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katrina aftermath | political theory

Why no Katrina survivors in Portland?

We are all set up to open our city and offer some nice temporary housing.. The beds have literally been made.

I dont buy the idea that "folks want to stay on the gulf coast"
No- I think there is a more sinister reason.

FEMA bigwigs and shrubs cronies don't want survivors winding up in a "liberal" city, where they would have very good access to tell thier story of abandonment and abuse by the feds. Hell, here in Portland someone might go rent a tripod and use em to make a documentary, which people might just see.

No, better to warehouse them in a huge concrete metropolis like Houston. The general population will likely ignore them. "Conservative" editors will get rid of any intelligent news from these folks and put together infomercials of army helicopters pulling white people off roofs for the 06 elections..

just my two cents
500 coming 08.Sep.2005 22:29

cant rememeber the source

this weekend/early next week

right 08.Sep.2005 23:12

what I heard

I believe that "can't remember the source" is correct. According to OPB Radio, the governor is expecting 500 evacuees (what a clumsy word - why not "New Orleans residents"?) to come to Portland. However, that can still change, since the whole Katrina response (much like the preparation) appears to be poorly coordinated, badly led, and wholly without vision. Fingerprints of the Bush Administration? Nah.

FEMA stopped relocation to San Diego !!! 09.Sep.2005 08:41

kim sky

yes, FEMA has stopped relocation of 600 displaced to San Diego.

a San Diego businessman so far has brought 80 people, put them up in the hyatt. he's on the ground, brought two more airplanes full of goods, and planning on bringing folk until the FAA stops them !!!

so, San Diego will have some ...

FEMA is suspect big time.

see: from a reader of WSWS, documenting the conspiracy

First, on Monday morning, August 29, the Army Corps of Engineers was at the scene of the levee break. The federal government knew before Katrina had left the city to pass over Mississippi and Alabama that the levee was breached. Presumably the Pentagon received a report immediately at that time.

Fourteen hours after the federal government had their own eyewitness reports of the levee breach the Commander-in-Chief arrived in San Diego after two earlier stops. He was there to pose for the TV against a backdrop of military support for his Iraq policy, so that he could win his PR war against the weeping mother Cindy Sheehan. Top priority fourteen hours after the levee breach for the federal government on Monday was Operation Quash Cindy. Bush spoke before servicemen who were not in the act of serving New Orleans—they were not loading cargo planes with rubber rafts and relief supplies, they were not mobilizing, they were not being airlifted to be re-deployed to several existing Louisiana military bases.

Second, the mayor made the first announcement of the levee break about midnight that night (Monday) on WWL-TV, and CNN carried the story. No other network (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX) reported it before noon on Tuesday. As late as the morning talk-news shows Tuesday morning, it was not being mentioned by federal officials. The national news was still reporting that New Orleans had "dodged the bullet."

Websites in India, Ireland, and Africa reported the levee breach on their websites almost 12 hours before most major American news media first mentioned the fact. I know, because I looked for the news to confirm CNN's report, that international media carried the notice but national media did not.

another angle 09.Sep.2005 12:28

pdx grl

I was listening to Rev. Jesse Jackson as he was onsite in Louisiana, and in reference to the relocation he said, "we need to keep these people close to home, many of them are being shipped as far away as Utah and Minnesota..."

so I might suggest that part of this is related to human rights for the new orleans residents, choice of location.

Example: I wouldn't want to be shipped from Oregon to Louisiana. I'd much rather go to Washington or N. Cali.

levee breech news may have been suppressed 09.Sep.2005 13:08

le quarter

Because we did it (witnesses say they heard bombings at the 17th street levee). The alleged motivation was to save the French Quarter by causing the flooding to hit another part of town. I don't understand how this would work and I'll admit it doesn't make much sense, but stranger things have happened.

Weird ... 09.Sep.2005 13:51

Jody Paulson

I'm writing from San Francisco these days. There was lots of talk about the city accepting 300 evacuees from N.O. until a couple days ago, when the Examiner said evacuees turned down refuge in San Francisco, preferring somewhere closer to home.

maybe it's the government again? 09.Sep.2005 18:52

le Quarter

Supposing you wanted as small a number of reporters as possible to cover a major government fuck up. You'd want to keep people with stories to tell from spreading to every city, wouldn't you? The example of the San Diego businessman puts a lie to the statement that NOLA survivors wouldn't want to be put up in San Fran. If it's true that many survivors have no problem with relocating to San Diego, it should be equally true of San Fran. After all, what's the difference between being 1/4th a nation away, or 3/4ths?

Fargo! 12.Sep.2005 10:43


There are refugees in frickin' Fargo--Ed Schultz brought two extended families back from Louisiana with him. You can't get much less Gulf-State-y than Fargo. I'd think they'd want to go wherever there was help.