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Sin - the ideology of the Military Industrial Complex (BKH)

Theology has evolved throughout history as a tool for military recruitment, and as the justification for the existence of both the military and of the expansionist imperialist empires which are created and then supported by the military. Thus the collapse of religion threatens both the future of imperialistic capitalism but also the survival of the military industrial complex.

A history of religious imperialism

All the problems the world faces today - in particular poverty and its exploitation which has then led to the decline of the imperialist nation states - cannot be correctly understood without correctly interpreting the history of religion, since throughout human history religious ideology has been the propaganda of choice of the imperialist state. It is for this reason that we see in America a government which runs rough shod over the spirit of the Constitution of the nation by funneling government funds into the pocketbooks of the 'religious right'. Some have suggested that this development is an anomaly, related to a quirk in the personality of George Bush. What needs to be understood is that the ideology of 'modern secular society' represents a sharp break with the past, and has also removed the pillar of support for the ideology of imperialism and its militarism, since the doctrines of official religions throughout human history have always served to indoctrinate populations to participate in systems of oppression.

The notion of the separation between priests and political leaders, between religion and the state, is a modern novelty, for since ancient times the priest has performed the function of propagandist for the state. In ancient times the function of the priest was as a propagandist whose task was to validate elitism and provide indoctrination prior to induction into the military machine. This was very obvious, since most gods of that time were war gods, and most nations were the 'chosen people' selected by this war god to conquer the known world and establish an imperialist empire in the name of the war god. One of the more familiar examples of this sort of thing is the ancient Jewish war god of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible), and we can also consider less famous ancient war gods, such as Marduk, the war god of the ancient Babylonian empire. Imperialist religious propaganda was quite blatant in its earliest incarnations, rising as it did concurrent with the appearance of the earliest states, and it only became more sophisticated in later times, being forced as it was to become less transparent, lest it lose its effectiveness as a tool of military indoctrination.

The ideology of the war god in the Bible is an obvious fabrication, military and state propaganda masquerading as 'the word of the war god,' and this transparency is the product of imperialist religious propaganda which was still in an infantile stage of its development. We are told that war god was a military general, engaged in the task of training the sons of the people in military techniques, in order that, provided that they learned to rigidly obey the military chain of command, they would then be able to conquer what was called the promised land. The social order promoted by this primitive war god thus resembles a society organized much like a boot camp, with the highest goal always the unquestioning obedience of the orders of the superior officer (the war god) and those to whom he delegated authority in the chain of command (religious authority figures who were also military officers), with the punishment for disobedience being the death penalty (once again the resemblance to military practices throughout history is apparent). Because this theological propaganda is still infantile, no attempt is made to answer the really tough questions, such as why it would be the case that the war god was unable to depopulate the so called promised land, but instead required the formation and training of human armies to accomplish this goal. Eventually such transparent imperialist brainwashing would have to be replaced by a more complex system of indoctrination if it was to establish permanence and successfully inculcate the state of mass confusion that is the end goal of all forms of religious imperialist propaganda.

Various justifications were required to convince populations that the designs of the war god were just, since it is characteristic of human beings to refuse to participate in unjust systems. Most large empires of later times learned to justify their theology by basing it upon the moral imperative of achieving peace on earth, the idea being that given the constant blood shed that filled the earth as the elites of various nations attempted to establish their own domination, peace could only come to the earth when one nation emerged triumphant and established a global empire, thus ending war forever. It is obvious then that the populations were weary with warfare, even in those early times, as it became required that propaganda systems become increasingly sophisticated in response. Since any empire could triumph and establish peace on earth, the argument then had to be made that the people of the imperial realm were 'the chosen people', and the evidence for this would be either their superior morality, or their advanced civilization and customs as opposed to the immorality of the barbaric nations. In this way the spread of imperialism has always been portrayed as the giving of a gift.

All religion requires a moral argument, even more so when the deeds of religion are murderous, and the ancient Roman imperialists only carried forward the idea of imperialism as the road to global peace (the 'pax Romana', or the Roman peace) which had been pioneered by squadrons of priests in previous empires, as religious ideology continued its process of evolution as it sought to become the perfect indoctrination tool of ancient imperialist empires. This development of ideology toward increasing sophistication was required as the infantile ideology of the war god proved to be to transparent to maintain the credibility priests required if they were to be able to use their stature as a tool to manipulate the population in the service of the elites of the time, who required an obedient and well trained military force.

