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Keeping Your Spirit Alive: Radical Bicycle Adventurer Shares Some Recent Experiences

This radical bicycle adventurer has been on the road almost a month, now. He's lived as freely as one still can, takes his conditioned fears by the horns, and has been engaging in various forms of what he calls the "crucial arts" with weird outfits and neon signs saying in-depth things. Here is his latest.
News flash from the semi-crazy bicycle guy
News flash from the semi-crazy bicycle guy
Friday, September 9, written from Ellensburg area on 23rd day (5 days ago)

the run-down:
Ghengis Kahn guy
ants and fear
Mom Earth?

Ghengis Kahn guy
Back in Ellensburg (after my action earlier in the day, see Indy write-up) i met a guy i'll call 'E'. He was a bit drunk and wanted to hang out and drink beer. He said he was an artist and since i am also (tho dissent from identities), thought i'd go along and maybe get high with this foreign guy (how many times does one get invited to do such things with college foreigners?). Not many people are too friendly these days (so unlike memories of bikin 20 years ago), so it was a welcome respite.

What transpired, both challenged and invigorated me. Unlike perhaps everyone i've known, he cut through the social b.s. and right to the arting he loves. Tho still tooled. By his Ghengis Kahn mentality leash. i smelled *looking for a fight* on him, but was curious at the same time. He challenged me to something one might call an *art duel*. And he was really surprised, i think, to find someone quite oriented to something he probably has not thought about: *crucial arts* not martial arts.

i think he was just really frustrated in that smallish town with the smallish town mentality that certainly reigns there, even tho it has a university. He was pulling up grass as we sat, and was emitting the sort of vibe of someone who's really really frustrated with the bullshit around them. So instead of reacting in fear and escaping, i told him straight about small American towns and how he ought to go check out Seattle, at the very least.

Ants and fear
Ever look, really watch the ant people? How about if you gave them your culture and arted them in voice-overs? Or culture-overs? Just like so many do the world-over. (i'm not saying this is a good thing)

i go up in the woods, the mountains, and re-connect with my civilized fears. Civilized fears! Like right now as i prepare to sleep "through" my 23rd night of this x-WA-state semi-crucial art-ride.

Will the wild mountain pixies (aka coyotes) sample through and stop to knaw nearby? Will they come in a pack and rip and bite? (never did, tho i heard 'em mighty closeby!) Probably not, now that i'm more away from humans...? How about the squirrel people--aw, gee, they've chewed holes so small so far, i should escape my "civilized" mentality and share! (from that point on i began leaving small food gifts in my non-official camping places; ever think through the politics behind "don't feed the wild critters"?)

How about the feather findings? Found feathers of exotic bird arts, i feel as if i am stumbling upon rewards dropped from spirits just out of sight in other dimensions.

Oh man, the ant people here are a curious bunch. Like little coyotes, even! And how about them radical bees? i see myself as a rare-giant (in person) feeling a little apologetic (well, uh, um, more and more) for sitting and walking (no, i'm NOT a jainist!) here, upon and amid these people's lives. (well oh golly how could i not? Guilt? Not! After all, if these "bugs" thought like us, they'd be bitin the fuck outta us just like we'd do. But they're WILD and most don't reduce their lives down to such revenge foolishness...why should they? They know the power of MomEearth...

Mom Earth?
Every exploding bomb, every flow snuffed by humans advances a harmony which mom earth naturally moves to get back into flow with --into harmony. Thus tougher winters, droughts, raging seas, unprecidented storms. Mom Earth so loves her offspring that "she" reflects, lovingly, the seeming "desires" of humanity's loudest expressions. (War is after all an expression...)

Is Mom Earth, in some way, alive? 'Of course!' say the 'we are all one'-ers. (huh?) "We are all related!" And what can THAT point to but us as OFFSPRING of so beau ti ful MomEarth!!


Okay. So MomEarth's too huge to have simple eyes. So how does "she" see? With the way all of we be!????! Oooo.

Have i lost you yet? Heh heh. Oh well, that's the perks of culture jellying. More about *that* later. Maybe i've been smoking too much medicine? Ah well, such a nice way to deal with living outside of assumed norms!

Hey, i'm going to start putting together a zine called "Visionary". Those interested, see if your email will get through.

homepage: homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/folk/magixnartz

I bike a lot -- have web site 09.Sep.2005 16:43

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org


I'm out in the San Gabriel Mountains as often as I can, hiking and biking and let me tell you, it's almost as dangerous as biking it city traffic. If one can manage to survive the drunks driving the highway, one also has to avoid the clowns shooting indiscriminately into the hills -- often at night.

I've had Republicans in their gas hogs -- huge pickup trucks wearing clown ties, painted up like they were supposed to be in some jungle war, air spoilers because they think they look cool, getting 10 or 11 miles to the gallon -- throwing burning objects out at me, throwing bottles, empty beer cans... The Republicans around here don't give a shit about setting the mountains on fire nor about killing a biker or hiker with thrown bottles.

I've had people shooting into the canyons where I've slept at night, rounds hitting my tarp forcing me to scramble up the ravine to duck behind felled oak tree stumps until they've waundered off. They shoot from the highway, of course, because they're NRA Republican right wing gun nut kooks who wouldn't _think_ of getting exercise, shooting into the canyons at night without a care in the world that there might be bikers who have hiked into the canyons to camp.