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9.11 investigation

Documents point to 911 attack on America by White House crime families

Sioux City, Iowa -- September 4, 2005 -- TomFlocco.com -- According to leaked documents from an intelligence file obtained through a military source in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), on or about September 12, 1991 non-performing and unauthorized gold-backed debt instruments were used to purchase ten-year "Brady" bonds. The bonds in turn were illegally employed as collateral to borrow $240 billion--120 in Japanese Yen and 120 in Deutsch Marks--exchanged for U.S. currency under false pretenses; or counterfeit and unlawful conversion of collateral against which an unlimited amount of money could be created in derivatives and debt instruments.
The $240 billion in stolen currency was obtained resulting from George H. W. Bush's presidential abuse of power, when he authorized former Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady and former Secretary of State James Baker III to make fraudulent use of the Durham Family Trust collateral without her permission. There is evidence that Colonel Hermann's and V. K. Durham's signatures were forged on a Goldman-Sachs bank account certification requesting the conversions to U.S. currency.

The money was never repaid since the ten-year Brady bonds--purchased before September 13, 1991 using the fraudulent collateral and gold bullion as security came due on September 12, 2001--the day after the 9.11 attacks, having allegedly been underwritten and held by the trustee, Cantor-Fitzgerald bond brokerage firm [whose offices on floors 101-105 in the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) were destroyed on 9.11 along with the Brady bond evidence].

Read the whole story:  http://www.tomflocco.com/fs/FinancialTerrorism.htm

This story needs to be shouted from the rooftops. 09.Sep.2005 18:41

Tony Blair's dog

It will be the undoing of the criminal Bush family running the country downhill
for their own enrichment.

peruvian gold certificates circa 1875 10.Sep.2005 01:47

chinese sneakers

i think you'll find that the brady bonds have been re-paid in u.s. greenbacks (deflated as they are) or they have been rolled-over into more u.s. dollar denominated treasury bills.

as we know, when the banking walls of cantor-fitz fell down, the original peruvian bullion certificates burned for good and no one will ever be able to redeem them for gold (or anything else, for that matter).

the high crime part of this story lies in the fact that, if that original gold bullion ever existed, it was long gone some 116 years later, when in 1991 some savvy financiers used it (in financialized paper form) as bogus collateral.

beyond that fraud, the brady bonds also provided a sop for the currency market in yen and marks, thus allowing the u.s. banks to gain these foreign assets which only increased in value as the massive infusion of greenbacks (facilitated by the issuance of the brady bonds)predictably drove the value of u.s. currency down.

ten years later, when those same savvy folks make good on the brady bonds by returning the agreed amount to investors, they do not denominate the repaymeny in yen or marks, but in a whole new whack of historically weak greenbacks.

peruvian bullion certificates 10.Sep.2005 02:12


but...it doesn't add up.

...in effect, the original crime had already been successfully completed. the redemption, to take place on sept. 13, 2001, amounted to the easy part, the final clean-up of the paper work, and is just a mere matter of swapping u.s. currency for certified paper. No gold would ever have changed hands on this one.

...so why not just deep-six cantor-fitz's vault containing the relevant documents; or, even easier, just discreetly enter the vaults and eliminate any evidence revealing the fraudulent use of the original peruvian bullion certificates? Case closed. Cover-up complete.

...why bring the whole building down, if success is a simple matter of burying some 116-year-old parchment and a couple of super-secure computer files ?

Criminals have pattern, particuarly Bushes: 'terror drills' & destroy evidence 10.Sep.2005 14:55

read this

"why bring the whole building down, if success is a simple matter of burying some 116-year-old parchment and a couple of super-secure computer files ?"

I don't think it should be assumed that that Cantor Fitzgerald's destruction is the ONLY purpose of the controlled demolition of the WTCs. I think it does have to do with the DATE on which it was taken down though--sort of as a lagniappe.

