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No protesters at circus this afternoon

I arrived 10 min. before showtime to help leaflet. Where were the protesters?
I made it to the Rose Garden at 3:20 to leaflet, but found nobody protesting! Granted, we were urged to come an hour early, which would be 2:30, but did anyone show up then? Will anyone be there tomorrow? I care for the poor animals. Doesn't anyone else? Perhaps they are at Hempstalk.
always there 10.Sep.2005 03:40

screw hempstalk

there were protesters there...we have been and will be at each show...where were you?...

I was there too 10.Sep.2005 13:11


ya, i was there too to help and didnt see anyone else around. i dont think there was anybody there to protest.

today's protest 10.Sep.2005 19:57


About a dozen of us were there an hour before the afternoon show. The morning's drizzle turned to sunshine. We gave out circus coloring books and stickers. I sometimes told people in no uncertain terms that they were going to a show from the Dark Ages, that to gain entertainment from animals obeying humans is humiliating and cruel. Several told me not to say that in front of their children! When they rejected the books, I suggested they had closed minds and didn't want to think. One guy told me to "pizz off," and another was really violent sounding.

Today we could walk on the Rose Quarter grounds, but were supposed to stay moving.