Imperialism required religion because imperialism required a moral facade which would then convince the mind and result in the creation of the perfect soldier. Imperialist elites cannot conquer empires by themselves. They will need help, and lots of it. Thus the elites formed alliances with priests throughout human history, for the purposes of taking advantage of that prestige which had attached itself to priests, who shared in a portion of the public esteem for divinity, which they were then able to divert into the service of the imperial empire.

The task of the priest was to assist in the dissemination of the moral arguments which have always found to be a requirement of all imperialist systems of propaganda. Roman imperialism claimed to be a moral force in that not only was Rome ending warfare by making war, thus resulting in global peace under the benevolent rule of the Roman elites, Rome was also on a divine mission to bring civilization and culture to the lost, the primitive barbarians of the world who had not yet been lifted out of their miserable backwardness by the enlightened contact with the most advanced Roman civilization. Here we can see that the Romans had introduced the notion of 'salvation of the lost' which would then be later incorporated into that fusion of Roman imperialism and religious imperialism known as Roman Catholicism (the 'Lordship' of Christ and the requirement of obedience to the divine authority being the religious imperialists doctrinal equivalents of the relationships that existed in the imperialist state - for as in heaven so on earth). Previous to this time, the Babylonians had emphasized the importance of 'free trade' in creating economic ties between peoples which would then supposedly create peace by making the destruction of war fare less cost effective, which then meant that in pursuit of this great dream of a peaceful future, the Babylonians would have to build up their military forces until such a time as they had conquered the entire world (these imperialist arguments are always found to contain this element of Orwellian duality, since the appeal to 'peace' is merely a cynical attempt to glorify imperialism, making its ideology compelling through the appropriation of the moral high ground...it was this required appeal to morality that is the reason we find that imperialism always incorporates priests into the number of the powerful elites, for it was the propaganda function of priests to find a way to make black into white, domination into liberty, bondage into freedom, warfare into peace, and so on, and thus was born theology).

When we look back over the grand sweep of history we can see that the imperialists of ancient Israel made one of the most important contributions to the development of systems of imperialist brainwashing by adding into the mix that most novel contribution of the theology of Jewish priests, the doctrine of inherent sin. In its earliest stages Jewish priests held that due to sin a person became inherently sinful. Ancient Jewish religion was nakedly imperialist as revealed by its obsession with real estate and territorial expansion at the expense of the native populations of the targeted real estate. Genocide was the preferred solution to the imperialist dilemma, and the Jewish doctrine of sin was used as the propaganda justification for it was said that by sinning the natives of those lands had themselves become inherently sinful, and once this happened, the only solution was to follow the commandments of the Jewish war god and slaughter the natives. Furthermore, the real estate itself would become impure by contact with inherently sinful inhabitants and once again the only acceptable way to purify such morally polluted real estate was through ruthless imposition of the death penalty. Thus this genocidal ideology of the Jewish Torah served two purposes. It created the perfect soldier, since the perfect soldier is always fighting and killing for a much higher moral cause, in this case wiping evil off the face of the earth, and no doubt it was just a coincidence that through this high moral action the way was then open for Jewish imperial expansion into the depopulated territories (in the same way by fighting sinful terrorists and bringing democracy to Iraq, the American soldier fights for a noble cause which just by coincidence leads to the privatize of Iraq's state owned oil assets...no soldier ever fights for a bad cause, and thus imperialism requires deeply ingrained systems of propaganda in order to create the mass confusion required to hide the obvious truth...for this reason the doctrine of the war god requires the doctrine of sin). The doctrine of sin and the doctrine of the wrathful war god also allowed the priests to murder Israeli citizens, with the list of death penalty offenses including that most odious of crimes, the crime of dissent and disobedience to the orders of elites, which was also handy, in that it allowed the domination of Israeli society by cabals of elites, which included priests, who were also elites, and all this was accomplished in the name of morality, which is why we found priests involved in all these evil deeds of oppression.

