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15 year old tased twice (Once on ground)

While walking to my bus station at around 4:10 this afternoon, I noticed flashing lights ahead. I walked a little closer and found 2 park cars and one cop car. About 6 law officials were there at the scene looking down at the ground. I thought to myself, great another biker killed by a car. But to my surprise, I found a 15 year old crying in handcuffs. Walking closer and closer to the scene I just stood there and looked at what was going on. I looked across this young mans body and saw a zigzagged string coming from his back. Curiously, I looked to the source of where this string was coming from and saw a metal needle tip lodged in his back. The police officer told the young man that he was under 16 and was not allowed to do stuff like that. I didn't really understand what that meant.

I gasped and had an outraged look on my face that a fellow pig noticed. He asked me "do you have any questions." I replied, "Ya I have some questions, why the hell does a 15 year old have a taser in his back?!" The officer told me in a calm almost humorous voice that the young black man didn't follow the other officer's commands. I told him that was outrageous and that that was no reason to tase someone. He said that not following an officers command could range from not putting his fists down to not answering questions. He kept saying he might have been trying to hurt the officer.
We got in a debate between what the definition of following an officer's commands meant for a very long time. He knew that I was winning the argument and often switched around the story. First, he said that he didn't tase him, and then he said he did tase him, and then he said he was there, and then he said he wasn't there. He asked me all of these questions like, "were you there" to which I replied "were you?" To which he replied that he wasn't. He then asked me if I have ever arrested someone that was on drugs and taken them too a rehab or jail. To which I replied, "Yes I have, my family and I had to arrest my sister and she resisted intensely, and I didn't tase her." He told me that didn't count in a child like manor.

A park officer approached this heated argument and told me that the young black man had drugs. I replied, "So just because he had drugs gave you the right to hurt him?" He then told me that the man resisted and they told him 5 times that he would be tased. I found that hard to believe because pigs do tend to roll in shit. The first officer I had a conversation with called over the supposed officer that tased the kid. I asked him why he had tased the boy and he told me that he was flailing his arms when he tried to arrest him. He told me that he tased him then. I quoted the park officer and asked him if he said five times to the kid to stop or else he would be tased. He stuttered looked at the park officer and said "if not more." He then showed me the crack he had on him which was an incredibly small amount. His story was that he grabbed the kid and told him he was under arrest, the kid then broke free and the officer miraculously told him 5 times that he would be tased and then tased him. I said that by the time he yelled 5 times to the kid to stop or he would be tased that the kid would be out of the tasers reach. They decided that was the end of the discussion as the poor young man cried while the metal points were being removed from his body.

What I failed to notice was that there were two taser tips instead of one inside of him. This did not fit in their story. I talked to some school mates that saw the whole event and one of them said the young man hardly resisted at all and that they could have easily handcuffed him at that point. He told me that he never recalled the kid going out of the officers grasp and that if he did it would have been less than an inch. Another witness told me that after they tased him he was flailing on the ground and crying and twitching. When he was twitching after the first tase they thought that was another attempt to "run away", so they tased him WHILE HE WAS ON THE GROUND. He told me that the kid was crying and said he would stop and jerked which he described was not an effort to get away, my guess is he was still twitching from the first tase. It was then when they handcuffed him and where I came in. Reading this story I can only tell you what I and what witnesses saw you be the judge of if their decision to tase this 15 year old boy was correct. I myself am outraged. I'm sorry I didn't get the officers names but I could identify them if pictures were given. One of them had extremely weird hair in which he had a buzz-cut with several bald patches around his head.
Sounds like marty rowley to me 08.Sep.2005 17:59

that's badge # 8969, if memory serves

The sadistic one with the weird hair sounds like the spittin image of Marty Rowley, buzz-cut pepper-sprayer of little girls. Anybody got a pic lyin around of this monster, so this person can look at it and see if it's one and the same? If so, post it. I burned all mine...too gross to keep around. I do have some video tape of him pepper spraying a young woman in a crosswalk, as she quietly looks down at a camera she's holding. He blasted her right across the face, causing her to look stunned and in pain for no fucking reason. He gets off on hurting people, especially young, weak, and innocent ones. Sick. Really sick.

