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In a surprise outpouring of compassion, George Walker Bush Sr donates half his accumulated wealth to the victims of hurricane Katrina.
Well you heard it here first folks, and in this day and age when truth is what is repeated over and over again, I hope you pass this rumor on across the nation. That's right, keep passing the rumor on till it becomes the truth. Add your own embellishments as to the kindness, patriotism, and compassion of Senior Bush, for example, "I heard he went to the doctor after he donated his money and his heart was 1/3 larger". Be creative.

So what is the point of this - shame the privileged bastards. Of course he wouldn't donate anything close to 1/2 his wealth or even 1/1000 of his wealth, which would still leave him with plenty, while most the victims of Katrina have nothing.

So pass it on - "Bush Sr donated half his money to Katrina victims" - the truth shall be with you, Amen.
lies goes on: international narcoterrorist Bush family giving aid... 10.Sep.2005 14:24

bloodlines watch

exactly how much?

He's lied on his tax returns for years in my opinion. For instance, he gave to a university once more than his "officially stated" worth.

Second, according to Skolnick, Bush Senior with the Queen of England (a relative of the Bushes), has a 100 billion dollar drawing account off Coutts Bank, the Queens private bank.

And then there's that missing 240 billion dollars he pilfered form the U.S. Treasury. What about that?

Why Bush Sr. chose 9-11-01 as WTC hit date: no payback on bond billions for terrorism fund
author: Tom Flocco
George H. W. Bush, $240 billion in Brady Bonds, 9-11, and Cantor Fitzgerald's destruction: COUNTERFEIT debt instruments INVOLVING FRAUD IN THE U.S. BANKING SYSTEM were due the day after the 9.11 attacks. The $240 billion in stolen currency--which may lead to trillions of U.S. banking fraud--was obtained resulting from George H. W. Bush's presidential abuse of power in cahoots with other federal unpunished criminals like Bush Sr's ex-Treasury Sec. Nicholas Brady and Bush Sr's ex-Sec. of State James Baker III. The George H. W. Bush $240 billion fraud of 1991 was never repaid since the ten-year Brady bonds involved in the fraud transaction--purchased before September 13, 1991 using fraudulent collateral, faked signatures, and gold bullion as security--came due on September 12, 2001, the day after the 9.11 attacks. Allegedly, they were underwritten and held by the trustee, Cantor-Fitzgerald bond brokerage firm, whose offices on floors 101-105 in the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) were destroyed on 9.11 along with the Brady bond evidence. No requirements to pay them back, and it covers up another Bush family financial crime and sizable legal debt and a global terrorism network.