it personally? Have they responded to the allegation, according to the big O article, that a man from Rick's Custom Fencing saw Fouad speed into their parking lot, jump out of his car in his boxer shorts and run across a field before the car collisions and fire?

Speculation isn't going to be that helpful. They have to be able to prove what happened.

I don't think this is going to be a simple case by any means. It's good Fouad's family has the resources to pursue it. Hopefully, they've taken steps to have their own independant toxicology analysis and autopsy performed on Fouad's body. The general public seems to have hardly noticed this incident. Those that did may be forgetting it already, to the misfortune of us all

more pieces 17.Sep.2005 19:27

little one

THe support for Fouad's justice is immense. People who knew Fouad are devastated and people who did NOT know Fouad are devastated. This is one of the most horrific things that could have happened. Fouad's truck ran out of gas three blocks away when he was coming back from a drive through cigarette store. The witness at "Dicks" custom fencing said Fouad's car pulled in their lot and he was rummaging around for his phone before he ran because he was in his boxers and wanted to call for someone to bring gas he then ran up the street in his boxers directly up the street NOT through the feild, running home. He took the buick with a full gas can to get truck and it was already towed (Dicks custom said they towed it saturday WE believe otherwise what buisness sees a man run out in his boxers and waits to days to tow it?!?!?) where this all happened was near the tow company (very uncooperative!) many questions lie in actual evidence not heresay...but the truth of the matter is they killed one of the most righteous men, a soldier, a lover, a friend, and a master and those nasty cops who cannot see human condition and suffering need to be prosecuted, persecuted and isolated from all good things. UNITE FOR OUR RIGHTS NOT THEIR MANIPULATIVE SYSTEM THAT KEEPS THE PEOPLE HELPLESS TO THEIR DESTRUCTION. I have never heard of such a cowardly story NEVER heard of cops executing a man who has severe burns and head injuries...they must pay and redemption is not far away. Inshallah

WE NEED MORE 17.Sep.2005 19:59

little one

Fouad is obviously going to missed beyond belief, and no one can understand how this could happen. People who knew Fouad are devastated and the people who did NOT know Fouad are devastated. By no means does anything those cops say justify what they did. Those cops need to be prosecuted, persecuted and isolated from all people, because they are dangerous to all mankind. You mean to tell me you do not have the ability to recognize human condition to see a man is burning and has obvious head injuries. Witnesses say they had Fouad subdued more than twice and failed to handcuff him or call for back up. That does not sound like a threatning situation. What a cowardly way to murder a man when he is already suffering and injured. They will have to live with their miserable souls and no the bloodshed has caused huge controversy EVERYWHERE! There are many details that remain a controversy but some things are fact. Fouad had ran out of gas in "DIcks" custom fencing parking lot on his way home from a drive thru cigarette store. It was 11ish and he was in his shorts did not expect to get out of the car. The eye witness said he pulled in the lot and began rummaging around for something(his phone which was left at home)realized he did not have it and ran up the street to the house NOT through the field!! He came back with the buick and a full gas can to Dicks custom fencing and his car was towed (THEY SAY IT WAS TOWED SATURDAY TWO DAYS AFTER IT HAPPENED? YOU MEAN TO SAY YOU WAITED TWO DAYS TO TOW A CAR THAT YOU SAW A MAN RUN OUT IN HIS BOXERS?!?!?! A PRIVATE LOT? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. )then headed out to sandy where the tow company is to fill it with gas then igniting his car while lighting a cigarette and hitting two cars along with his head and inhalation of all the fumes left him combative and in shock all in his instincts. REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY WILL DO TO CONVOLUTE EVIDENCE THERE WERE WITNESSES THAT SAW THE TRAMATIC EVENT AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE SCENE WHEN THEY MURDERED ONE OF THE MOST RIGHTEOUS MEN...