(Was he kinda square in the head, and a little on the bulldog side? If so, probably Rowley.)

Another cop killing 08.Sep.2005 19:03

officer savage

And the police in Sandy shot dead a naked man because they 'thought he was armed'!!!!!!
Can't the police tell the difference between a penis and a gun?
What the hell is up with Oregon cops?
It seems it's a crime if you are black, young or even naked.
And I think they tazered this guy as well.
No wonder so many people hate cops.

is this he? 08.Sep.2005 20:10


This is a picture posted here on Indy awhile back. Is this the guy?

No 08.Sep.2005 20:29


The first cop I talked too was a bike cop I think his name began with a g or a d. He was young looking and of course wore sun glasses. The real asshole that tased the kid had a weird name I think it was tomato something it was a really weird name. He had black hair, blue suit, unlike the biker. Park guy no one cares about and I can hardly remember his name. But that is all the information I have. The second officer was young too.

Check your facts, kid 08.Sep.2005 23:32

An ACTUAL witness to the whole thing

bEn, you seem like a pretty nice guy and I'm sure you mean well, but I hope you never decide to become a jounalist. Your opinion-filled article has so many errors I don't know where to begin! We all hate cops, but lying on a news site is just wrong, man. You didn't even see the young man in question get tased, as you arrived some 4 or 5 minutes later and could only assume the above scenario you've created. Had you been there from the onset (as I was, you may have seen me standing there watching the whole time), you'd have seen two young men running from cops after they'd been caught dealing crack cocaine in the South Park Blocks. The two split up and one, a 16 year old (not 15 - I was there when they ran him and his 2 aliases) got as far as SW 6th and Main before he was stopped by two cops in a car and a security guard on a bike. The two cops politely told him what they'd seen, that he was going to be searched, and that he had nothing to worry about if there was nothing in his pockets. Instead, the young man (who was crying, yes) decided he'd rather keep running and tried to flee. When the officers grabbed him as he started running, the young man panicked and began screaming and thrashing about, falling to the ground and trying to kick at the two cops and their car.

I myself heard the cops tell the teen to just calm down or he would be tased AT LEAST five times, though I personally think it was closer to seven. The blond cop even told him, "Look, man, we don't want to have to tase you - you just need to calm down and stop kicking, alright? You're not even in any trouble if you don't have anything." After more than a minute of this and no sign whatsoever of the young man regaining control (he was on the ground, thrashing violently), the black-haired cop pulled a taser from his belt, showed it to the young man, and told him, "If you don't stop trying to get away, I WILL tase you with this right now." No effect. A couple seconds later the 16 year old was tased ONCE in the STOMACH (not twice and never in the back - I think even you saw the Fire Department remove the one taser from the man's stomach area. There were two red wires coming from it; maybe that's what confused you). The young man continued struggling even after being tased but eventually began sobbing and calmed down. The officers then handcuffed and searched him, found the twenties and the crack (it was a small baggie of it), and arrested him for possesion and distribution of narcotics.

The bike cop with the weird hair (definitely not the guy in the pic above - he was way younger) arrived just before you did (and definitely didn't do the tasing) and immediately began answering your questions when he saw you probably had a few. No matter what probable scenario you offered the cop, he answered your questions with the truth, though you refused to except his answers. Instead, you kept talking in circles until he finally had enough - FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER! I think that cop went WAY beyond what was required of him - my expereince with cops answering my questions at crime scenes usually ends in, "Don't worry about it...you need to leave the area." That guy was really nice to you the whole time, even though I could tell you were irritating the hell out of him.

As for your school-mate witnesses who "saw the whole event", they arrived 5 minutes AFTER YOU DID and you know it - I heard you clueing THEM in when they arrived! I know indymedia.org isn't quite a haven of sincerity, but flat-out exaggerations like yours undermine this great website that people read and believe to be the real truth as reported by their fellow citizens. Lying or exaggerating about events makes you no better than Fox News, and I think you know it. I'm not a big fan of cops, either (I've had some pretty bad experiences with them in the past) but I just can't let you lie about an event and then post it as fact on my favorite news site.