Later Christian theologians would then do further work on this seminal contribution to imperialist domination, creating the far more effective doctrine of 'original sin'. The end result of their labors, incorporating earlier concepts of Roman imperialism and its drive to bring 'salvation to the world' and fusing them with the earlier Jewish doctrine of inherent sin, doctored by Christian priests to become the far more effective doctrine of 'original sin', was the creation of one of the most successful systems of imperialist brainwashing that ever appeared on earth. This was a remarkable achievement in the history of imperialist propaganda, and we can see that in the development of Christian theology all the lessons learned by cabals of priests in the previous centuries were employed to form a grand fusion, which then became history's most long lived propaganda brainwashing system. The development of the perfect brainwashing system was vital to the maintenance of social control when a larger society was to be ruled by numerically small cabal of wealthy, privileged elites, who would require the services of the rest of society if they expected to become wealthy (since no one can become wealthy on only their own labor, but rather in this case everyone would be equal). In our time we have seen examples of the truth about imperialist empires, in that even the most powerful tyrant system is nothing more than a construct in the human mind, and once propaganda fails, the empire collapses (the most remarkable example of this principle being the sudden collapse of the old Soviet Empire). The contributions of priests has therefore been the essential ingredient in the creation of the systems of oppression, exploitation and human inequality, which cannot survive without a population suitably brainwashed so as to contribute their labor to the cause of enriching tiny cabals of parasitic elites.

The Roman empire lasted for a number of centuries, while the Soviet empire lasted less than a century, as did the earlier Babylonian empire, and throughout history systems of propaganda have collapsed into ruins taking down all the imperialist empires of the past when they lost their hold on the human mind, but Christian Imperialism survived for thousands of years, for in this system imperialism finally discovered the perfect synthesis of contradictions, the perfect fusion of immorality disguised as morality, which explains why American Imperialism is pouring money into Christian Imperialism (which is what the religious right represents) since it is so hard to let an old friend die, thus that friend must be put onto some form of life support. No one has yet discovered another perfect system of brainwashing to replace the collapsing Christian Imperialist ideology, thus resulting in all the ferment and turmoil, the protest and resistance, which will continue to grow in strength as the old systems collapse unless someone can finally cobble together something that will have that same convincing power as obsolete Christian Imperialism once possessed. Perhaps the New Age movement might be able to puke something up onto the shores of imperialism, which would be gratefully accepted, I am sure, now that Christian imperialism is doomed.

Christian Imperialism has made some people extremely wealthy, this being its function for the thousands of years that this system ruled in triumph. Here I am not simply talking about all the extremely wealthy ministers of the religious right, nor am I referring to the great wealth of the Vatican, but rather to the great wealth of wealthy elites who owe their wealth to the influence and achievements of Christian Imperialist Theology. In the name of salvation from the dire consequences of original sin, an eternity burning in hell, the entire third world was conquered in the name of Jesus, and since all conquest is for the purposes of looting and plundering, some people became very rich while the third world became the bled white corpse we are all familiar with. Poverty is not an accident. Some people continue to become quite rich by 'privatizing' and exploiting the cheap labor of the third world, for the poverty of the third world is a legacy of Christian Imperialism, and that formed of armed robbery known as Imperialist Colonialism.

What really made Christianity so unique in world history was its ability to indoctrinate both conquering soldiers and the native populations, assuming that they remained and were not massacred in genocides (which was okay, since all good soldiers slaughter the evil sinners - it is their job). Yes, if you look around the third world you will see that the victims have a history of being successfully indoctrinated into identifying with the ideology of their oppressors, taking on as their religion the very imperialist doctrines which were first used as the justification of their enslavement and oppression, and their religion is the same religion that left them flat broke right to this very day. Nevertheless, they are still found in churches. This was a remarkable achievement, and explains the lingering fondness felt by imperialists for that dying, collapsing religion of Christian Imperialism.

The brainwashing of both soldier and the victim of oppression must be recognized as one of the most remarkable achievements of Christian Imperialist theology, for not only does it brainwash the soldier to do the deeds that will then enrich the elite imperialists, while at the same time keeping in check the anti-war forces on the home front, it also successfully keeps the victims of imperialism in docile subjection. Hitler never managed to accomplish this feat of creating docile conquered populations, but then Christianity failed to create a docile population of natives at times itself, and like Hitler the result was then genocide of the heathens who were children of the devil (which is the same as calling them 'sub-humans', which is what Hitler called them, since both these doctrines are expression of the needs of imperialist war mongering). Where priests failed, the soldier was certain to succeed.

