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Sent to senator Ron Wyden

My feeble attempt to have our corrupt government representative answer the atrocity in New Orleans, maybe if enough of us question them , like the drops of rain here in Oregon we can make a change . If you feel so encouraged please demand action/answers from them, follows my letter to Wyden
Mike Brown is a grossly incompetent recipient of naked political patronage, he is a Bush loyalist, all that matters to the President. To highlight the FEMA director's total inability to function, a number of incidents arising from the New Orleans disaster need to be highlighted. taken directly from the New York Times September 5, 2005:

The hospital ship, USS Bataan "equipped with six operating rooms, hundreds of hospital beds and the ability to produce 100,000 gallons of fresh water a day" was sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, unoccupied by a single person, by specific order of FEMA director Brown.

(why ?)

Wal-Mart sent "three trailer trucks of water" to the stricken area but these were deliberately turned away by FEMA officials.

(why ?)

FEMA workers prevented the U.S. Coast Guard, the only federal agency that effectively saved lives, from delivering 1,000 gallons of badly-needed diesel fuel to hospitals needing it to fuel their emergency generators,

(why ?)

FEMA workers deliberately cut the emergency communications network in New Orleans, causing local police officials to reinstall it and post armed guards to prevent angry FEMA employees from further attempts to disconnect it.

(why ?)

FEMA workers deliberately blocked badly-needed aid from other states, including offers from Chicago's mayor Daley, and the Governor of New Mexico, Richardson.

(why ?)

I want to know why. Why did FEMA do this ? 2nd at the least Mr Brown should be fired NOW ! Next time it may be Oregon that needs help from this idiot or one like him. If someone like Mr Brown is allowed to stay in his position it only sends a signal that, this level of incompetence is acceptable. Find your spine and stand up to this atrocity
J Hellstern
Any Random Survivor of the Storm... 08.Sep.2005 07:20

alsis39 alsis35@yahoo.com

...would probably be a more in-touch and compassionate human than Wyden. Let's do a "trading places" and see what happens.

Honestly, if this had happened on a Democratic President's watch, the Republicans would have had the FEMA head sent packing days ago. Democrats are so disorganized and cowardly that they can't --as a party-- even issue a group statement demanding that "Brownie" step down and threaten to curtail House and Senate business until he's gone ? It shouldn't matter that they CAN'T make him leave. It should matter that they rise as one to AGREE that he should leave. Remind me again, why does anyone expect anything of Wyden and his ilk ? They're either incompetent or uncaring-- or both. They don't want to take down men like "Brownie" because deep down, they agree with him about the expendability of the lower orders. There are still plenty of Dixiecrat wannabees in the Party;That's where its roots are. They have no relatives, friends, or colleagues in the social class that was subjected to this horror. Let's not kid ourselves.

Oregon could be next 08.Sep.2005 11:31

George Bender

According to yesterday's Oregonian, in the past 10,000 years the Northwest coast has been hit by about 20 "magnitude 9 earthquakes and huge tsunamis ... the latest about 300 years ago."