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KatrinaGATE: The New Orleans Files

Conventional and speculative tidbits on New Orleans
KatrinaGATE: The New Orleans Files

There are indeed strong indications that New Orleans
was america's second 9/11, while eco activists are whining
on possible distractions from their holy case on fights vs. global warming.

Means, Katrina was a ethnical weather modification
weapon and again it works as a psyOp anyway.

Furthermore there is additional evidence on calculated
negligence and delayed "aid" on purpose including
exploitation of fascism, martial law and racist abuse.

The WH didn't confirm yet the "hurricane PAM" exercise
from last year and there was also "hurricane PAM II",
planned for summer 2005. However, when did it take
place? No.2 is so far undocumented.


More here below:

What appears to be the most interesting and quicker to
answer, besides all other weather
manipulation/modification questions:

Who are the sub contractors of US Army of Engineers in
New Orleans?

Who was working on the levee, since budget cut in
March 2005? (see notes, links below)

Who is connected with the "Weather
Modification Research & Technology Act Of 2005"?

Is there ANY link of hurricane profiteer Kellog, Brown
+ Root to ANY 'pentagon weather department', private
weather military contractor or this "Weather
Modification Research & Technology Act Of 2005"?

Also, 2 years ago, Pentagon PsyOP veteran Andrew
"Yoda" Marshall was involved in a statement of alleged
leaked global warming insights to the media.
(Head of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA
or OSD) One of Yoda's leading advocates have been
future-PNAC members Morton Abramowitz and Fred Ikle.

Info on Marshall's company in New York City:
from 911skeptics.blogspot.com :

The former head of PAPD (Port Authority Police NY/NJ),
Joseph Morrris (who was in charge on 9/11), is
executive director for ManTech, partner of a security
project of Andrew W. "Yoda" Marshall.
ManTech has a former member of the NSA on board plus
missile specialist Barry G. Campbell.

Richard J. Kerr, one of the Directors of ManTech was
at the CIA for 32 years, including serving as Deputy
Director for Central Intelligence.
Kerr formerly served as a member of the Scientific
Advisory Board of the NSA.

Barry G. Campbell , Director of ManTech since 2002 was
Chief Executive Officer of Allied Aerospace
Industries, Inc., a Virginia-based aerospace and
defense engineering firm.

Campbell began his career at Vitro Corporation, a
subsidiary of Tracor, Inc., in 1970, working as a
systems engineer on ballistic missile programs for the


Is marshall in any way connected with weather
manipulation/-modification programs?

Older Pentagon File on "ClimateChange" from 2003
 link to news.globalfreepress.com

between Feb. 19-25 2004, there was an exercise by
NORAD and NORTCOM, called "Unified Defense '04". "A
major hurricane, a nuclear accident, and a nuclear
detonation (all simulated, all occurring in Texas)",
was part of this scenario. "

Keep in mind, that 2 days BEFORE Katrina, a wargame
involved a military New Orleans unit, then another
week earlier another terror drill finished with a
nuclear scenario.

New Orleans weather 'research' analysis -latest
personal take
Sun, 4 Sep 2005
By Nico Haupt

Apparently over the last 48 hours even among hardline
leftgatekeepers, already a "weather MIHOP/LIHOP" debate started.
They even use these acronyms.

On the progressive right wing it was No surprise at
all, that it started
quicker. It's also already sensationalised at INFOWARS
also not really surprising at all.

Means, what some research lists foreshadowed with a
kind of dispute among
some list members and admins, arrived already on
liberal discussion boards
like democraticunderground.com and is diverting their

I believe, that we currently distinguished between 3
different takes, as
posted below, besides a general feedback on political
and fascist
exploitation of "insurgents, looters and rapers" and
shoot-to-kill policy):

a) general criticism on "mechanical thinking" . Some
eco researchers critize a
too strong linear thinking of weather analysis can
backfire against these
I believe, it's not a strong point. It reminds me of
this old point of
"concerns of discrediting a movement".

b) proper distribution on reliable sources on that
weather manipulation vs. weather modification
However we're lacking investigative sources and
original documents from
insiders. What most researchers present are quotes
(William Cohen 1997
etc..), plans, patents, company names orthe Weather
Modification Research &
Technology Act Of 2005, but even that doesn't point on
clear evidence (for
New Orleans), but helps to navigate step by step.