Christian imperialists like to suggest that there are two types of original sinners in the worl. The first type are those who stop sinning and prove it by accepting Christian imperialism, a process involving thought control, in that one is 'saved' by repeating certain formulaic slogans and then rigidly adhering to dogma (this intolerance for dissent being the defining characteristic of systems of human domination, such as fascism and other forms of totalitarianism, such as Christianity, as evidenced by its totalistic claims and its intolerant ideology). They second type of sinner are those sinners who do not stop, and thus become the victims of genocide and torture, which is convenient, because as we know, this is also how imperialism operates, so it was wonderful for imperialists to discover 'the one true faith.' So we find that many Native Americans who took their stand as part of the resistance movement or even worse, became freedom fighters in the war of liberation against imperialist plunder, were then damned by priests as sinners and damned by the state as terrorists who terrorized the innocent Christian colonialists, and who refused to repent as was proven by their rejection of the holy gospel of the priest or the supposed 'law' of the governing state (just as Iraqi freedom fighters are sinful terrorists who refuse to accept the Holy Western Democracy Gospel). Since all good soldiers fight for the good cause, and kill for the sake of righteousness and justice (an Orwellian concept), it proved to be no problem for priests and ministers and evangelists to encourage the good Christians to massacre the natives, and then to go right ahead and build churches on top of the bone yards, where they can still be found today in dwindling numbers praising Jesus, while their ministers encourage them to support the latest example of naked imperialist domination, the seizure of the oil fields of Iraq..

Religion as tutor

The rise of Christian Imperialism in the form of that theology of 'salvation' everyone is familiar with was a process driven by two needs. The first was the need to co-opt a rising movement within the ancient Roman empire, following the line of reasoning which suggests that if you cannot fight them, then join them. At the same time imperialism has always required religion, and the earliest expression of Christianity first arose in conditions similar to those that exist today, in that the old systems of religion were discredited and collapsing, and thus we find the Roman empire going into decline at the same time that the old ideologies were declining. Thus it was required that new ideology be created to support imperialist domination which is the second driving force for the creation of Christian theology, and that this process was successful is demonstrated by the fact that Christianity eventually became so infused with the doctrines required by the imperialist state that it was selected by Caesar among all the alternatives available at the time to become the official religion of the Roman empire. Thus was 'Christian orthodoxy' to rise in triumph and destroy all opposing forms of thought, since it was this 'orthodoxy' that encapsulated the needs of Caesar, for it was imperialism embodied in the form of a religious doctrine, and thus it was no surprise to find the priests of this ideology returning to their former practices of murdering those who were found to dissent.

During the slave uprising led by Spartacus against imperial Rome, five thousand slaves were crucified. Five thousand times a human being could be crucified, and no one would need to ask the question, 'why were they crucified?' The answer is obvious in all five thousand individual instances. Crucifixion was an act of state terrorism, intended to instill fear of the imperial power and suppress resistance, thus keeping slaves enslaved. Keep in mind that the entire Roman economy was dependant on the wealth generated by slaves. If one wanted to become one hundred times richer than another, one would either need to work one hundred times as much, which is impossible, or one would require the forced labor of one hundred slaves, which was possible, which explains why we found Roman imperialists not working one hundred times harder, but rather terrorizing one hundred slaves instead.

So then we can see that 'theology' is not required to explain five thousand instances of death by crucifixion, but rather 'theology' only becomes necessary should there be five thousand and one instances of death by torture, in which case suddenly in the one single instance, death by torture is redefined to become an act of a divinity. In just one single instance it was required that Roman imperialism change the meaning of crucifixion. The reason for this required torturing of the truth known as 'theology' is that in one particular instance a crucifixion resulted in the creation of a mass movement, which would then challenge the very foundations of the Roman economy by challenging the right of imperialists to terrorize their slaves.

