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I am trying to write about how to have a revolution in the USA.

I have long claimed that no one ever wrote about this anywhere - anytime - or not anything that would work or made any sense. (See bottom for the two real examples that prove me wrong).
No One is Safe As lOng As No oNe tHINKs and No One Really Cares if they no Think
No One is Safe As lOng As No oNe tHINKs and No One Really Cares if they no Think
Dear Folks - Please read some of this - and help if you can - or if you still believe in anything -

This article is still rough but it does provide examples of useful thinking and failed experiments too.


by R. Guayaba

I am trying to write about how to have a revolution in the USA.

I have long claimed that no one ever wrote about this anywhere - anytime - or not anything that would work or made any sense. (See bottom for the two real examples that prove me wrong).

I have asked for examples and the few I have received - anarchists (Spain's failure?) or say Gandhi - are such terrible examples (unusual circumstances and actually marked by abject failure!). Crimethink and Derrick Jensen - always talk about the REVOLUTION (AND THEY HAVE PROMISED A FEW TIMES TO SHOW US THE WAY) - but they never tell you anything useful other than cultural things AND DREAMY-EYED GROOVY SCENES... Craig Rosebraugh did a great job trying to get the discussion going - but as with most of his efforts no one really helped much.

- If anyone believes that voting, civil Disobedience (CD) or social revolution (Cultural Change) are viable - THEN DO NOT READ THIS - something is wrong with you. (all of these together for over 40 years could not change even one policy! The wars, the ESA or Bush's election (s)!)

There has been a social revolution in the US - its called Reagan and Bush - They won that battle... (60 to 80 percent of the population is strongly influenced by that direction and the religious right!!!)
Mostly writers and theorists avoid the obvious impossibility of writing on the subject by assuming it will happen when the country collapses. This is the same kind of thinking employed by the religious right and all faith based fundamentalists - (New Age, Rainbow and Apocalyptic... etc)


Waiting around for the collapse is like waiting around outside in the cold while a Grizzly Bear destroys your house and the possibility of getting a fire going to survive the night. Even preparing for the collapse in the case of grizzly bear story does not work - You must devise a plan to drive the bear out now or you will freeze to death.

So... If we could all recognize that voting, CD, social change and waiting for the collapse are nonsensical then we might be able to move on to Middle School subjects.

Extreme Problems with How Activists Think

What I call Middle Class Privileged Orientation is also a gigantic stumbling block in thinking this through. You need to erase the idea of fixing the USA or changing it at all - We Want to Change it - but that is not relevant. First we have to destroy it - or the structures of power, mind control and economics that sustain and maintain it. - The odds are quite slim that we can do that - and the condition of the world and the country by the time that we are successful will make any discussion of what to do unnecessary - We will have to survive and work with whoever we can to defend what is left. Maybe we can vote on issues after we win to see how people feel... But also most people accept that the way we ought to live is simple, locally oriented and ecological - that's enough for me!

Another similar problem with most writers (Zerzan, anarchists, EF!, Jensen... ) is that they mimic the problems of westrn thinking in general (medicine, education... ) - they have a narrow field of view. Thus they tend to hold many key (dynamic) variables constant - Like: time, or the increasing power of technology and the point of no return for population and income growth and the loss of bio-diversity.
Zerzan ignores time - even though he writes about it! And he ignores the transition stage after a revolution - even though he writes about the lack of that too! - Another subject (key) that no one ever wrote on...

In fact by advocating Primitivism, Zerxan encourages people to wait for the collapse - since the longer we wait to do anything the more Primitivism will make sense - indeed that is all that will be left...

If we can ever get beyond all these issues and agree with all that has been said above (time, dynamics the faults of most authors... ), then we can graduate to High School thinking. But once in High School you need a team (or 20 years) to make a progress because it gets more and more complex and multi-discplinary.

So, I skipped high school and went right to college.

In college the question is "What kind of twisty, Fourth Generation Warfare strategies can bring down the USA without costing much or requiring educated activists or public?"


The way I see it, if you want to claim to be radical or meaningful, then what ever you advocate has to lead to real change in a reasonable amount of time. And even this perspective is rather middle class, since the real problem that we face is How To Stop the USA and other Statist Capitalists - in which case we do not have to create anything we just have to stop the greater evil...

Anyway, I was the top of my class in international studies and second in my class in graduate Development Economics, I have been published in Z mag and Covert Action and many other places. I have read many of the articles on resit.ca, infoshop.org, EF! Journal and many on IMCs, - And yet i fail to see how anything that you ever talk about could effect any change - not even in a hundred years...

If you do not advocate self defense - which means fighting - then you must explain what you are doing...

If you do not advocate stopping the US as soon as possible - by whatever means are necessary - then how could I not call you a Fascists - or at least a lazy middle class do-nothing... Blabber - mouth... ?????

Just wondering - I have asked these questions in a wide variety of forums and groups - and never - in 15 years - received an intelligent response - If people talk long enough then usually they end up agreeing with me, ...

Stan Goff has said great things - maybe it is easier for him since he is ex-Special Forces and not only has seen atrocities - but certainly - been a part - even if peripherally - of the acts themselves...

But he has no theory - And I do not think he would answer my questions either...


Is it just Self-therapy = Angst relief - or is it all big con job???

Love and Thought: Ms. Rachel Guayaba

Not expecting an answer - but since I am trying to write this article on How to Have a Revolution in the USA - and help out the poor, crumbling Earth First! Journal - I hope that you do respond - SOMEBODY HELP !!@!

I am not sure what value you could ever have ... but please humor me...



Note to above LINK - Amazingly - New Orleans Indy did not censor this as Chicago eventually did - the comments are great - pure old school middle class - There is no such thing as the working class - we live in a globalized world - most union people in the West make more in a week than half the world makes in a year!

Or go to the censored articles in Chicago and look at how easily the trolls (immature interrupter freaks) are allowed to comment there....


1. Force all "progressive" groups in the USA to cut their expenditures and send all of the 5 billion dollars a year that they take from the American public under false pretense (that it could ever do anything real!) and give it all in small amounts to a variety of grassroots mostly indigenous groups doing small scale economic development in the Andes. The US is about to loose South America - or most of the Western Hemisphere - and a little help from us could make a big difference.

email me for the other one - or get a mag to publish this article so YOU ALL CAN SEEE.....



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