Where in the last 1-2 years do we have evidence of
experimentation (incl. cloud seeding), what are
the names of private military institutes etc...?
I'm only aware of 6-8 year old names. DYN-O-MAT and
malaysian company BioCure Sdn. Bhd.,
which worked on artificial cyclones in 1997/98, both
reported that time in
mainstream media (I believe WIRED and on the latter,

c) clear mainstream or credible sources on "calculated

at least what c) depends, there is a massive pattern
for evidence

1) FEMA and Homeland Security exercised the new
orleans disaster with almost
exact same similar details last
 link to news.yahoo.com
 link to hurricane.lsu.edu
 link to www.fema.gov

2) Budget for Disaster Funds was radically cut earlier
this year and
criticized by local authorities
 link to www.findarticles.com
and reconfirmed in today's NY
 link to www.nytimes.com

3) Prior Knowledge Pattern even discussed in time
AFTER "hurricane pam"
 link to www.alertnet.org

4) Intentional delay of "help", as confirmed by local
witnesses and victims
Halted evacuations, Red Cross told not to enter New
Orleans etc...
(Speculations on jamming communications)
Delay of help contradicts with NO exercise last year.

Also, since August 23, it was known at the U.S.
National Hurricane Center
(NHC), that a "Tropical Depression Twelve" had formed
over the southeastern
Bahamas and could arrive US.
In a bizarre coincidence between August 23-25, a
WARGAME from the MCCDC and
MCSC included Marine Forces Reserves
 link to www.usmc.mil

Furthermore New Orleans National Guard teams are in

5) "Coincidental" Profiteering: Halliburton contracts,
Parsons Stocks,
Oil Price manipulations etc...

6) Politically exploitation, though also backfiring on
Bush Admin, but still
not hurting his base
 link to www.nytimes.com
September 3, 2005
"...Who on earth could have known that New Orleans's
sinking levees were at
risk from a strong hurricane? Anybody who bothered to
read the endless
warnings over the years about the Big Easy's uneasy

Biotech/vaccination/scare exploitations.
First reports about possible potential for West Nile
virus are circulating
Also toxic chemicals from the city's many factories
have mixed into the

8) Intentional destructions of levees (speculation)

We couldn't establish yet names of private contractors
of Army of Engineers
yet, which could stabilize this speculation.
Prominent levee systems exist along the Mississippi
River and Sacramento
Rivers. Both areas received huge contracts in the
past, which got cut this

9) Exploitation of Martial Law instead of "State of
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin declared "martial law"
though there is no
declaration of martial law in New Orleans, because no
such term exists in
Louisiana state law. Instead FEMA was given powers
similar to that of
martial law.

Exposing the race card
Pretty obvious.

If 1- 10) can be proven point by point, then i have a
hard time to believe,
this was all calculated based on "weather LIHOP". It
must have been more.
Means it eerily points on weather modification weapons
or intentionally
weather manipulation weapons targeting somehow US.
However that would rule
out a weather attack by China or Russia, ignoring here
a potential aliance
from NWO-population controlists.

Don't think White House in this case. Their role as
political puppets are
even more obvious in these days, the political
diversion debates with DEMS vs. REPS
already part of the calculated game.

Bush has zero clue how to handle all this and i have
zero doubt he knows
anything about possible military abuse.

Hurricane PAM II Exercise was planned for summer 2005!

"A second Hurricane Pam Exercise is planned for
this summer," said van Heerden. "Agencies will be able
to expand on aspects of response and recovery that
were not explored before."

