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imperialism & war | katrina aftermath

Katrina and planned invasion of venezuela - stuff to ponder

Troops and Ships headed to Venezuela, for an invasion or practice invasion, are redirected to take control of southern U.S. states ...
United States warships turn towards Venezuela as US military takes control of Hurricane devastated regions; Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias vows '100-year war'

Monday, September 05, 2005


Russian journalist Sorcha Faal writes: Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that a 'significant' portion of the US Navy Armada that had been heading towards their country's devastated southern regions have turned towards South America.

Reports state a planned Invasion of Venezuela to overthrow its President and reassert 'control' over Venezuela's vast oil reserves.

The Venezuelan President having been notified of this most troubling development has ordered his military forces to be on top alert and has 'vowed' a 100-year war against the military leaders of the United States..

As reported by the Miami Herald News Service in an article entitled "Chavez: US, NATO planning an attack": "Venezuela has uncovered plans for a NATO US-led invasion and is preparing to defend the country against invading forces if necessary, President Hugo Chavez said ''we discovered, through intelligence work, a military exercise that NATO has for an invasion against Venezuela ... and we are preparing ourselves for that invasion.''

Chavez was quoted as saying late Friday night that the military exercise known as ''Plan Balboa',' includes rehearsing simultaneous assaults by air, sea and land at a military base in Spain, involving troops from the United States and NATO countries.

US officials in the past have said such training is meant to prepare troops for general scenarios but not for a specific military action.

''If it occurs to the United States to invade our country ... Fidel Castro said it and I agree ... a war will start here to last 100 years,'' Chavez added. "Not only this country would be burned up, but a good part of this continent; they shouldn't make any mistake about it; we are preparing to repel an invasion.''

Prior to the cataclysmic Hurricane Katrina that hit the southern regions of the United States last week, US military leaders had been preparing for the invasion by the stationing one of their feared Carrier Strike Forces off the shores of Venezuela. As reported by China's Xinhua News Service "US aircraft carrier docked nearby poses no threat: Venezuela" it says "a US aircraft carrier with 1,500 marines on board which docked last Friday in the island of Curacao, north of Venezuela, did not pose a threat to the country, Defense Minister Orlando Maniglia said Monday. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez termed the presence in March of a US aircraft carrier in Curacao as an "act of provocation" but United StatesAmbassador to Venezuela William Brownfield later said the tension only was generated by a "lack of communication."

Reports further state that the magnitude of the devastation in the United States is 'unprecedented' with over 10 million of their citizens lives directly affected by the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. United Press International News Service in an article "Some 10 million felt Hurricane Katrina" says, "almost 10 million people living in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi experienced hurricane force winds as Katrina crashed into the Gulf Coast this week. The US Census Bureau reported that in the three states hardest hit by the storm, about 4.9 million people ... or about 41% of the population ... live in coastal areas. About 3.2 million people lived within the imminent or occurring flood area ... with 1.7 million in southeast Louisiana; 940,000 in southern Mississippi; and 420,000 in southwest Alabama."

Russian Intelligence analysts further report that the foreign mercenary troops under the command of NORTHCOM have been sent into those areas most affected and that the American citizens and refugees can expect 'nothing short of brutal' treatment as these soldiers do not know .... nor do they care ... for the rights or freedoms of these people.

To the many warnings of these events many around the world have tried to warn Americans, but they still do not comprehend the monstrous totality of what lies in store for them. As we previously tried to warn in our August 22 report titled "United States Positions Tens of Thousands of Foreign Troops Throughout America, Cancels All Military Leaves and Ousts Another Top General," our August 25 report titled "United States Warns Foreign Governments of 'Impending' Internal Crises While Massive American Troop Movements Continue" and our August 26 report titled "The Camps of ICE, Americas Road to Fascist Rule Nears Completion as US Government Accelerates Building of Concentration Camps."

Like the German people living under the brutal Nazi regime of last century, it is incomprehensible for these American people to believe that their government is capable of the barbarity they are currently unleashing upon the entire World, but also like the German people they cannot deny that their once great country has been turned into a Police State, and with the events currently occurring in their country, a Police State under military leadership.

To the expansion of the Americans Global War for oil today marks yet another milestone in how far these once mighty people have fallen. Even sadder is that as they continue their descent into 'hell' there remains no good citizens left among them able to see through the hypocrisy and lies of their Military Leaders and the propaganda media organs that support them.

Today, the Torch of Liberty ... which once shown bright for the entire world to see ... is now all but extinguished. Today the darkness of fascist military rule rolls across the once great land of America, which had never been a nation alone, but had instead been a 'vision' of its founders dedicated to the proposition that all men should be free.

Today that vision today lies broken and shattered upon the streets of New Orleans.

Sorcha Faal

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