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Siskiyou Forest Anchient Forest threatened, Home Page near Biscuit, Sugarloaf, China Left

The Home Page Timber sale near Biscuit, is back. This sale was planned with Sugarloaf and China Left from the infamous Salvage Rider and will log some of the biggest trees in the Siskiyou National Forest. Red Tree Vole trees would be logged and a desicion form 1998 would be used with no more public comment. Sept 15 is the auction date, so act now. Don't let Pam Bode kill again.
Forest targeted at Home Page
Forest targeted at Home Page
large cedar marked for cut
large cedar marked for cut
Home Page Timber Sale Targets Siskiyou Crest Old-Growth

Huge Trees Scheduled For Logging*
Hot of the heels of illegally logging the Babyfoot Botanical Area in the
Biscuit burn, the timber planners in Illinois Valley Ranger District of
the Siskiyou National Forest have turned their sights on centuries-old
green ancient forests on the Siskiyou Crest.

* A Recreation Paradise*
The Home Page timber sale calls for logging old-growth along scenic
highway 48, that runs from Takilma/Cave Junction to Happy Camp. The
"Siskiyou Highway" is famed for its beauty and biological diversity. Ten
old-growth logging units are located near the summit of Page Mountain
and French Peak in the headwaters of Althouse Creek, the East Fork of
the Illinois River and Sucker Creek.

* Illegal Timber Sale Resurrected*
Long time residents may remember the long hot summer of 1996 in which
the Forest Service exploited the "logging without laws" salvage rider in
order to illegally log massive old-growth trees at the Sugarloaf timber
sale and harm the delicate salmon runs of Sucker Creek through the China
Left old-growth timber sale. Both of those sales were met by large-scale
peaceful local civil disobedience.

The Home Page timber sale is a throwback to the dark days of 1996. The
"Environmental Assessment" for this old-growth logging was written in
1996, and twice found to be illegal by federal courts; once because of
likely harm to watershed values, and once because the Forest Service
refused to do required wildlife surveys prior to logging. Now, in 2005,
the Bush administration has eliminated the forest protection regulations
that had kept this old-growth forests from being logged.

* Please Write a Letter*
District Ranger Pam Bode contends that years of planning would be
"wasted" if the Forest Service decided to leave these ancient forests
intact. Please take a moment to write a letter to both District Ranger
Pam Bode, and Forest Supervisor Scott Conroy, letting them know that our
communities need clean water and intact ancient forests, not more
clearcuts. The Forest Service should be focusing on thinning the
thousands of acres of previously logged stands in Southwest Oregon,
rather than logging trees that have stood for centuries along a major
recreation corridor. Senator Ron Wyden also needs to hear that you value
these ancient forests and the salmon and owls that depend on them.

*Time Is Short*
The Forest Service is rushing to auction Home Page before the end of the
fiscal year. Currently a timber sale auction is planned for September
15th. Please write a letter and make a phone call today.
Unit 5, Homepage
*Pam Bode*
Illinois Valley District Ranger, Rogue River/Siskiyou National Forest
26568 Redwood Hwy
Cave Junction, OR 97523
(541) 592-4000

*Scott Conroy*
Forest Supervisor, Rogue River/Siskiyou National Forest
333 W. 8th St. / PO Box 520
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 858-2200
Unit 6, Homepage
*Senator Ron Wyden*
Federal Courthouse
310 West 6th St, Room 118
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 858-5122

Lesley Adams
Outreach Coordinator
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
PO Box 102
Ashland, Oregon 97520
www.kswild.org < http://www.kswild.org>

Download PDF alert on Homepage 06.Sep.2005 17:15


Please download, print and distribute this Homepage alert far and wide. Its a double-sided PDF.
Home Page PDF alert
Home Page PDF alert

8 Foot Diameter Trees 07.Sep.2005 08:11

China Left

Home Page is the real deal.
Please join us in defending this astounding forest.
Giant D-fir
Giant D-fir

writing letters doesnt work 07.Sep.2005 09:35

and it never will

While this is definately worth fighting for, writing letters wont quite do the trick. It hasnt in the past and it wont in the future. Thousands upon thousands of letters went out in support of saving the biscuit, and the forest service didnt even flinch. Some use the arguement that we might as well use tactics like this, and that its not going to do any harm. I would argue that it DOES do harm to take part in campaigns such as letter writing. Not only are they a waste of energy, time, and resources, they are demoralizing and are nothing short of a good way to set ourselves up for failure.

The time for action is now. While the timber sale is still in the paperwork phases, use your energy not to try to convince a government agency who will never listen and whose priorities are uncompromising, but to make it physically impossible for them to destroy the forest. The early stages of a timber sale is when it is most vulnerable. Use this time when there is relatively low risk (compared to when the tractors and the saws are on the ground, ready to cut or already cutting) to strike a blow to the logging industry. Prevent deforestation before it begins. It is time to break away from tactical ideology. It is time to discuss and develop effective strategies for forest defense and use tactics that work.