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My Eulogy for the Chief

Before I give my last words to this man, our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, we must move the body. Rehanquist must be moved to the Convention Center or the Dome in New Orleans.

Now we must have some of the hundreds of bodies of children on the right of the casket----no, leave the flag, it is fitting but roll it down to show the divide. Move the old folks in wheel chairs who died waiting for a drop of water, some justice from their government----yes, that is good.


Here lies the mortal remains of a man who by his act in 2000, the casting of the deciding vote to give the Presidency to G.W Bush, has led us here. Look around, yes----look some more, we have more bodies if you so wish, they are over there and there----we have some bodies without arms and legs, see over there. The Chief was against affirmative action his entire tenure (wait for applause.) The man spent his whole life trying to change America into a Corporate State, and he came so close. (More applause.) I only wish he could have been here to see that one of his disciples would replace him, he would have been so proud that his work would be carried on for the next generation. Chief Justice Rehanquist looking down upon us will see the day when doctors who perform any kind of abortion and the woman who would kill her baby will be in prison for a long, long time. (applause).

Just one more item and then the President has a few words to say. We are putting to death more and more criminals every year, someday we will return to the days of lock them up in the morning and hang them in the evening. (lots of applause.)

Mr. President, watch out for the slime on the ground---yes just step over that kid-----now I give you your President, G. W. Bush, (applause)

My sign for this day standing on the Morrison Bridge was:





Lots of people cheering this day, seems even 18 wheelers were agreeing with me. If Brown goes down this is not a victory for us, he is a smuck who wanted an easy job, Bush is the criminal and I hope we do not forget what he has done to our beloved country.

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