Hurricane PAM I animation
 link to hurricane.lsu.edu

South Eastern Louisiana with Wind Vectors
 link to hurricane.lsu.edu

Participants "Hurricane Pam" :

"...FEMA Region VI Director, Ron Castleman, and
Louisiana's Emergency Preparedness Department Deputy
Director, Col. Michael Brown were quoted as seeing
good progress in preparedness..."

Levee deliberately distroyed, "help" delayed on

 link to www.nytimes.com
September 3, 2005
"...Inside the Superdome, a rumor circulated that Mr.
Nagin and other city officials deliberately dynamited
levees after the hurricane so floodwater would be
diverted from the French Quarter into the impoverished
Ninth Ward.
"They saved the tourist area but ruined the Ninth
Ward," said Ashan Jacobs, 25, a bartender..."

 link to www.theledger.com
New York Times
Saturday, September 3, 2005

"...The Army Corps of Engineers kept at the repair
work on the broken levees that had allowed Lake
Pontchartrain to thunder into the bowl-like city after
it seemed that damage from the hurricane had ceased.
And after three days of delays, the Corps and a
swelling army of private contractors slowly began to
set the stage for the draining of hundreds of billions
of gallons of floodwaters from the city.

The plan was to close the holes that the storm tides
had opened and break open new holes in places where
the levees were holding water in the city rather than
letting it out.

A train of dump trucks and a yellow bulldozer began
laying a narrow temporary road of black rubble and
gravel from dry ground to the north end of the
300-foot breach in a wall of the 17th Street Canal,
through which most of the floodwaters passed. At the
same time, heavy-lift helicopters lowered hundreds of
huge sandbags into the south end of the gap.

The height of the water in the streets and the
adjoining lake had leveled off, so water was no longer
rising. The authorities were hopeful that the breach
could slowly, if temporarily, be blocked. At the same
time, Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, commander of the Corps,
said he was concerned about storms forming in the

 link to www.nytimes.com

"...Navy officials, for example, said their
prehurricane planning began last Saturday when a
half-dozen ship commanders in Norfolk, Va., and
Baltimore were warned their vessels could have to
deploy to the gulf to assist. Even a Navy vessel that
is on call for possible deployment to sea takes 24 to
48 hours to get under way, but these had to be loaded
with supplies for storm victims, a process that took
several days. The first of these ships did not leave
until Wednesday..."

Profiteer Halliburton received contract in 2004
 link to www.chron.com
Sept. 1, 2005

Halliburton hired for storm cleanup
The Navy has hired Houston-based Halliburton Co. to
restore electric power, repair roofs and remove debris
at three naval facilities in Mississippi damaged by
Hurricane Katrina..

...KBR was assigned the work under a "construction
capabilities" contract awarded in 2004 after a
competitive bidding process. The company is not
involved in the Army Corps of Engineers' effort to
repair New Orleans' levees...

 link to www.halliburton.com
"...KBR can rapidly investigate and assess major
natural and manmade disasters. Our experience spans
earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, drought,
humanitarian aid and explosions at oil and gas

 link to www.halliburton.com
LOGCAP provides immediate, responsive and
easyaccess to specific logistics services worldwide
to support warfighters, military deployments, and
operations addressing natural and manmade disasters...

...KBR has an outstanding record of achievement with
the LOGCAP program. We served as the original
LOGCAP provider from 1992 to 1997...

LOGCAP II points on minimum length of war on terror:

 link to www.halliburton.com
Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) III

Year Awarded: 2001
Project Complete: 2011

"...LOGCAP is intended to provide an umbrella contract
supporting the advanced acquisition planning process
for use during wartime or military emergencies...."

...KBR manages projects across numerous countries,
including the Republic of Georgia, Uzbekistan,
Afghanistan, Djibouti, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and

2001 FEMA report predicted 9/11 and New Orleans

 link to www.sfgate.com
September 2, 2005

"...In 2001, a FEMA report ranked hurricane damage to
New Orleans as one of the three most likely
catastrophes facing the country (the other two were a
terrorist attack on New York City and an earthquake in
San Francisco)..."