You know, I just remembered hearing the cop with the weird hair tell you he'd give you a copy of the report if you'd like - you probably should have taken him up on it so you'd have all of the cops' full names, as well as the victim's name and info so you could call him, interview him, and write something worth reading about the event without all the spin and opinions.

Chekck your logic actual witness 09.Sep.2005 03:22

a european watching american cop actions with disbeliev

You write your account of events with the following:

After more than a minute of this and no sign whatsoever of the young man regaining control (he was on the ground, thrashing violently), the black-haired cop pulled a taser from his belt, showed it to the young man, and told him, "If you don't stop trying to get away, I WILL tase you with this right now." No effect.

How exactly is lying on the ground, trashing violently "trying to get away"? Trying to avoid being cuffed ok, but getting away?

And are you really telling me that several officers (who have training in martial arts, as part of their police training) need a taser to subdue a single unarmed 16 year old who is already on the ground ?! If that's true there would be a serious problem with the level of training your officers are getting (personally I consider it more likely they were way overzealous in the use of their toys)

did you happen to get any pictures, officer? 09.Sep.2005 04:47

maybe you confiscated them from a real witness

cops monitor this site and regularly post disinformation like the above "eyewitness account."

i mean, how likely is it that such an actual witness just happened to be somebody who reads indymedia and saw this article?

and how likely is it that he'd back up the cops' official story 100% when the cops didn't even have their story straight with each other at the time?

drug war 09.Sep.2005 07:53

analysis by my brain

What is the root cause to this violence?

Your drug war. Poor kid likely to be in prison for being born in america....is a victim to some extent by the society as well as from bad choices which have consequences in great disproportion to any social harm those choices cause. Thus we have a cycle of costly stupidity that the tax payer must pay with their money and dumb kids pay with their lives.

Pigs break the law all the time 09.Sep.2005 09:00

Justin Brunson

What everyone needs to realize is that pigs can't give you an unlawful command. It is not against the law to wave your fist or put your hand in your pocket. It's also not against the law to run when you see a pig. They use fear and intimidation (terrorism) to get what they want. It is against the law for a pig to stop you on the street for no reason and ask your name and check you out. It is also not the pigs' job to be the judge and executioner, so lets all get to know the law and these stupid terrorist pigs who have a badge to kill and detain without consequence might wake up and smell the coffee. Pigs are only enforcers of the law, not the lawmakers. Also, when a pig enters your home, conduct a search of them. Remember, ALL american citizens are equal under the law, that means cops, and all government officials because they are citizens of America. If pigs can search so can American citizens. If the pigs can murder and then say they were in fear of their lives, so can we. What we all need to realize is that they are terrorists here to oppress us.

An actual witness is an actual cop 09.Sep.2005 11:48


Wow, you call me a liar. Who are you trying to kid? We all know you are a cop, but I will explain that later.

First off, I talked to the witnesses after I had left the crime scene so how did you see me unless you stalked me? They told me that they were sure that the kid was tased twice but that really doesnt matter now, now does it? Because you just admitted that the pigs tased him on the ground. The first tase, according to their story was when he was running away. Now that is fine, I mean it's not fine but that is what cops do to catch "criminals". The second tase on which he was on the ground was totally unreasonable. The cops could of easily cuffed him while he was on the ground, and he wasnt trying to escape as you said. Instead, they let go of him and tase him while hes on the ground. The cop that tased him said he tased him while he was running away from him, not on the ground. So either the cop was lying (very possible) or there wasn't 2 tases. My classmates that saw this were sure they tased him twice but as I said that doesnt matter. What does matter is that a cop posing as an activist is trying to say that I'm lying. I am telling the straight truth. Look at my other stories, and yes in fact I am a reporter you asshole, have I lied in them? Don't get me wrong I won't hate a cop unless he does something bad, but in this case there was a large amount of cops trying to coverup themselves or lying and missusing their weapons.