Imperialist empires can only survive so long as their brainwashing ideology retains its convincing power. Therefore it is no surprise that theology tells us that everyone deserves to be crucified, and that a divine god agreed to 'take their place on the cross' and thus 'die for their sins' by 'paying the price for sin'. You cannot maintain Roman Imperialism without crucifixion, and thus it must be the case that in that one single instance crucifixion was not an act of terrorism, thus condemning Roman imperialists, but rather was about 'sin', thus condemning humanity instead. Therefore crucifixion is not a bad idea, and neither is Caesar a detestable terrorist or an evil oppressor, and neither is slavery inherently unjust, nor is inequality an act of oppression, nor is elitists a form of selfish greed, but rather when the practice of crucifixion is justified, humanity is debased, and thus Roman imperialism is justified as well. This is the true function of theology, and while it uses Orwellian double speak to make the claim that it was 'justifying humanity', in truth it only justified the elites, while clearly condemning humanity, and then offering 'salvation' to humanity if only humanity would submit to 'obedience' to the divine authority, and to Caesar, the right hand of the divinity. For as in heaven, so on earth.

A study then of the nonsense known as 'orthodox theology' is valuable for what it reveals about the nature of systems of propaganda. An act of crucifixion has a clear meaning, and does not require theology to explicate this meaning, whereas propaganda is obviously an obfustication intended to hide the truth, by making what is black appear white. Christian theology is like a coat of white wash intended to redefine what is evil and make it appear good, and thus theology is a classic example of propaganda, since this art of deception is the essence of systems of propaganda.

The knowledge of religion is therefore a path leading to the revelation of the truth. The central doctrine of theology consists of a transparent attempt to disguise a contradiction, which once exposed, proves to be the ruin not only of religion itself, but also has the power to set falling a sequence of dominoes, for the revelation of religion is a revelation into the nature of the truth about systems of propaganda, its function, and its actual purpose, as well as its fundamental methodology, for none of this is unique to Christianity, but rather these are the required characteristics of all such systems which have as their goal the enslavement and oppression of the human mind..

If we accept that one crucifixion is not the same as five thousand crucifixions, then we are ready to accept that the blood of a god like being is just precious, having been spilled for the salvation of damned humanity, while the blood of five thousand hanging on such a cross was worthless and not worth considering, since it was the blood of sinners, who deserved to be crucified, because they were human, and thus damned.. Having thus learned to become a hypocritical sycophant who adores the blood of a god, because it was god's blood, we can then also learn to ignore the suffering of human beings and pay no attention to the shedding of human blood, since five thousand crucifixions were just crucifixions, and everyone deserves to be crucified by Caesar in any case, so they simply got what they deserved. Thus having been suitably desensitized through this transformation into a rancid hypocrite who weeps rivers of tears should a god like being be found bleeding, having been 'saved' through this shed blood of a god, we are ready to become imperialists and set out as part of great armies to conquer the third world and kill the Indians and take their land, as good Christians did, since human blood did not concern them, for it was not the blood of a god, which was precious to them, but rather it was just human blood, which was not. Such is the price for the failure to recognize that a crucifixion is just a crucifixion, and that all crucifixions are the same. Such is the price for the dehumanization which is at the core of the fraudulent doctrine of Christianity, in its service to Roman imperialism, for the enslavement of humanity by imperialists was dehumanizing, and thus it required a dehumanizing religion, and so that is what the priests required and since Christian doctrine was hammered out by priests who were in league with Caesar, Christianity became inhumane and took the form of an atack on humanity for the purposes of domination.

The monstrous cruelty of Christians, and their trail of bloody crimes and abominations such brainwashed people have left as their legacy on this planet are very obvious, thus causing me to feel some annoyance that I even have to dwell upon the point at this time. However given the devious nature of that destructive doctrine and the insensitive cruelty of those who have been trained to normalize torture, which is the function of theology after all, and the true purpose of redefining the simple meaning of a crucifixion, given the insidious indoctrination of Christian religion I feel the need to dwell on the subject.