On the other side of the 9-11 events, at the Pentagon, the ONI office looking into this 240 billion dollar Bush family fraud is targeted as well for destruction in the Pentagon hit. Keep both sides in mind. I do think that's enough information to provide the soundness of it as crucially important in 9-11. After all, the Murrah building was targeted in 1995 because it housed 'annoying' health files on incoming Bush family's Gulf War I and its vets, I believe...

Criminals hold to a pattern. From Murrah to 9-11 WTC1 to WTC7, Bush family tend to blow up buildings housing evidence of their family crimes and then attempt to distract eveyone by calling it "foreign terrorism" when it is BUSH DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

After all Silverstein himself stated that he ordered his WTC7 building to be destroyed by controlled demolition in the afternoon of 9-11.

FEMA burns through 50 million dollars of tax money for little purpose to basically say "we don't know anything about WTC7" when they could have interviewed Silverstein for free. I'm sure all the government offices and ongoing court suit files in that building of WTC7 were not so happy with his decision, or happy about the similar dynamic of destruction of evidence in the Murrah building.

Why Bush Sr. chose 9-11-01 as WTC hit date: no payback on bond billions for terrorism fund
10:34 Sep-04 (2 comments)

Keep the following in mind as well. As I said, criminals hold to a pattern. The Bush family pattern is controlled demolition and domestic terrorism as a cover for destruction of court suit evidence.

Even the first 1976 plan to destroy the WTCs as a plan in a "terror drill" test links back to Bush as CIA director when the first "terror plan" to take down the WTCs was penned.

Criminals have a pattern. The Bush family likes to have governments subsidize and even plan out in high detail their domestic terrorism strikes, then the Bush family goes and does it with the information at hand on all the shortcomings revealed in the 'drill planning.'

Title: US DoD McNiven RICO SUIT! BUSH SENIOR, CIA head, & his 1976 state terror plan to hit WTCs!
Author: repost
Date: 2005.03.20 06:18
Description: A LIVE COURT CASE! DEAL WITH IT! WELCOME TO REALITY. Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC...McNiven, who first went public in an affidavit included in a 9/11-related federal conspiracy (RICO) lawsuit filed against Bush and others in 2004, claims his unit was ordered to create the "perfect terrorist plan" using commercial airliners as weapons and the Twin Towers as their target.....publicized version of the study, commissioned by Congress, was to identify security lapses and submit corrective measures to lawmakers. However, McNiven claims the real purpose of the study was to brainstorm how to pull off the perfect terrorist attack using the exact same 9/11 scenario. The study, commissioned to C-Battery 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army, stationed in Strassburg, Germany in 1976, specifically devised the scenario of the Twin Towers being leveled by Middle Eastern terrorists using commercial airliners and even plastic box cutters to bypass security. To silence critics, McNiven has successfully passed a credible lie detector test regarding his participation in the study as well as other specific orders given to him by his superiors in case of a real attack on the Twin Towers.

The head of the 1976 mock terrorist plan was Lt. Michael Teague of Long Island, who McNiven says was given specific orders by higher-ups in the military to use the Twin Towers as the terrorist target. McNiven said he has been unable to contact Lt. Teague, but was interested in his opinion now that "the 9/11 attacks happened the way we planned them in 1976."



this explains several things,

1. explains how the whole 1976 staffing was put back in place (Rumsfeld, Secretary of State in 1976; Bush Senior, CIA Director in 1976, Nelson Rockfeller as Vice President and almost President after three failed assassination attempts on appointed Ford; Cheney was chief of staff for President Ford in 1976. These three came back together under the son of Bush Senior when George W. Bush was installed by the Supreme Court. Then Bush Senior really back in control once Bush Senior's right hand man, Meuller, was placed as head of the FBI weeks before the 9-11 self hit.

2. explains why postponed: Bush removed from CIA position by Carter, plan postponed. Regroup....

3. explains 'delay' when Nelson Rockfeller both fails to become president like he wanted in 1976. Then he dies in 1979.

4. explains how they thought they could seriously rewrite the U.S. Constitution in 1976, to set up totally appointed frameworks of the legislature. Kid you not. This was connected to Rockfellers as well. Perhaps the terror hit that was planned was to be done in a few years to do it.