thanks "little one" 18.Sep.2005 00:59


The additional details help to make sense of it all. Provide more as available

Murder in Sandy, OR. 18.Sep.2005 01:46

Andrew Michael Blair

The incident that took place on the 8th of September was nothing less than murder. The murder of a 27 year old boy, Fouad Kaady, with no criminal record and no weapon to defend himself, violently shot to death by fools never properly trained to deal with suspects as these. Sending unexperienced, gun-happy youth officers, no more than cowards in blue, to defend the rights of our citizens has never amounted to the enforcement of our laws, EVER!!!!!. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN???!!!! Myself a victim of the abuse of law enforcement, I have had the shit beaten out of me for less than a good reason by an angry mob of badge wearing lunatics. It reminds me of the KKK!!!! I say the time is NOW!!!! The officers involved in this shooting should not only be stripped of their badges and employment, but jailed for murder!!!! SENSLESS ACTS LIKE THIS undermine the freedoms we all enjoy and make me sad to be an american. Did you all know that the Sandy Police Dept. was actually CLOSED the day after this murder!!!! CLOSED!!!!!!!! Apparrently they weren't open for comment to the family of the deceased, nor to defend their own public, nor for another round of uninhbited killing that day, and thank god for that...it could have been you that day! The Kaady family will never be the same, their future abrubtly and dirastically derailed...and I suggest that we alter the future of law inforcement in Sandy Co. in kind, and better yet, all over the U.S., and for once and all strip these glorified back-woods hunters from their right to take a life unjustly. I am sick to death of the abuse of power, the cover-ups, and the tampering of evidence that follows race-raged murders like these, masked behind a badge and uniform and gun. Stop these COWARDS before it is one of your own that falls under their impotent, blind fury, and send these killers to jail where the takers of lives belong!!!!!!!

this is terrible, but 19.Sep.2005 04:04

i'm just wondering

I'm a little confused by folks referring to a 27-year-old man as a "kid" and a "boy," as well as the reference to "youth officers." Is 27 a typo? Was he actually 17?

to im just wondering 19.Sep.2005 16:27


Fouad was 27 there was no typo i knew him.

Community vigil for fallen brother 19.Sep.2005 19:33


We are interested in holding a vigil for my brother, Fouad, this Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square. There are many concerned individuals, both family, friends, and others who would like to show their support for their belief, and ours, that my beloved brother was murdered in cold-blood by the Sandy Police. We would appreciate any feedback from the publice regarding the location and time. Thank you for caring and extending your compassion to my family. His unjust death will not go unpunished and will never be forgotten. RASTAFARIWILLNEVERDIE.

was the police car in fear of it's life?? yeah right.. 19.Sep.2005 20:55


This unjustice is not only mind-boogling but stands for everything that the U.S. is suppose to be fighting and against. This cowardly act exactly resembles those of the terrorists we are trying to bring to justice. The only difference is that these gun happy cop(s) were not moved to react by warped religious beleives but instead by the attempt to earn their "kill" in the field. I for one will not sit back and let Fouad's murder be forgotten or twisted with the media spin and hype. I plan on voicing my complaint to the Sandy Police department and to our states congressman and mayor. Change will come when people unite on a cause worthy of standing up for and fighting. I can't think of anything closer to all of us than having a friend, brother, or even fellow citizen tortured and than shot several times for no good reason. Many of my friends playing the devil's advocate have said that we weren't there and don't know how we would have reacted so I ask them to do the math:

2 experienced, trained cops armed with a multitude of different non-lethal weapons (mace, clubs, choke holds, etc..) wearing bullet proof jackets against one naked, obviously disturbed, bloody, obviously burned, small-medium framed man = life threatening attacker? Yeah. I don't think so and neither does anyone with a logical thinking process.

I knew Fouad and remember him for his contagious laugh, sense of humor and big heart. I pray for his family and friends and hope they find peace.

Rally 20.Sep.2005 08:07

Member of St. George

I think a rally is a great idea, but MAKE SURE you go the city and file a permit. If you don't, the police will kick you out of whatever public spot you are in..... You must have a permit. They are pretty easy to get....

I'll be there when I hear for sure it is on....