The doctrine of paying for 'original sin' was substituted as the meaning of the death by torture which is a crucifixion, and this should come as no surprise for you see the doctrine of 'original sin' is the doctrine of the military industrial complex, which is the bulwark of imperialist domination. The military only exists to destroy and kill 'sinners', the doctrine of the 'sinner' being a variant form of the doctrine of the 'sub-human', an evil type of person who can only be dealt with by hunting them and killing them. If sinners did not exist, then the military would have no justification for its existence, for the Big Lie of the military is that the military only exists to destroy evil sinners, thus doing good, when the actual truth about the military, as displayed so clearly when we consider the destruction of the third world, the legacy of Christian imperialist colonialism, and the current naked aggression targeting Iraq's oil wells, and all the other imperialistic conquests of real estate and resources and empires, is that the military exists to facilitate imperialism and the theft which then facilitates the accumulation of great wealth.

Since soldiers only fight for the good cause, and all soldiers suitably indoctrinated, make the claim to be fighting for justice by destroying evil, the doctrine of original sin, or some other variant of the doctrine of the 'sub-human' is required by the military, which is why the crucifixion could not be a crucifixion, but instead had to be explained as a divine redemption involving the bleeding of a god being to pay for original sin. This doctrine served both to disguise the truth about crucifixions, and thus avoid exposing the cruelty of Caesar and imperialism in general to contempt, but even more important it also served to propagate the all important doctrine of original sin, thus preserving the foundational ideology of militarism, which then facilitated imperialist conquest and plunder. This explains why the Third world exists today, since the third world and its desperate poverty are creations of Christianity, the military recruiter and propagandists for the military. In the end Christian theology is about protecting the wealth and power of small cabals of elites who are the beneficiaries of imperialism. Certainly the average American soldier will not be getting rich off the oil wells of Iraq.

Given the close relationship that exists between the doctrine of original sin and the need of the military industrial complex for a system of propaganda incorporating the doctrine of original sin, or some closely associated variant of this doctrine of the evil sub-human, it is not surprising then to see that Christianity left as its legacy a world full of plundered, impoverished colonies. Poverty, malnourishment, infant starvation, and gross oppression and the endless crucifixions of the poorest people on earth are the legacies of the obvious perversions of Christian doctrine. The third world is the form of 'salvation' that comes by means of Christianity, which is no salvation at all, which is not surprising, given that Christianity is not 'the one true faith' nor is it a 'divine revelation' but rather it is a classic example of the Big Lie technique employed as a form of propaganda attack on the human race in the service of rich imperialists.

The Pseudo-Reformation

It is said that some centuries ago the Reformation took place, and at that time Christianity was reformed. This is not true, for we can see that Protestants, who were supposedly the 'reformed Christians', continued to live out the internal contradiction of Christianity, by slaughtering the sub-human Native American sinners, and then purifying the land by populating it with good Christians, who built their churches upon the bones of an Indian burial ground that stretched from sea to sea. No reform took place during the reformation, as is proved by the fact that Christians continued to follow the logic of their doctrine of imperialism and extermination, and so we can say that only outer forms changed, while the core doctrine of 'original sin' and 'salvation' remained intact. They washed only the outside of the cup, while the inside of the cup remained as filthy as it ever had been during the ages past. No reformation has ever taken place in the Christian church right to this very day, as it proved by the fact that the rock solid support for the naked imperialist aggression against the oil wells of Iraq is found to be among those calling themselves Christians.

The simple truth is that Christianity does not require 'reform', but rather it requires total demolition. It demands complete destruction. There is no way that Christianity can ever be anything other than a monstrous dragon stalking the earth leaving behind bloodshed, poverty and ruinous injustice, so long as Christianity remains the vessel for storing up that doctrine of demons, the 'original sin' doctrine of the imperialist military industrial complex. A doctrine which justifies torture, becomes the doctrine which justifies the practice of torture. You do not pick grapes off a bramble bush. A doctrine which dehumanizes humanity, leads to the practice of dehumanization. One thing leads to another. What you sow, you shall reap. Christians claim to be preserving the 'one true gospel' but by their fruits you can know them, and just as a seed planted is known by the plant it produces, so the seed which was the Christian doctrine is known by seeing what has grown when it was planted upon the earth.

The disorientation of the Imperialists

Christianity is going through its period of historical collapse. The collapse of Christianity is one of the defining features of the twentieth century, and if plotted on a graph as a percentage of the population attending churches, the trend is relentlessly downward. This collapse has reached the point of implosion, with the Catholic Church in Spain having ruinously collapsed over just the last five years, and the collapse spreading even through Latin America, while the Protestant denominations continue to hold on only so long as their aging congregations cling to life.

