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is Katrina the Amerikan Fascist version of Chernobyl?

is Katrina the Amerikan Fascist version of Chernobyl?

In the 1980 the accident at Chernobyl led to the real collapse of the Soviet Union. The humiliation of the failure of Soviet science and technology was a major blow for the Soviets on the international level. The Soviet economy was redirected to containing the problem and the lose of life was also a global disaster. The response time to the situation became a symbol of the corruption and total unpreparedness that the Soviets had for major crises within their own realm. Eventually Chernobyl would lead to the Soviet collapse as some tried to create reform in system that was still fighting a cold war with the west.

Could Katrina and the next hurrican prove to the American people that the Amerikan Fascists are not working for the intersts of the people? Proving Amerikan Fascists are not safe guarding the American people with the National Guard. The Bush science counterdicts the fact that there is global warming. FEMA is only a part of the class warfare against the lower classes and minorities. That the Fascist priority is profit over public good with the huge contract to Halliburton for clean up.
make levees not war 08.Sep.2005 05:32


i am only one, but i am one

Let's hope! 08.Sep.2005 06:43


Let's hope the Katrina is the American Chernobyl because another Nuclear Chernobyl-type event would really suck. I'm reminded of how it was once suggested that nuclear bombs be used to diffuse hurricanes.

Hmm... 08.Sep.2005 07:41

But look what it brought in...

Gangster-style capitalism, still run by the same who gave you to former Soviet Union...Read Putin's bio, Yeltsin's, too. If and when things fall, they won't be too embarrassed to grasp power, and, with slight modification, do things as they've always done.

Hmmm... 08.Sep.2005 09:38

zek sudras

...'gangster-style' capitalism?? is there any other kind??

Katrina certainly lays waste 08.Sep.2005 11:07

Jody Paulson

to the idea that the war in Iraq was ever about protecting the public.

Chernobyl was in 1986 09.Sep.2005 22:53

Let it ride....

I think that the thing is, the fall of the sword, and the realization that we are collectively falling on it ourselves, or more directly the 1% and willing to let us take the fall. Because eventually other countries are going to be further shown that we can't even take care of our own people, you think we have problems with Allies now? Empires falls are accelerated with the loss of their alliances, I think that we have to consider that we are entering the decline, I'm sure our decadence or appetite for stirring up global mayhem will not be discouraged, I we will finally ruffle the wrong feathers, and we will be taken care of. You get too big for your britches and bam, you get knocked down. When there were two bullies on the block and one walked away, the other bully started looking to find some else to bully, cept the neighborhood rose up against the bully and defeated him by their numbers. Lets face it, our empire is running out of time. Here's the difference, we are already being run by gangsters, how ugly will it get? I don't think we want to know.