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Evacuees coming to PDX on Saturday

Ken Murphy from Oregon Emergency Management just stated that somewhere around 500 evacuees will be heading to Washington High School here in PDX on Saturday, Sept. 11.
So it turns out that FEMA will be sending many evacuees here. I think that it's important for us as a community to see that these people get what they need. I don't trust FEMA and I don't trust the Red Cross. I've heard too many negative stories already about how they're dispersing food, comforts and care to the evacuees.
welcome signs 09.Sep.2005 00:49

hooray !

does anhyone know when they will get here? it would be cool to meet them witha band and a party or something.

Give them some space 09.Sep.2005 12:21

Buckman Res

I have the feeling that these people won't want to be viewed as curiosities when they arrive and would rather be given some quiet, private time to tend to personal needs.

There will be plenty of time after they get rested and acclimated to give those interested a party.

Let's not confuse welcoming them with the need to show the world how
good-hearted we Portlanders are.

Can we help Katrina survivors retrieve their pets? 09.Sep.2005 13:07


Today I spoke to a representative of WWW.HSUS.ORG about the possibility of locating the pets of the Katrina survivors arriving in Portland, Oregon, this weekend. They expect to have pictures of the rescued pets on WWW.PETFINDERS.COM soon. We will need to find transportation for these animals to Portland, find housing for the pets near the survivors and locate food donations for these animals. I believe it will brighten the life of many children and adults who have endured so much pain and sadness from this terrible hurricane and its aftermath. And, HSUS.org said they would then have room to place other lost or abandoned animals from the Katrina damaged areas. I would be willing to work as a liaison between the survivors and petfinders.com if needed. I will leave my name with them.