This ongoing collapse explains the rise of angry fundamentalism and the fury of the religious right, for fundamentalism is the reactionary response to a system in catastrophic decline. Fundamentalism and the attempts at imposing a form of religious fascism to halt the decline can be compared to the spasms of a corpse. It may be shaking and jerking about, but the corpse is no longer alive. Thus we find religious reaction obsessed with revival, for only a corpse needs to be revivified.

A close connection has always existed between religion and imperialist states, with religion functioning as the Joe Goebbels of that system, and providing the propaganda framework which then brain washed humanity into cooperating with the imperialist aggression by providing the warm bodies needed to fill out the military uniforms. In historical terms a collapse taking place over the course of a single century can be considered a suddenly ruinous and rapid collapse, and thus just as Rome was in decline when the old superstitions collapsed, creating instability and ferment in the empire, so today we find that imperialism is once again threatened by the ferment being created by the ongoing collapse of Christianity, leaving behind a vacuum which demands to be filled.

Consequently, we see that imperialists have become disoriented. For thousands of years imperialists were secure, since they rested upon the rock solid foundation of Christian imperialist doctrine. With this doctrine now discredited, imperialists do not seem to understand where they are nor do they understand that some things are no longer possible. Imperialism has responded to this crisis by forming a political alliance with the religious right and by diverting government funds into the coffers of the religious right in the hopes of helping to spark the sought after revival. In doing so, imperialism has placed all its hopes in the raising of a corpse. This is a sign of just how desperate the military industrial complex has become, for out of the ferment, no promising ideological deception has yet arisen to replace Christianity. No suitably devious New Age religion has emerged to fill the void, and given how sad it is for old friends to depart, the military and the imperialists resort to giving CPR to their dead friend, in the hopes that with a few more slaps of the heart paddle, their lost loved one might suddenly inhale deeply and come back to life for them again.

Thus we can note the complete disarray and the disorientation so characteristic of the Bush administration, as the imperialist military flails about trying to find some substitute ideology now that it is proving to be impossible to fall back on the doctrine of original sin. It is worth noting how closely their constantly changing attempts at justifying imperialism mimic the ideal system of Christian imperialism. The 'war on terrorism' contains within itself the doctrine of the 'sub- human', a terrorist sinner, a child of the devil, for whom the only solution is the spending of trillions on the military. The military is in Iraq, not to steal oil and establish an imperialist colony, but rather to hunt down and kill the sub-humans, a project that could ten or twenty years. The substitute ideology of 'the war for democracy' resembles the salvation ideology of Christianity, and its goal of bringing the salvation of the gospel of civilization to the primitive savages. The hypocritical hue and cry about Weapons of Mass Destruction resembles the witch hunts of Christianity.

Alas, Christian imperialism is doomed, and thus the imperialist must find a substitute for the all important ideology of 'original sin', without being able to fall back on dead Christianity, which in the past provided that all important key stone which was required to hold up the structure of the entire arch. One can see just how important that keystone really was by watching how much trouble the Bush administration gets into as it tries to build an arch without having a key stone to hold the structure in place. The arch collapses on them every time. It is obvious to far to many people that terrorism is just a response to imperialist attack. The emperor is seen to be stark naked again and again, and it would seem that this comes as a surprise to the imperialists who apparently have not yet had the opportunity to become accustomed to the idea that they are now in the twenty first century, and alas, their old lover, the harlot who sat by their side and brought the earth to its knees before them, alas the old harlot is dead and is no more. Apparently they do not yet understand the significance of the ongoing collapse of Christianity, and thus they believe that it is still possible to build an arch, even without a keystone, which is impossible, which, to their great desperation I am sure, they have discovered a little to late.

As for pumping billions into medical care for that corpse, that would be pointless, for Humpty Dumpty has already fallen off of the wall, and now all the King's horses and all the King's men, will never be able to put old Humpty back together again. You see, it turns out that despite the great longevity of old Humpty, he was shown to be at the end of it all not to be dressed in a suit of armor, but rather he was just an egg covered with a very fragile shell, and just one tumble off that high wall was enough to shatter Humpty into thousands of little pieces.

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