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Buckman neighborhood mtg on Thurs. about Katrina evacuees arriving in PDX

For those of you hoping to help or wanting to stay informed about the
arrangements for the hurricane evacuees who will be coming to
Portland, the Buckman Community Association has invited interested
neighbors to attend their regular, general meeting this Thursday, 7
PM at Central Catholic High School (24th and Stark). See below for
futher details.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a regular BCA meeting and the update on what's
happening at Washington High School shelter will not be the only
agenda item.
This Thursday, please attend the Buckman general meeting to learn more
> about the situation regarding the flood and hurricane evacuees of
> Katrina and their proposed placement at Washington High School.
> As of this point, little is known, but this meeting should give you an
> opportunity to get some answers as to the proposed plan.
> Leadership from the Red Cross, FEMA, the City, and the Portland Office
> of Emergency Management should be attending in the first part of the
> meeting to answer your questions and concerns. Then they will have to
> leave to attend the Sunnyside meeting held simultaneously. The BCA
> regular agenda will continue with Commissioner Dan Saltzmann, who is
> coming to talk about Parks, Sustain ability, our future community
> center, and any other pertinent city issues.
> Please forward this on to folks that you think might have be of interest
> or impact with the planned shelter.
> Thank you,
> Susan Lindsay
> Chair, BCA
Please let us know results 06.Sep.2005 10:18


Please post the results of this meeting here. I'm quite interested in the information, but unfortunately I work nights. Thanks!

keep posted... 06.Sep.2005 16:42

milli vanilli

While agree that the bigger implications of the bungled goverment evacuation efforts (and long term injustice that is still prevalent in our society in general) are important, I think that helping people right away if paramount. I agree with the person who said that folks should show up at the school when the survivors arrive and see if there is a direct way to help - offering housing, toys, bikes, computers, etc. I do think it should be considered that the logistics of contacing folks might actually be important, so that completely giving a "fuck you" to the "authorities" should be given some restraint for the moment. Most of these folks are probably going to want to go back to their home areas, but may not have the resources to do that alone if they are cut off from the goverment, Red Cross, etc. assistance. But continuing to show up at meetings, and voicing outrage at the treatment of these survivors also needs to happen to get that message through, and to combat the "NIMBY" sentiment that I saw one Pdx resident voicing at a neighborhood meeting on TV the other day. Most of all - DO SOMETHING!!