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September 24 Portland Bridge Vigil

Announcement of upcoming Peace Vigil, in support of the massive march on Washington DC of the same date.
There will be a reflective candlelight vigil, Sat., Sept. 24, 7:30 pm until dark (probably sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 pm). Three central bridges in Portland--BURNSIDE, MORRISON, AND HAWTHORNE--are key. We will stay safely and respectfully on sidewalks, allowing room for pedestrians and cyclists to pass. (If you can't make it to one of these bridges and have friends who will join you, any bridge will do.)

The message is "NOW IS THE TIME TO END THE WAR. NOW IS THE TIME TO BRING THEM HOME." The first message is to end this war. Concern is in no way limited to American safety, but to the safety of all who are in danger in this nightmare war. Announcements are scheduled in Alternatives Magazine and Oregon Peaceworker. PLEASE spread the word as far and wide as possible to your congregations, fellowships, peace groups,and other constituents.

SOS! HELP NEEDED: - If you can help with press and electronic calendar listings, etc., please let me know ASAP. Info will be on Living Earth's website in about a week. - Posters and signs with the key message must be distributed and we can use your help.Folks are encouraged to bring their own candles and means to protect them from wind, but it would be good to coordinate volunteers near each end of each bridge, on both sides, with candles available. There is a small budget for purchasing candles so this is not an obstacle. Please let me know if your group can cover some of those spots. Thanks all. Be well.

Betsy Toll Living Earth: Gatherings for Deep Change PO Box 86960, Portland, OR 97286 www.livingearthgatherings.org ~ 503.788.7311
i like bridges 06.Sep.2005 17:47


but why call out people and put a time limit on it, "vigil, Sat., Sept. 24, 7:30 pm until dark (probably sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 pm)"
this gives people who want to show up a small window (1/2 - 1 hour)
this is a serious question, is there a reason to put an end time on it?

o-yea, check out this website
its got a spot to post events for the 24th

Come to Seattle 12.Sep.2005 23:40


Hundreds of people from the Portland area are going to Seattle for the NW regional demo Sept 24th. For info on travel arrangements www.ANSWERseattle.org.

$46.00 13.Sep.2005 01:26


If you can afford to go to seattle, then go. Otherwise do something here.

Lobbying Day 9/26 16.Sep.2005 10:08


Join VFP 72 and various other groups at 9 am, Pioneer Square,Monday Sept 26, to make the rounds lobbying our legislators with end the war messages, joining into the national day of lobbying in concert with the march on D.C.

I agree with chops, but don't forget the burbs 21.Sep.2005 06:22


I agree with chops, and Joe, why on earth are all those people going to Seattle, for crying out loud?! A huger statement would be BOTH cities mounting large vigils. We're not even trying around here. Dems and Progressives need to get the message out to the SUBURBS, for heaven's sake, and stop ignoring us. We're not downtown people, but we'd join in to support the DC movement on the 24th. There are scads and scads of people in our neighborhoods wanting to do SOMETHING who'd probably do a stint on a bridge, if it weren't at our kids' bedtime only. Or we could coordinate something in our neighborhoods all around Portland...... so that wherever people drive that day they won't be able to get away from the FACT that we DON'T WANT ANY MORE WAR! Think about it. All it takes is a little cooperation........

Thanks for all you do!

Come on Down, Suburbanites! 21.Sep.2005 11:50


to burb residents: So glad you got the word on the main attraction in Portland, the bridge vigil, saturday night at 7:30. Why not get babysitters that night? Then call your neighbors, then email to your entire email address list to do the same? Have a night out and stop despairing that there's nothing you can do...Come to the vigil!! Show solidarity. That's why we work so hard to get word out...now each of you is supposed to pass it along. And, you can sign the postcards at the vigil, or write your elected officials today, with the message: End the War Now, Bring the Troops Home Now. Thanks. We need you.

Fuck 7:30 21.Sep.2005 14:54

Marik marik@aracnet.com

Let's just make it an all day thing. Get there when you can. I'll be there all fucking day. If the people who sponsored this vigil can't handle people being there all day - well, fuck em. Let's do it anyways. We won't need candles during the day, so grab your signs.

Hey Suburbanites !!! (like me!!) 22.Sep.2005 18:56


Just because you're stuck in the 'burbs (like me!!) does not mean you can't make and take action every day. You'd be surprised how many people you would never expect feel the same horror, disgust and hopelessness from the past 5 nightmare years. Post flyers, do freeway blogging, heck, have the kids pitch in and post little signs for peace where ever you see a bulliten board or whatever.

In fact we best get our asses in gear now ESPECIALLY for the kids .

Holy shit - public education is being destroyed, your job is on the line, god forbid we are actually attacked again. Librarians no longer keep a permanent record of the books you check out once they are turned in IN CASE Homeland Security wants to take a peek at them.


Let's active!!