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My Thoughts On The Hurricane and What It Could Mean For Us?

Just trying to make sense of all this.
I've been trying desperately to sleep and cannot. I keep thinking of all the awful firsthand accounts I've read from the survivors. I keep trying to make sense of the sickening response of the government. Why is the government so deliberately denying aid from other governments, private citizens, and worst of all from itself? Why would they be making such an awful disaster so much worse? All I can do is speculate wildly about what the possible benefit could be. The PR for this should be terrible. It should be a politician's worst nightmare. But it's not. How can the corporate media be so coldly covering up what's really happening and dulling down what's so painfully obvious? My stomach turns and my heart aches terribly to think about what I've seen and read. I'm so incredibly angry, I don't know what to do with my emotions.
Another thing that is nagging at the back of my mind is that this could be us as soon as next year. Gas prices are projected to be almost $5 a gallon. This will be devestating to the entire nation. Everything, EVERYTHING is effected by gas prices. Think about it. Sure we may not be under water, but resources will be exclusive all the same. If New Orleans is a taste of the government's response to disaster, we are surely all fucked. When countries are in such shambles, governments become extremely desperate to cling to power and become very dangerous. New Orleans is a miniature example of that right now. I don't know about you but, like the people stuck in New Orleans when the evacuation was finally called, I do not have the resources to flee.
Where will we all be and how will we be living in the next couple years? We need to get tight and plan for it now.
For the truth about what is really happening in New Orleans check these websites:
Europe has had $5 dollar a gallon gas for years 03.Sep.2005 03:36

James W.

While something particular is going on in New Orleans, your concerns about gas prices might be unfounded. Europe has had $5 dollar a gallon gas for years.

What we are not doing is conserving energy and making a genuine effort to use alternative fuels and energy. The energy bill for instance only allotted a pool of $18 million dollars for tax breaks to citizens that installed solar panels on their homes. That is a paltry amount. If you watch CSPAN coverage on director of the wind energy association, you will see that the Republican chairman of the energy committee did not understand that wind power feeds back into the power grid. How these politicians can make policy when they do not possess the technical aptitude is beyond me. It is blazingly obvious that the politicians are fixated on oil only.

I believe that the example of people being sacrificed in New Orleans is simply a way of steering the people to ask for a leader with greater powers in an emergency. Your emotions are being stirred up and they want you to scream for what they want: more power. We are being played like a harp with this psychological operation against the American people.

Once we as a people agree to this and sign it into law, then we will have a perpetual emergency with a perpetual dictatorship.

Read 1984 if you haven't had a chance.

yes but 03.Sep.2005 06:48


Europe is tiny compared to America. You can transport things easy when the next city is 5 kilometers away. Phoenix to Los Angeles circa 800 kilometers.. for example I can cover more than half the length of Italy north to south in such a stretch. I believe the author is well founded by such anxiety...

Reality of peak oil for working class folks 03.Sep.2005 12:55


Yeah, the U.S. is designed for cars. All pre car alternatives and city scapes were removed (thanks car and tire company lobbies!). In europe they still have inexpensive alternative transport and the cities are designed to function without cars for the most part. In Europe, poor people aren't expected to own cars. In the U.S., to have a good paying job, half the time ownership of a car is a requirement on an application.
I'm poor. I could not afford any jump in prices. One of my jobs is not always close to my house and the other is in Vancouver. I couldn't afford to lose either and afford raised prices on top of it. See much like New Orleans, the people with cars and money in general would be far better off. Whereas people like me would be ruined and desperate.
Furthermore, it's not like prices will stabilize at $5. The oil is running out. It'll only get worse from here on out. Just like with New Orleans, simple planning, sharing of resources, and skills now could alleviate the suffering of millions of poor people like me(the true majority in this country) in the future. Also, if we are able to take care of eachother then we won't have to resort to violently forcing rich people to share resources.

we need action 03.Sep.2005 13:04


I think your point about alternative energy not being explored is spot on. They should of done that 30 yrs ago if it were to be set up in time to prevent suffering. But we must come together as communities and try to build our own alternative infrastructure. We should turn their scam into their nightmare. I have read 1984 and other works of George Orwell. I understand what his real life inspiration for it was. One of the strongest catalysts for action we've got is to educate ourselves and eachother about the truth and encourage eachother to make other arrangments for when the regime fails/cracks down.