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Summary of Massive Criminality of Bush Administration: 100+ Court Suits/Crimes,are more?

The list suffered with the PIMC crash, and I stopped cataloging at 100, and kept a roster for myself beyond that. If the Katrina "non-response" isn't enough for you, if 9-11 isn't enough for you, if Iraq isn't enough for you (Downing Street Memo), if FEMA police state cutting the police lines isn't enough for you, if refusing to let people evacuate New Orleans isn't enough for you, if refusing them food isn't enough for you, when will you notice it is fascism, when they shut the boxcar door in your face? Bush and his narco-state terrorist and fascist enabling cronies require removing immediately. NOW bits of states under unconstitutional martial law, under international Northcom, and destroying posse commutatus: ~65,000 troops in the area, and now Mexican troops being shipped in! Mexico will have helicopters in the "Katrina" area! What you think of that? Bush networks whole purpose is globalized organized crime, and destruction of all democracies, nothing else.
Summary of Massive Criminality of Bush Administration: The 33 Court Suits/Crimes,are more?
author: getBush
It's basically Bush and about 10 cronies against the entire United States--and the world.

The slow cool workings of the law are already in play against them. Fitzgerald has already indicted Hollinger people and that is the run up to getting the whole Plame-outing group holed up illegally in the White House [see:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/08/323396.shtml ]. Computer programmers, in court testimony, admit that Bush and Company have been e-vote frauding since 2000. That is why they want to topple the whole framework of law and create an American corporate media and corporate miltiary dictatorship. This little talisman can clear the lies--if you read this list each morning. Share widely. It will guard your mind and the mind of others. ;-)

Out of curiosity, am I leaving any out? [God, I know I am though take this as a refresher course of the direction and purpose of their criminality.]