How I know why this is a cop. First of all hmm how did you recall all of these events and the words that I said to the officer, if the only eligable (according to cops) was half a block away. That guy was just staring off and I think walked away before the discussion ended. Second of all, I love how you are so defendant of the cop with weird hair, you say that definitely is not him, which it isn't, but you are very serious about that point. So tell me how did you get in hearing distance of what I was saying if all witnesses or even people were out of hearing range besides the police. And how did you know, I was supposedly "clueing" them in. There was two classmates that asked what was going on and I told them. Those were not the witnesses I talked to them afterwards and they had been there almost the whole time. Oh yes, you should get your facts straight because according to the police and the young man there was only one accomplice that was with him and that was his brother who had ran off. The cops said very loud that he wasnt even 16 yet and unless you are saying the cops lied than you must be lieing. I guessed he was 15 because he looked older than me and he could not be 14. You also know very well about the drug details when the only person the officers showed the crack too was me. So I dont understand how did you know that they were twenties and that it was crack. I mean how did you know so well how much the crack was and what it looked like. Wait that's right because you are the cop that was at the scene. Don't give me this bullshit that this is your favorite website. If this was your favorite website than you would know who I am and the posts I have done before this. You disgust me. Trying to defend your case and tell these people lies. And o ya how is it that the cops only one eligable witness is a big fan of this site. I mean I was looking all around and there was people that saw half of it and there was this one guy who I hadnt had the chance to talk to. How is he a big fan of this site. It looked as if he was drinking starbucks. I dont think anyone that is a "big fan of this site" drinks starbucks. There are incredible similarities between what you say and what the cop said to me like how they told the guy five times to stop or seven. You also call me a pretty nice guy at the beginning. This is a strategy that was used yesteday by a cop when he first talked to me. You also said that you heard that the police officer offered me the police report and yes he did. But wait there was no one around me to hear that except for GUESS WHO THE COPS. Please people I am not a liar and I'm sure all of you know that but this is a cop. If you want any further information comment.

BREAKING NEWS 09.Sep.2005 11:56


I just talked to a classmate and he confirmed that the man was tased twice once while running away, once while on the ground with a hand held taser in the leg. So I can confirm that the "kicking and thrashing" was probably a reaction to the tase he got the first time. So there is another lie the supposed witness told you.

file a report 09.Sep.2005 12:57


It's like this. Of course the cop is posting disinformation. The men in blue have to cover their asses. What you can do is file a report about what they told you especially highlighting the contradictions. You weren't a witness so it won't count for all that much. More importantly, find each and every witness you can and get them to file reports. You won't get any bad cops fired, but you may be able to get a permanent mark on their record. This is important because it keeps the shit from rising to the top and helps the good cops get promoted. I have done this before in an instance where a couple other people and I saw a cop behaving inappropriately & even though the liar denied everything, his record still got tarnished. Of course, you might not like the idea of having your name known to the police. I am not sure what all privacy laws there are to protect you but it wouldn't surprise me if a few cops out there could connect my name and face.

Just be sure you and your friends can truly identify the bad cops. It's possible that the guy who spoke with you showed up late and tried to answer more than he was truly able to, or that he was just reciting the lies he'd been told and hadn't thought about the contradictions. I've got to agree with one thing the cop poster said--and that is that you're lucky a cop spoke with you for so long. That makes me wonder if maybe he's not the bad guy. I'd just try to figure out who shot the taser when the kid was on the ground and get him. It's a near-certainty that he needs to get re-educated at least.

? 09.Sep.2005 20:53


you mean you actualy had a pig stand around talking to you for 15 minuts after they tazed a inocent black kid and you didnt even get his name or badge number? theres a lesson for ya.

"actual witness" is building public consent for pig violence 10.Sep.2005 00:11


{sarcasm} Gee, now why would someone want to run away from the cops? That could never be justified, since they're going so light on nonviolent drug charges now-a-days...