THIS IS JUST SICK! 20.Sep.2005 13:13


i cant believe the cops are so retarded to think that a young man, unarmed and naked could cause a threat to them! come on..he was just burned by flames, hence no clothes, they were burned off! whomever made the comment of boxers is wrong. a lot of guys wear those silky jerzee shorts, no shirt and flip flops. and if you get burned, of course they are going to go up in flames..why do you think a normal kid would be naked riding in his car. i dont think so! even if he was on drugs, which he wasn't since i know him personally! fouad is a family friend and he was always very shy and slow with speaking, not slow as in retarded, but he always thought about what he wanted to say before saying it. this is such such such a disgrace, i will never call the cops again, i would too scared they might shoot me for no no no reason at all..oh wait, im not lebanese! never judge a book by its cover..you know what-the cops did. maybe they should have listened to their mothers when they were younger!
i am so sad that fouad had to die this way. and i feel so much empathy pains for the family. i am so sorry this had to happen this way, but just know that fouad is in a bette place now and he loves you all and will be with you whenever you need to talk, talk-he'll listen.

The Cops Are not on your side 20.Sep.2005 13:39

Deer Hoff

What is the world coming to shooting people point blank. Well im sure glad the officers are having a grand old time now that they made some money. this is not how fouad should of died im never calling the cops again they might shot me for speeding. what a joke.



I hope that the truth comes out and Fouad is not made to look like he was a crazy person by the police forever. I can say I hope I NEVER am hurt or need help in Sandy ever. I dont want to get shot. Fouad you are loved and missed. We miss you!



i hope the judge looks at this case good and finds that the police officers did not have a "reasonable excuse" to shoot fouad. how could they not know which officer shot him or how many times? it only takes one bullet to hurt or kill someone! if these officers "feared their life" enough to kill a naked/unarmed man, they need more training, or they need to be removed from patrol.

What goes around comes around. 20.Sep.2005 16:09


I think what happend was the worst way to die. I feel for Fouad family and I know all of his frends in Eugene are thinking of them. I know first hand how a burn can effect the feeling a person has on the skin. My boyfriend was burnt very badly and he could not feel needles, touch or anthing else that was near the area of the woond. Then to add fear, the need for help and confusion you get a person full of adrenalin. The skills the police demonstrated are where? I hope they know that the took a good person and they will never be forgiven for what they did. To his family we are thinking of you and Fouad everyday.

STICK TO THE DOUGHNUTS! 20.Sep.2005 16:30


i have been told by an officer of the "law" (yah) that if in a stiuation shoot to kill because dead people dint talk! food forthought

Rally? 20.Sep.2005 16:59


Is there going to be a rally?

Rally On 20.Sep.2005 17:15


There will be a rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square at 6:30 p.m on Wednesday September 21st(which is tommorrow), in remembrance of Fouad Kaady who was shot to death and murdered by the Sandy Police Department. We encourage anyone and everyone, both family and friends, concerned citizens, and others who are interested in honoring Fouad to please come. Thank you all for your blessings and prayers.

not rally-VIGIL 20.Sep.2005 18:35


we dont want to give the police any reason to harass anybody who wants to attend. We will be there to remember and demonstrate the grief this situation has brought to everyone...bring candles and your strength to remember and show the people the unlawful death that has occured...Unite in peace justice for all unjustly taken

PEACEFUL VIGIL-not a rally 21.Sep.2005 15:49


I want everyone who plans on attending the vigil at Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight at 6:30 in remembrance of Fouad Kaady to understand that this is a peaceful vigil not a rally. The purpose of this gathering is to peacefully remember our fallen son, brother, and friend, not to incite a rally or protest. Undoubtedly justice will be served for Fouad, but it will not be done tonight in any way other through the uniting of friends, family, and concerned citizens that are peacefully showing their support. Thank you all for understanding.

