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Bigamous Bush

Katrina's true self. New forensic research by the foundation for sinister satire, dark humor, ugly politics, vapid religion, wars-r-us strategy, exothermal economics, and mind-bending psychology. Fully supported by the makers of the homogenized milky way.
The president, on purpose, let his pants down and allowed Katrina to give him a blow job in full public view. What is more wicked is that he totally disregared the fact that Katrina was pregnant. This blatantly wanton action, though justified by his suppressed upbringing, broke her water. What machismo! When asked by the Fox reporter why did he do it, the born-again jesus-freak and national guard hero parroted the story of Noah to show off his Yale schooling. He promised he would match Noah and raise one by saving two pairs of every creature found in the city.

God-fearing "I fcuk no one but my wife" Robertsonites are demanding the return of Kenneth Starr to, once again, act as a special procecutor to invetigate bigamous Bush. (Isn't it strange, the Bush has a Dick who was told to go fcuk himself?)

However, the congress, controlled by the refcuklicans, want to reopen Clinton impeachment proceedings to deflect the criticism away from the president. John Kerry, in an attempt to protect the good name of the "Skull and Bones" and a sitting wartime president, is urging the Democrats to join in. Most congressmen believe a rerun of Lewinsky tapes will provide the much needed entertainment and a welcome diversion for the now tired and water-logged people.

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