Bernard Eastlund Crew behind "Katrina"?

 link to www.wired.com
Activate Cloud Shield! Zap a Twister!

Bernard Eastlund, a former research manager at the US
Atomic Energy Commission:

"....The Air Force report acknowledges the controversy
inherent in futzing with Mother Nature, but concludes
that we have no choice but to press on. "Weather
modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting
of the atom," the study says. "The lessons of history
indicate a real weather-modification capability will
eventually exist despite the risk. The drive exists.
The motivation exists..."



ESEC's newest papers. They can be viewed on-line or

Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund holds a B. S. in physics from
MIT and a Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University.
He received a Special Achievement Certificate from the
U. S. Atomic Energy Commission in 1970 for
co-invention of the "Fusion Torch."



* Tornado Modification

Section 6.0 from Eastlund's papers,
"Systems for severe weather modification"

...intense electromagnetic wave beams can be powered
by ground based energy sources, such as natural gas
and by solar power generated in satellites..."


That's why NIMA/NGA is so important, an intelligence
agency with much more power than CIA and FBI together.

The CIA/FBI negligence distraction script is pretty
obvious to distract from NRO and NIMA, now known as

More from Eastlund:


Katrinagate: New Orleans Files -Pt.2 09.Sep.2005 14:43


Katrinagate: New Orleans Files -Pt.2


...with the current result:
FEMA director removed from relief efforts
 link to www.sciencedaily.com
September 9

FEMA Boss in biography flap
September 9, 2005 -- The head of the Federal
Emergency Management Agency, under fire for his
response to Hurricane Katrina, has reportedly fudged
biographical information.

Exercise "Hurricane Pam" reconfirmed in mainstream media
 link to news.yahoo.com
September 9, 2005
WASHINGTON - As Katrina roared into the Gulf of
Mexico, emergency planners pored over maps and
charts of a hurricane simulation that projected 61,290
dead and 384,257 injured or sick in a catastrophic
flood that would leave swaths of southeast Louisiana
uninhabitable for more than a year...

FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit
 link to news.yahoo.com
Sep-06-05 08:55
WASHINGTON - The government's disaster chief waited
until hours after Hurricane Katrina had already struck
the Gulf Coast before asking his boss to dispatch

Feds Ko debit cards

September 9, 2005 -- FEMA curbed its handout of $2,000
debit cards to Katrina refugees yesterday after just
one day of running the program.
FEMA spokesman David Passey said it was decided it
would be better to go back to the old way of giving
out emergency funds....

FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts

FEMA won't accept Amtrak's help in evacuations
 link to news.ft.com..

FEMA turns away experienced firefighters
 link to www.dailykos.com

FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply trucks
 link to www.nytimes.com..

FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel
 link to www.nytimes.com..

FEMA won't let Red Cross deliver food

FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleans
 link to www.zwire.com...

FEMA blocks 500-boat citizen flotilla from delivering
 link to www.dailykos.com

FEMA fails to utilize Navy ship with 600-bed hospital
on board

FEMA to Chicago: Send just one truck

FEMA turns away generators
 link to www.wwltv.com

FEMA: "First Responders Urged Not To Respond"
 link to www.fema.gov

Errports latest FEMA Flub
By GEOFF EARLE Post Correspondent

September 8, 2005 -- WASHINGTON
"...Dozens of well-meaning health officials in South Carolina
scrambled to receive evacuees from New Orleans Tuesday
only to see their efforts wasted because of a FEMA

About 50 people, including doctors, nurses, and other
medical personnel in Charleston, S.C., were ready to
receive a plane-load of hard-hit evacuees, before
learning the plane landed in Charleston, W.Va., by

 link to www.latimes.com
September 7, 2005
New Orleans Gets a Makeshift Jail
Suspects are being put in holding cells set up in the
bus station. Their cases will be processed through a
court system that is far from normal...

 link to www.democraticunderground.com
"...I was told to leave or be arrested
Posted by Bison William on Sat Sep-03-05 11:23 AM
I live in Fort Smith Arkansas and 360 people from NO
have been shipped to an old army base outside our

The problem is the base barracks they have put the
people in is listed as a toxic waste dump. The
barracks are so inundated with lead paint that the
people that have to get around them wear masks so they
don't have to breathe the fumes coming off them.


