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Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

This is it: the most important vote to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will take place in September - and we need your signature today.
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For years, we have been fighting to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, America's greatest wildlife sanctuary, from destructive oil drilling - and we are now gearing up for the final vote, slated for right after Labor Day.

In September Congress will vote on the Budget Reconciliation Bill, which will likely include a provision to allow drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge. But there is still time to demand that Congress remove this drilling provision.

This vote will be extremely close - the House passed their version of the budget bill last spring by only three votes, and the Senate by only five. Big Oil, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Interior Secretary Gale Norton are pulling out all stops to again prevail.

This is a fight we can and must win.

Please sign our petition to send a letter to both of your Senators and your Representative today, and demand that they vote to REJECT the Budget Reconciliation Bill if it allows drilling in the Arctic Refuge. We want to send 50,000 letters to Congress, and your voice is critical.

This vote is about more than just the Arctic Refuge. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay exposed the true agenda of Big Oil and their congressional allies when he said, "It's about the precedent." If Big Oil can drill in the Arctic, they'll set their sights on our coastlines and remaining wilderness areas next.

Time is running out, and this is an uphill battle, but I know with your help we can succeed.

Please sign our petition to Congress today. I am always amazed and heartened by the energy and enthusiasm of Care2 members, and I can't thank you enough for your hard work on this campaign. Together, I know we can win this historic showdown.

Thank you,

Rebecca Young,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

homepage: homepage: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/297924977?z00m=35064&z00m=35064<l=1126222293