5. explains the Trilateral issues here: Nelson got half his wish by basically dominating all appointments of the Carter Administration with Trilaterials, a clique of banker/internationalists (which included George Bush by the way) all hand picked by his brother David Rockfeller. Trilaterials were started up by David Rockfeller with aid by Mr. Grand Chessboard himself, Zbigniew Brezesinki, who in late 1990s wrote of the "requirements" for a "new pearl harbor" because U.S. democracy 'lacks the will to be an empire without such events, history has shown'. Carter one of the first Trilaterials as well.

6. explains why the WTCs were chosen: found to be unstable, and perhaps even the WTCs were created simply for the Rockefeller desire of destroying them. After all, they were constructed under Nelson Rockfeller himself (as Governor of New York), with help from his brother on financing, David Rockefeller (founder of the Trialterals). These would be the very people who thought they would be in charge directly after Ford Assassination attempts. However, all these failed.

7. explains surrogate hit on Three Mile Island to "jump start" FEMA as a back up plan, in 1979. FEMA is actually 'activated' three days early, before it is even authorized, to be in place for the fake hit on Three Mile Island. FEMA allows total media seal off and vetting of all events through the federal government. The state terror test successful.

5. explains why Bush Senior so anxious to get into the Presidency in 1980.

6. explains why he is willing to murder Reagan to do it, when his Vice President, in 1981, mere months into Reagan's first term. THE ATTEMPTED COUP D'ETAT OF MARCH 30, 1981 (87,300 bytes)  http://www.tarpley.net/bush17.htm

7. explains the later 1993 FBI sponsored attempts, months into Bush proxy William Jefferson Clinton (drug dealing connections) to destory the Towers thorugh surrogate terrorists they actually told what to hit and how to hit it. However, the Towers failed to fall down.

8. explains how directly after this failed attempt to take down the towers, the Bush family buys up the WTC security contracts. Soon, Marvin Bush head of Security (Securatec) for the WTC. (The reality is a bit more complicated, though shows Bush company (Kuwaiti-American) in charge of security at the WTC's after a failed attempt.

8. explains how in early 2001, the whole 1976 team were put into power once more through Bush family appointments: Baby Bush appoints his father's 1976 friends to power once more: Cheney (Bush Senior's Secretary of State for the Gulf War I, Halluburton connections, and Cheney was Ford's 1976 Chief of Staff), Rumsfeld (appointed Secretary of State in 2001, was appointed Secretary of State in 1976 for appointed Ford as well...), and appointing George W. Bush (a proxy for his father coming back into power from his "interrupted" 1976 CIA Directorship), and the appointing of another GHW Bush right hand man, Meuller, as FBI director. Then they were set to unleash their hit on the United States. Which they did. Which they still are.

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George W's great uncle 19.Mar.2005 10:19
President Teddy Roosevelt link

"(Edward Harriman is an) undesirable citizen, deep seated in corruption... (an) enemy of the public."--Teddy Roosevelt 1904, in a letter to Sen. James Sherman.

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Good piece, if a bit redundant. 20.Mar.2005 07:12
Sheepdog link

You've brought, however, a lot of important connections together.
I believe it.



"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." (George H.W. "Poppy" Bush)

as a lagniappe (lan'yap) 10.Sep.2005 22:35

chinese sneakers

thanks for the new word, lagniappe (pron.: lan'yap). my dictionary says that it's used primarily in louisiana and southeast texas. it makes for an interesting tie-in to what's happening down there these days. may they fare well from here on.

but, to get back to the case at hand: am i right? when i hear you saying that the elimination of the cant-fitz office (via the wtc demolition) was a sort of southern-style gratuity given by the busheviks as a compliment to some of their good customers?

and, if so, are you suggesting? we should see the cant-fitz fall as just one win (or, a kind of bonus pay-off, if you will) on a much larger gaming board where everyone gets paid, except the ordinary rubes.

