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Why the cycone fence + barb wire at Washington High School?

Why the cycone fence + barb wire at Washington High School?
They put up cyclone fencing topped with barbed wire around Washington High School on Stark Street today.

An odd sort of welcome for the storm survivors!

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Barbwire 07.Sep.2005 19:59


When I went by there on Sunday night, I saw security guards and fence sections.

We gotta protect our white folk from these traumatized, in shock, 3000 miles from where they wanta be po' bein's. Can't let em wander away and make decisions on their own about their own lives and recovery. Also can't let word bout what really happened out so the Prez can engage in cover up once again.

This isn't funny - It's just sick!

It's beginning to quack like a duck 07.Sep.2005 20:26

P. Green

Frankly, with each day that goes by, this whole mess sounds/feels more like genocide every day. Georgie's little post-vacation September gift for 2005.

The fence and razor wire is what "public housing" gets surrounded with in the Southeastern US.

Let's tell Potter that those people are not criminals, that the FEMA and the Bushnazis are the only criminals here.

Wapato 07.Sep.2005 21:31


Strange that the County rejected using the empty and as yet used Wapato jail facility, which could have housed 500+ survivors in relative comfort, with state of the art medical, dental and food facilities. The reason: the stigma of being housed in a jail (of course they didn't ask the survivors what they thought). Then they make the high school resemble a jail? Morons.


i wouldn't trust 'em 07.Sep.2005 22:11

not to fuck it up

if people were housed at a jail, it's hard to believe the sheriff's department wouldn't be involved somehow, or whoever it is that's responsible for jails ... and those people's habits in the treatment of their guests are very deeply ingrained

jail a bad idea for katrina survivors 07.Sep.2005 22:42

red suspenders

First off, it's far away from all the services these folks will need and want.

Think about all the trips to various government buildings downtown you'd have to make if you lost your identity and everything else... That high school is very accesible by tri-met, or even walking. Also close in to social services- health care and especially mental health care is going to be a biggie for these folks.

more important- What is the message to these folks if they are put "in jail" What do you tell a 10 year old kid- especially one whose cousins are frequent fliers in thier hometown penal institutions, when he asks why he's in jail.

I bet bernie guisto would love to privatize the place and rent out space to some contractor who would take the new orleans corrections inmate population. Then he'd be groveling at the feet of us taxpayers to build him a new one... The fact that he has the audacity to suggest using the jail to warehouse these survivors is evidence that he is sick in the head.

On the other hand a the temporary fence around the high-school doesn't seem like a bad idea. It looks like one of those rental fences for concerts (when they want to make us pay to get in to the square our $15 bricks are in) or construction sites. That's a long ways from "concertina wire" Just think about the number of scammers that will be trying to get in the place for various ill- intentions. (Gee, If I work on my story I can get a new ID and a chunk of cash for a house)

What Voting Bloc do 07.Sep.2005 23:06

bitter root

I guess the hurricane survivors aren't to be confused with Cuban defectors, so they are to be in social quarantine.

What voting bloc do they augment? 07.Sep.2005 23:10

bitter root

Apparently those citizens displaced by the hurricane's effects aren't to be confused with Cuban defectors, so they are to be socially quarantined.

people get some kind of grip on reality fer godsake 08.Sep.2005 02:46

normal human being

Don't you people watch the TV? The storm survivors might not be arriving for a while, if at all. What if the fence went up to protect all the emergency supplies already set up inside the school from being looted by Mr. Charlie, Bubba, and all the other "concerned" citizens in the neighborhood. There's supposedly over $100,000 worth of army cots, blankets, etc. in there -- stuff FEMA's gonna reimburse the city for. Yeah. Right. Anybody holding their breath for that should exhale immediately. It makes sense for the city to take steps to protect that stuff so we can return it and get our money back if the storm survivors don't show up.

Go ahead, call me a troll if it makes you feel better.

Oregon probably isn't going to get any survivors 08.Sep.2005 05:50


It was on oregonlive.com yesterday. They're not putting it up to keep people in, because there won't be any people....

we spend MILLIONS resettling Russians in Israel .They get brand new homes & 08.Sep.2005 10:39


jobs and cars compliments of the American Taxpayer. Black storm victims? Let 'em starve & rot in stadiums, schools and jails. The ones whose houses are still livable? Have Arnold Schwartzeneger's private army, the California Highway Patrol, forcefully evict them at gunpoint. Something even the National Guard refuses to do on moral grounds. They STILL won't let the Red Cross into New Orleans.

Not just in Portland 08.Sep.2005 22:04


Seems like there are fences surrounding other evac sites - this one in Colorado.


Verne Stovall, foreground, and her daughter-in-law, Jacquelyn Augustine, stand a
Verne Stovall, foreground, and her daughter-in-law, Jacquelyn Augustine, stand a

It's down 23.Sep.2005 10:45


Two weeks later, and no flood of humans, so the fence surrounding the old Washington HS is down.

When you consider your contribution to the Red Cross or paying your taxes, consider this quality of planning and coordination between agencies.