Information not in the news yet! 22.Sep.2005 00:19


While I knew Fouad Kaady for a couple of years, I can attest to the fact that he was an incredibly nice person. However, in theory, his charactor traits become irrelevant once his body is burnt beyond recognition. No officer could or should make a life altering decision based on how the "criminal" has led is life up to that point. With his body as it was the officers could not have possibly decided what kind of person this guy has been, or how they should handle the situation. While I heard this information second hand, if it is true it would definitely get buried in unseen files if not brought to the attention of the people. According to a witness at the seen, before he had been shot, he had given up and laid down on the hot asphalt. While down with a already burnt body for a long period of time neither officer appeared willing to take him into custody. After a few minutes of being on the ground he jumped up and started to run away. At this point he jumped up on the police car and unfortunately the rest is history. The witness believed the officers weren't willing to approach him, probabably because of his condition, leading to a "forced decision" being made for them. I wrote this only because I'm afraid of the witnesses story changing after pressure is put upon him to save the officers as well as the image of both police departments. While I was not there, I have always believed no one in this world knows how they would handle a extremely scary situation until it is actually in front of them. This time I feel the younger officer probably "freaked out" and possibly accidentally shot him, leading the other officer to back up his partner as all good cops would.
While I have no proof, it really makes sense. I miss you Fouad and appreciate all you did for me.+



I will always wish for one more good conversation with Fouad, even if i can't die young, that's ok i'll wait. He will know what we were talking about. We were lucky to meet each other. There isn't any new description for those who would care to learn about what others thought, just another reassuring one that yes he was a good person, a generous person, a friendly person, a young person, a gardener who delighted in vegetables, fruits, and flowers, a waiter who worked with his best friend and friends, a realtor with a future, a smart, thoughtful, realistic, and inspired youth who knew his potential and greatness, yet seemed humble to the forces that be. A nurturer, a comforter, a friend. Excuse me but i must try.
Are you really listening to what i am saying? is that to much to ask? God, Fouad you can be demanding with me, pressure me to respond, remind me im not alone, i would love to kick the soccerball around , or blow smoke in pretty girls faces together, laugh at the sheer thought of our mortality. But now i can't give in or take criticism from you or be made to smile by your innocent humor, or piss you off because im no goalie, or meet girls with my shirtless friend. But i will always honor the time the good Lord gave us together. may you rest in peace.
What those bastard suit and badge wearing facists did to our Beloved Fouad is irreversible. No matter where i go or who i am talking to or what i am seeing i feel like a part of my heart has been torn out. Nothing seems acceptable to me. God knows who was in need of mercy and an ambulance that day. No one else died that day. No one else was defamed that day. No one else was sent from this world by two bloodthirsty demons, they could not have been anymore in control than he was now could they? no sadly Fouad left us that afternoon, i dont really know why, they say the good die young. Will there ever be peace, will we cause justice? i dont know. May God protect his family from further harm or unbearable torment. Can you imagine for a moment? no the thought is un real. But Not for the Kaady's it is very real. May those officers, is that a dirty word forever, get slaughtered in the hells with their relatives for eternity. im not kidding. I am tired of police brutality. im sick of living in a such a violent society. I deserve to live in a world that celebrates the unique qualities of its inhabitants. I want to wake up to where there is no more war. How can any person of any amount of inteligence accept this lunacy everyday. There will be a conquerer of the evil that prevails, this dark cloud that shrouds our view of the infinite. shoot me next, what do i care. there are a couple of cops i wish died a very tortured death indeed. But all of their wrongs will all fail to sway my soul, so even though these ruthless pigs hunt down our very best and brightest and cover their trail, even though police brutaltity is as common as mcdonalds, i dont care. I will enjoy the nature that God put inside of me and i will reflect it out to others when they aren't swine. I may not be a muslim or a christian you can't have my vote, but i know the power of God's love or i would not be a good natured person to this day striving for a better existence while suffering for the cops didnt kill me... yet.
just one more testimony to a true muslim a true christian, to a true friend, a brother to all, even those who didn't know him will be better for his being here on this planet for only a short time. And now we are all at a loss. Please people don't wait till it is too late. Show that you care. Accidents happen but cold blooded murder is wrong. God will punish the wicked, if you don't want to kill those evildoers just pray for them, if you cant stop them, just pray for them, if they don't kill themselves, just pray for them. even if you die before they do just pray for them. If you cant think of one... Lord forgive them for they konw not what they do... BUT REALLY HOW HARD IS IT TO CALL FOR AN AMBULANCE? Good Luck my God Fearing Family, just remember Love is stronger than death.