I'm not a big fan of hard drugs or anything, but give me a break. Tazers are being used where that level of violence(potentially lethal force) was not supposed to be applied before. The tazers were/are sold to the public as alternatives to lethal force. Bullshit. Lethal force would not have been justifiable. So what makes anyone think that tazing is okay in this scenario, if tazing is supposed to be only an alternative to lethal force? This is nothing less than a blatant escalation of violence.

These pigz need to be taught a lesson by the People.

Good Call, bEn 10.Sep.2005 17:11


You're spot on, bEn. That guy is a cop. First, Let me say that you're a terrific journalist. I, for one, would way rather read an honest report like this one -- what you saw, what you thought -- than the sycophantic, meandering lies of the corporate media whose idea of "investigative journalism" is to ask the public information officer what happened and then repeat this biased, PR spin word for word as if it were fact.

The thing that gives "an ACTUAL witness" away, aside from his arrogant, aggressive, defensive demeanor, is the fact that he claims to be "an ACTUAL witness" to the whole thing. And then he goes on to describe something that allegedly started in the S park blocks, proceeded into a speedy foot chase, and wound up on 6th and main. Tell me some passerby would have huffed along the whole way. Right. Or that the cops would not have told him to get along. Right. No, as bEn says, he is a cop. Only a cop or their victim would have been privy to these details.

For my part, I believe bEn. This sounds to me like more of the same harassment of street kids in the service of gentrification that's been reported on this site for some time. The PBA hired their own private army (downtown "clean and safe" and the "park patrol"), whose job is to rid the streets of the "less desirable elements" that might discourage the timid but voracious shoppers and consumers that downtown businesses have been feverishly courting. These privateers are backed up by the force and authority of the Portland Police Bureau, who as we all know, might be paid by the public but really work for the Portland Business Alliance. Their racket is to slam any kid in a hoodie with a pocket full of exclusion orders and "attempted" PCS II charges, thereby effectively chasing them out of the area without due process. I have actually witnessed the circling vultures handing out tickets and exclusion orders, allegedly for PSC II (Possession of a Controlled Substance) to kids who were just sitting there eating their lunches. In at least one case, the "attempted" PSC II charge was justified on the grounds that the kid was eating potato chips out of a plastic baggie. Said the officers, the plastic baggie was "paraphernalia." Therefore, the kid must have been attempting to possess drugs with that baggie, just as soon as the chips were consumed.

Hard to believe, I know. But not only did I see this with my own eyes, I got it on video tape. (Smile, officer Lourenco.)

The fact that these kids already have so much to deal with -- abuse, poverty, homelessness -- makes it so much more reprehensible that the cops and the clean and safe folks feel comfortable abusing them further, all in the name of making the city cleaner and more comfortable for middle class shoppers. Disgusting. And the suggestion that one could possibly justify the tazing of an unarmed teenager is more disgusting still.

----RE: catwomen 11.Sep.2005 17:37


CAn we see the video tape ? . That would be cool .

Jounalism At Its Finest 18.Sep.2005 08:51

Sixpack sixpack6t9@yahoo.com

Hi, I'm Sixpack, and I read the witness account and I visualized police violence that I have seen before. Tazers were sold to us as "non-lethal alternatives" to straight up murder. But now, from what I have seen, tazers have been transformed into legalized torture devices, used when police want to inflict pain, without murder.

I remember reading something about the concentration camps where they mass-murdered jews that said that "sometimes the infliction of severe pain has produced more satisfactory results than did simple death". I see little difference in the way some cops use tazers. There is little doubt in my mind that the intention was to punish the boy for daring to question absolute authority. And as an afterthought, I don't give a damn if they connect my AKA with my face, I've been known for speaking my mind against police brutality and other abuses for nearly 25 years. They didn't like me then and I'm sure they don't like me now---Keep on putting the spotlight on those jerks, and filing complaints has worked well to stop the promotions of bad cops, I know, we did it in 2003. Ask officer Doug Justus, who was recently "passed over" for a promotion.