17th street levee was bombed by the Army Corps of
 link to www.boingboing.net

Raw transcript of comments by NOLA evacuee Clara
Barthelemy: "The 17th street levee was bombed by the
Army Corps of Engineers to save the more valuable real
estate in the city to keep the French Quarter
protected, the ninth ward was sacrificed..

compiled by DulceDecorum:
 link to www.themercury.co.za

Laboratory and field testing have been conducted, and
pilot testing of the Portadam, HESCO Bastion
Concertainer, and RDFW products is scheduled for
completion during FY05.
 link to www.erdc.usace.army.mil

With the help of patent attorneys, Bailey Walsh & Co
and Leeds based solicitors Walker Morris, Hesco
Bastion, the manufacturer of an inventive and highly
adaptable protective blast wall first used in the Gulf
war and now used by the United Nations Protection
Force, NATO and the US military, has successfully
fought off Maccaferri Limited, the UK arm of a major
Italian conglomerate, Officine Maccaferri S.p.A, for
patent infringement of their unique product. ......


By Moondancermom
"...It is very strange that they have named this next
storm Ophelia since that is the same name "Operation
Ophelia" by our Federal Govt. which calls for the
dividing of the US into separate Military Districts
under the command of the newly established North
American Defense Division of NORTHCOM..."

 link to www.hillnews.com
Former FEMA chief Allbaugh in the middle

"...After departing as the director of the Federal
Emergency Management Agency in 2003, (Joe) Allbaugh and his
wife, Diane, founded the Allbaugh Group. Kellogg Brown
& Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Halliburton, hired the
firm earlier this year, as did the Shaw Environmental
Group, according to Senate lobbying disclosure

Both companies are working in the Gulf Coast region.

Allbaugh's wife represents Trade-Winds Environmental
Restoration Inc., of Long Island, N.Y., and MLU
Services, a company based in Athens, Ga., that
specializes in removing debris after disasters..."

Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA's Legislative
Liaison Office during drastic FEMA budget cuts
September 7, 2005

What is more interesting is that Meryl Chertoff worked
in FEMA's Office of Legislative Affairs from 2002 to
2003 during FEMA's absorption into DHS and the
reduction of its budget. Meryl Chertoff also briefed
Congress on FEMA's disaster preparedness at the same
time Louisiana's congressional delegation was pleading
for funds for levee strenghtening and flood control.
Meryl Chertoff is an attorney who is currently a
consultant. The web site for Nancy H. Becker
Associates, a Trenton, NJ public relations and
lobbying firm, has on its home page a Homeland
Security certificate that clearly shows the name
"Meryl Chertoff."

Hurricane Katrina timeline
 link to www.dkosopedia.com

Levees deliberately dynamited to save rich folks' neighborhoods 12.Sep.2005 01:40


Eyewitness reports are that the US government deliberately dynamited the levees to let water flow to the poor neighborhoods so the rich neighborhoods would not be flooded. See
and in particular, the following paragraph:
Many locals have come forward to suggest that the levees were breached on purpose by the authorities. Resident Andrea Garland, now re-located to Texas, wrote in her blog:

"Also heard that part of the reason our house flooded is they dynamited part of the levee after the first section broke - they did this to prevent Uptown (the rich part of town) from being flooded. Apparently they used too much dynamite, thus flooding part of the Bywater. So now I know who is responsible for flooding my house - not Katrina, but our government."

The relevant article in the Garland blog is at:
 link to prisonplanet.com