Strong words not to offend, just to defend. Peace be with you all. Think, Speak, Act, truth, kindness, and necessity.

a close cousin 25.Sep.2005 15:38

Rania Kassem BaByBLuE4893@aol.com

I am still in shock to know that my cousin Fouad past away. I can't belive that a police officer could kill such a wounderful awsome person. I had seen him last Christmas and we had a great time over in oregon. But now I will never be able to see him again all because of that stupid sherif that killed my cousin. Isn't it true that if you kill someone then you should be killed,well then the sherif should be killed for killing Fouad. I mean if they were good police men then they would have actualy tried to see what was wrong with him or how he got burned, but instead of taking out 2 minutes of their lives to try and talk to him they kill him.They didn't only shoot him once they shot him 5 TIMES. Who would do such a thing. A sick person would do such a thing! Now I have learned my leason to never call the police again! Let there be justice. Let us all pray for my aunt,uncle,and my cousins. Let us know that if we need someone to talk to, then Fouad will be there for us and he will be all ears.

more info please 25.Sep.2005 22:42

family of fouad

We just wanted to extend our appreciation to the author of "One more Brotherless Man", and were wondering if you would be able to let us know more about you. It sounds like you have spent a considerable amount of time with Fouad, and that you loved him. You can reach me personally at  vkaady@yahoo.com. I am his older sister. Thank you.

Never Forget Ever 28.Sep.2005 17:44


still, i am praying for him, his family, and those that knew him. He was a wonderful man. im sure that he will be remembered that way, it just really hurts that he's not here with us anymore. this world sucks on so many levels, but still he was fun to kick it with. i hope that those of us affected by his loss can continue to live and remain positive in the face of this tragedy. Even just do nice things and delight that in a way we can honor him everyday. He may not be here but i find comfort in knowing that he died innocently and not like the liars said about him. thank you everyone, ive been so sad, and reading what others have written gives me a sense of peace and comfort, relating to others even just because he lived. So thank God Fouads hands were clean. may He be blessed.

A Lasting committment 08.Oct.2005 05:33

Rev. Sev tskudas@msn.com

I hope that the anger and sence of outrage and injustice that people are feeling over this terrible tregedy does not fade too quickly. All accounts from friends, family, & aquaimtences, suggest that Foud was a wonderful and special human being whose life was wiped out in an instant unjustly. I hesitated to rush to judgment on this one, but having now read everything I could find on this think it is safe to say that Foud's death was a senseless act of violence, stupidity and most definately a cowardly act. It's good that people are focused on the acts of the Sany P.D. but please dont forget that a Clackamas County deputy was just as responsible for this horrendous act. I have been involved in investigations into misconduct,perjury,excessive force, brutality, and general dishonesty over the years that in volve Clackamas deputies and have to say that the current administration seems to bee more corrupt and unresponsive to the publicthat the previous two. I have had noted attorneys tell me in disgust that Clackamas County is the filthiest cesspool of corruption they have ever ran up against and my experiences confirm this. It may take time but I hope everyone sticks with this one and demands justice. At the very least, neither of these cowardly killers should ever be able to be in a posistion to use deadly force or possess weapons again. We have seen Portland shut down for an entire day at times to accomidate the funeral of a fallen officer. Is a citizen's life worth any less? Why aren't we organising to have people come from all across the nation to march in honor of this good man's life and memory? Foud Kaadys life and the circumstances of his death desrve every bit as much media and public attention as a fallen officer or sodier.

Unbelievable and unforgettable 18.Oct.2005 18:24

Fitz from Gresham

I can't believe that police officers could use their stun guns on a naked individual, then determine that he was still not compliant, and apply deadly force in "fear of their lives". I for one am a supporter of law enforcement, the government, and the especially the military. However, this shows a total lack of training and restraint upon those who are entrusted to "serve and protect". I genuinely believe that this shooting was racially motivated. Perhaps the Sandy cops that participated in this thought they could cover this up because of the fact that Sandy isn't very diverse. At any rate, TWO cops should be able to take ONE unarmed naked man into custody without filling him full of lead. A pure act of cowardice and prejudice!!!

