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McClellan Press Conference- Coverup and Deceit Reigns

The Real BS Begins-only available on Cable!
For the past couple of years morning network television has been continually interrupted by White House press conferences hosted by Scott McClellan. CNN, FOX, ABC,NBC, etc. all suspended programming for these events. Right now there's one going on. I can only find it on CSPAN period. CNN showed 60 seconds. The White House is under the media gun bigtime. Their excuse for the horror in New Orleans? McClellan's dodging ALL the important questions. "We'll talk about all that later" "Now is not the time". No wonder the networks won't carry it. When asked why people were starved to death for days in the Superdome and Convention Center he responded that the question
falls under hindsight, and "now is not the time for that". There "will be time to do a thorough analysis" but not now. It's absolutely amazing. At least the press is freaking out at him. Some are actually angry and loud. Finally!!! Of course Bush said he would create a "commission" to study what happened. (Like 911?) Bush must really be out of touch with reality here. HE'S the one under the planetary microscope. I could almost laugh if it wasn't so damn pathetic. The true cold-blooded nature of these neo-con bastards is being revealed by McClellan like never before. This is real fuel for impeachment proceedings. They're trying to COVER-UP their responsibility in a concerted way. Just like 911. And the stunning absence of this program on non-cable networks illustrates the mainstream media's continued complicity in the crimes of this administration. Will the white house press corps roll over? They're awfully testy right now. When they discover the conference was blackballed from most broadcasts will they rebel? Stay tuned.