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kboo am news 9-7-05

am news stories for 9-7-05
-policy analysts and fish advocates conclude that WILD salmon will become extinct in the next century without a major change in the way people live
-the u-s was found to be in violation of the WTO (world terrorist organization) in a dispute with Canada over lumber. Ottawa is seeking 168.2 million dollars in damages
-a British man who kept a diary of his lawn for the last 20 years, has had information included in a study on global warming. His diary shows that his lawn now grows for a month longer.
-Tropical Storm Ophelia off Florida's Atlantic coast is getting stronger and is expected to slowly grow into a hurricane with winds of at least 74mph. Forecasters are uncertain if it will hit the Florida coast.
-Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team, DMort, a volunteer arm of the department of homeland insecurity says the number of dead in the wake of Katrina could reach 40,000.
-Director of the National Hurricane Center says the directors of both homeland insecurity and FEMA were warned before Katrina hit land of the potential dangers of the storm.
-Barbara Bush says the people in the Astrodome in Houston have it good, because you know they were underprivileged anyway. Pappa Bush added that they're beginning to think about the rest of their lives.
-W also says that he can't wait to sit on Trent Lott's new porch when it is rebuilt. They just ooze with compassion!
-U-S government is refusing hurricane relief help from Iran and Cuba, while people are still trapped and dying in the aftermath.
-U-S troops have enclose the Iraqi city of Tel Afar with razor wire and closed all entrances and exits, 90 percent of the residents were forced to flee to Mosul. The air force bombed the city on Sunday. The U-S military led a bloody offensive on Tel Afar in 2004 killing hundreds and displacing thousands. Kinda like Falluja, eh?
-Baghdad is having a fuel shortage, and looking to limit people's ability to drive on only certain days of the week.
-Kofi Annan says the U-S led invasion and occupation of Iraq has turned the country into the new hub of terrorism.
-A Rwandan Army General has been arrested on charges in the 1994 genocide.
-Egypt is having it's first ever multi-candidate presidential election
-A South African land expert has said that a recent study of land evictions and should be a wake up call for the government to do more to protect black farm workers