Police not guilty 24.Oct.2005 13:42

Not surprising

Please see the following link to KGW news:
 link to www.kgw.com

A Deeper Look 05.Nov.2005 13:56


I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and have witnessed a lot of terrible, corrupt, and unjust things, and walked the streets of L.A. during the riots in 1992, looting during earthquake and fire destruction, went to high school in Long Beach bordering Compton - I know all about cop killers, gangs, thugs, and more. Although I grew up in a quiet suburban neighborhood with police officers as neighbors (allways willing to help any of us out if necessary)I have also been unfairly treated by police officers, and witnessed countless acts of unjustice upon those who the police officers feared.

We were given the right to bear arms, not the right to fire them out of fear. Should police be given the right to "shoot to kill"? Or should they be trained that if someone won't comply you "shoot 'em in the kneecaps" - the later leaves a prime witness to account for the details of the event. But the problem does not stem from the Police force itself, it stems from FEAR. Most people who have a great fear of others will arm themselves, either personal arms or a police badge and gun. The real issue is fear. Could it be true that many police officers are just as fearful as the rest of us, and when faced with a situation they don't understand, or a "scary moment" they totally freak out and fire their gun? I mean they yell things like "Stop or I'll shoot!" and out of fear they can't rationalize the situation and with tension high and adrenaline pumping - their finger already on the trigger - and the guy makes an unfortunate movement that causes the cop to flinch and pull the trigger, the other officers hear the first shot and instinctively pull their triggers, resulting in multiple shots to an unarmed victim. Whether it stems from racism (have you seen the movie "CRASH"?) or untrained officers who can't function in high tension situations and tend to become fearful. They have not learned to cope with fear, and when pushed up against a wall - people usually go into "flight or fight" mode. Unfortunately for us, there are no laws that protect us from the officer's personal instinctual actions of shooting to death an unarmed civilian. In my personal opinion there should be extremely stiff penalties for a police officer who shoots an unarmed human being. There are no excuses for what happened in Sandy, and there are unfortunately no penalties. But there is evidence of huge problems with FEAR in the police departments locally here, and there are things they can do to prevent things like this in the future: Acknowlegement and acceptance of what has happened, and why. Training and exposure to "rougher environments" for future and current police officers, where they can be exposed to the problems that will soon come to a town near them. These problems with our society will not stop, and we all need to deal with our own fears about them. We need to not blame each other, and start to take actions - not eventually, but actually take the actions now. Don't tollerate the abuse of authority, don't stay quiet about it. Speak out, and keep speaking out. If you let your fears win the fight, then you can't take part in winning the war. We need to speak up and speak clearly - the government is old and can't hear us very well - We need to TALK LOUDER and MORE CLEARLY.

I can't believe the police got away with this 05.Nov.2005 17:03


I just now read the police reports. I can't believe they got away with this. When you read that Fouad was just sitting there in horrible pain and they expected him to lay down. Are they nuts? And if they tazered me I'd go nuts. Damn straight, that would hurt ontop of the pain he was feeling.
They truly overreacted. I am still so upset about this. I am a white middle aged woman, so it has nothing to do with culture for me, just being a human and knowing Fouad also.
Did they think the gunshots in the woods might have been the gas cans exploding? And they were SO afraid of his blood, PLEEEASSSE!. People get a little over paranoid. I will always remember Fouad and always keep his family in my prayers. That may be all we have until we are united with Foaud in heaven.

HERE, HERE, Well stated. 01.Apr.2007 06:41


Question, are there very many policeman yet who aren't best described as uneducated thugs? I only know of two or three in the entire country I would trust and one of them only worked as a cop for a short time while he was in law school so he could gather first hand knowledge of exactly how psychotic & crooked police people had gotten and the tactics they use to screw their fellow citizens. The other is a retired financial analyst who just doesn't have anything to do and probably isn't aware yet of how screwed up the policing "business" has become. Either way the "out of control" police departments across this Nation need to be reformed immediately because we are all going to be victims of crime if they are not, crimes by the police that is. Hell, all you have to do is turn on the nightly news to find out about yet another policeman who raped, beat, robbed or killed an innocent person that day.