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KBOO flash: AL GORE's handlers BAR MEDIA from tonight's GLOBAL WARMING public event

The Democratic Party of Oregon, OSPIRG and other local co-sponsors invited/lured KBOO and a lot of other local media to Gore's in-person program on GLOBAL WARMING tonight at the Oregon Convention Center. About 3pm we discovered that press is banned. So KBOO will not even try this time. eg
This is a verbatim quote from KBOO's On-Air Community Calendar today
"At six pm the doors of the oregon convention center will open to welcome vice-predsident AL GORE who will be making a personal appearance and speech with a multimedia presentation on Global Warming and the environment called "straight talk- A real look at global warming".
"The presentation is free of charge, no tickets required and will be from 6:30 to 8:00 in rooms 201 and 202 of the convention center located at 777 ne martin luther king jr blvd. For more information call the oregon convention center at 503-235-7575 or go to the kboo website at kboo.fm." [CLOSE QUOTE]
Observation One: It appears that "***PUBLIC*** meeting/gathering/presentation" is yet another term that's changed with the times in the "new freedom" of the American Christian Corporatist Global Police State.
Observation Two: Tonight's thing at the Convention Center is really little more than a glorified book tour for Gore's latest appriximately titled "Straight Talk About Global Warming". Do Gore's handlers somehow think that a shroud of mystery (failing a retroactive Top Secret classification?) will somehow increase sales receipts?
The attached image was on KBOO's website earlier today. After barring the press from the meeting KBOO consensus held that KBOO did not owe Gore or his publishers any free publicity. So it was yanked.

address: address: this is an IMC reporter's personal newswire item ***NOT*** a kboo report

glen, please clarify 06.Sep.2005 17:14


Sorry really confused by this posting. Is Gore here to talk about global warming or marijuana (as the link implies). This article a little hard to understand. Did Gore changed his mind about media presence? Is KBOO singled out? Is *all* press banned? Who said press is banned? OSPIRG? Democratic Party? Algore? How did you hear this? Did they give any reasons why?

Clarification re "Press Barred from GORE GLOBAL WARMING meeting" 06.Sep.2005 18:28


The only part of the main article that matters is:
"Perhaps some PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL with a mini-disk recorder and unobtrusive mic might be READING THIS IN PORTLAND.INDYMEDIA AND WANT AN AUDIO MEMOIR FOR THEIR PERSONAL USE ... " Nobody from KBOO will be attempting to do a pirate job on tonight's presentation

Marijuana link in main newswire item was just one example of a "public" meeting were the press were treated as some kind of underclass. (For example--nothing described as a "public meeting" in Alabama in 1930 would be understood to include negros as members of "the public".)
In the capacity of an ordinary radio journalist,I was the only reporter privaleged to have been ejected THREE TIMES from that "public" forum on marijuana law and enforcement in June, called by Oregon State's civil service and conducted in a building owned and operatedby the State of Oregon.
KBOO was told very clearly by phone by Oregon Convention Center's management that Al Gore's media staff had, suddenly today, demanded exclusion of ALL "MEDIA", not just KBOO, not just radio journalists or any other specific category. The Democratic Party of Oregon and OSPIRG were profusely and sincerely apologetic, having earlier energetically promoted the event to local media of all kinds.
Sporry I was incomplete in the main article.

Public barred from Gore event 06.Sep.2005 22:26


Either this event was promoted too well or promoters had little faith in themselves. Either way, more people were turned away than were able to get in because the venue was way too small.

Not entirely true 06.Sep.2005 22:58

ALL were welcome

No one was turned away from this event! The room was filled to capacity, and the doors were closed. When told that there were still several hundred still outside, Al Gore was kind enough to agree to a SECOND presentation immediately following the first one. For someone having to be in another city early tomorrow morning this was a very kind and gracious act and the people of Portland should be grateful.
Furthermore, I consider myself a journalist - I had no problems enjoying the program so I don't see why KBOO didn't send someone there to report on what they heard and saw. This was a multimedia presentation - not suitable for radio... Members of the public were asked to not videorecord the presentation. I don't see the big deal. Go see it for yourself - it's free! It's open to the public! Just go and be educated. It's that simple. Please don't disrespect Al Gore either. There was no mention of his book and what he's doing is incredibly important. Perhaps if we all opened our hearts and minds, we could benefit from these opportunities rather than be insulted by them. Grow up and be proactive. It's a shame how much trash-talking is going on at PDXIMC. Are you people good for anything other than dissent?

Where did the original poster get thier information? 07.Sep.2005 09:05

Someone who cites thier claims

The Oregonian sent a reporter to the meeting and had a story about it in today's metro section.

I'm guessing this original poster was a conservative troll just trying to drum up dissent about Gore to make that the story instead of Global Warming.

bgez regrets the error 07.Sep.2005 14:47


Dear "ALL were welcome":

Thanks for correcting my misinformation: "public barred from Gore event." I was one of those many disappointed folks at the end of the line and left before the announcement of a second presentation. I also want to thank you for taking PDXIMC "authors" to task for all the "trash talking." In my humble view, you are actually being too kind in describing the mean-spirited personal attacks that appear here as "dissent." The sort of invective routinely seen on PDXIMC is absent on all of the other imc sites I monitor throughout the world (at least the French and English language sites anyway).

Summary of Gore's talk 09.Sep.2005 21:39


You can read a summary of Gore's PDX speech here: http://sstnbl.blogspot.com.

Updated blog link 22.Sep.2005 21:45


Sorry, that URL is  http://startcooling.blogspot.com.