now, being a well-schooled skeptic, i am trying not to jump to any false conclusions. but after much research and contemplation, i have to concede that their systems planning does seem to have been under-way for quite some time...and their motives do seem to add up to enough (in money, power, and position) to explain their efforts. To put it simply, it certainly does appear as if they "gamed" the 9-11 events.

furthermore, there are compelling reasons to believe that this kind of rigging has been going on for a good long time in the carnival we know as the West. in this wider context, the busheviks are relative new-comers, and not the ultimate masters of the universe. cheney, bush, and even the rockefellers are the big bougeousie; but there is another super-rich class that stands above and beyond them--these are the grand aristocracies, the high churchmen, and the uber financiers. And i think you'll agree that the former still answer to the latter.

police state developmentalism--material, ideological, and legal dev... 15.Sep.2005 20:21

pre-Orwellian dictionary reader

And try Oysters Lagniappe someday.

And remember:

not to entirely remove your ataraxis, though another "subsidized terror" event would be the Hurricane Pam drill in which over 250 people spent a week basically plotting out where the damage would occur in New Orleans. Then voila--it was served up exactly like they wrote about would be a worst case scenario. Of course they had to make sure to unfund the levees in 2004 and 2005 budgets, as an attempt to pre-ripen the odds. Not responding really helps as well. All these Bush crimes are making me reconsider the use of teh death penalty in certain areas, particularly high treason--and I would sweep large: judges, Senators, Representatives, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary of States, Secretary of Defenses, military generals (NORAD), accessories like Rove and Libby and smirking media fools like Novak. I really just want to see them fry. if guilty of course. small if.

All these Bush bastards deserve death 1000 times over for pre-emptive country invasions, FEMA malice, the Patriot Act, the anthrax attacks on the Congress, the allowances for Mossad in the country to do their dirty work (99% sure that's the team for the WTCs and the anthrax on 9-11 and into October 2001), etc.

I have an article from before the storm that uncannily says how "80% of New Orleans would be destroyed if certain levees failed and if the chemical plant blew up." Guess what?

1. From the article that I have, those levees mentioned in the plan where the levee areas that failed--one of them definitely after explosions though what's a quibble like that to police state developmentalism--if the point was to have the experts give the information to the terrorist evil psychopaths on how to temper their terrorism to certain ends. Taken from the point of view of their goals, they are doing just fine.

2. Then in the middle of the night (just like the levee explosion to make the "drill prognosis" work out after they 'unfortunately' held out Hurricane Katrina's wrath), the chemical plant exploded. Even the same one that was mentioned in the drill.

Under Bush Senior's CIA from 1976 onward, terror drills are hardly for preparedness and shoring up problems in response in the United States.

Terror drills from the 1970s onward are just dress rehearsals. They are the roads in which traitors in the government sit in on finding out what the holes are in responses, and they widen them or plan around them with the information of the duped loyalists involved in the "drill."

Stupid academics probabaly are equally guilty as charged for being so damn naive! Pay most academics/programmers and they will jump through any fascist's hoop. I almost screamed out loud watching the 2004 Ohio Testimony about vote fraud electnoci rigging by Clinton Curtis, the programmer associated with the current treasonous Foley in the Congress, who told him to write the vote fraud program. So, what does brilliant, though tiny minded Curtis do? Well, he writes their damn vote fraud program to get paid, then--and only then--he afterwards quits (don't know how immediate either!) the Foley connected corporation after dropping off the program on a CD! Kudos to him for coming forward, because it's probabaly going to get him killed like that Florida Elections Commissioner who was murdered in his Georgia hotel room for investigating Bush vote fraud before the election, though damn it--what kind of idiot are you Curtis! You passively write a vote fraud program--and say you did it without even knowing why or asking why!--and you turns it over to a partisan political party in the United States?! What kind of fool is that?! Curtis is still accessory to national vote fraud in my opinion.

So much for MY ataraxis this evening. I'm so pissed at the sheep in the fields this evening I'm sure all over America, sitting on their couches being programmed by Bush-TV, chewing shit and thinking its clover.

mining the archives 26.Sep.2005 10:46


oh no...floccos been digging in the rumour mill archives. hehe