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No more fox news for me.

OK- I admit it. I watch the 10pm fox news a couple times a week. Running a TV set which draws 300 watts for an hour in portland spins the electric meter just over two cents. It's always entertaining, and they have a few really attractive "reporters"
I always thought that two cents was a good value- The live report of the news crew getting chased out of thier van by a stray pit bull, for example, is exceptional entertainment value for two pennies. Remember a few months ago on a low-news day, "could these cows be used by terrorists?" Then theres the dirty-dining, meth watch, pump patrol- It would still be a good value even if that same electricity cost me a whole nickle.

Sure- I always knew they were owned by bad people, and spun the news (in a valiant attempt) to make shrub look good. but I didn't care, Fox made me laugh, laughing is healthy.

Tonight fox news, or more correctly fox-lack-of-news left me mad and in tears.
You have tens of thousands of people locked up in huge cages for a week with no bathroom, very limited food,water. Fox shows a pretty reporter with an armload of "school supplies" in a Target parking lot. (Great camera work, with the viewers eye draw to the Target sign in your textbook rule-of-thirds best spot in the frame) They showed shrub on the ground for a few minutes, two days late at a deserted airport with the Governor and Mayor- except that the Mayor was intentionally cropped out of the frame just in case he might convey some honest real news of the situation.

Motor vehicles can make it in and out of the city and many other affected areas
500 "airboats" stand ready with operators willing to risk thier lives to get people out of flooded areas. (They are being held back by law enforcement.) The National guard unfortunately has many of it's members, and I would hazard to guess most of thier aircraft and equipment "volunteering" for Halliburton in Iraq.

How hard is it. Any city bus, any school bus within 400 miles ought to head down there. Dont bullshit me with run-out-of-gas crap. carry 10 or 15 cans with you if the tanks too small. diesel doesnt have all the flash-fire hazards which would prevent a reasonable person from taking a can of gas on a bus. Blocked roads? Traffic jams? How about a 988 loader in front? Bash through any number of stalled cars without slowing down. Emergency housing for a few weeks? How many roadside motels are within 400 miles? double people up- it would still be paradise compared with having 30000 roomies. For that matter, How many people within 400 miles have a house they'd open up to a couple visitors. This kind of thing would cause me to open my door up, and I'm a long way from the nicest or most compassionate around.

I have a sinking feeling that those with the power to do these simple things decided it was a low priority becuase those in need were for the most part lower income, and black.

Fox channel 12, the live shot with the school supplies at Target cost you a viewer.

KATU Channel 2 had a very comprehensive report at 11. Theyre still reporting. They seem to be actually reporting the news, even including frank interviews on the ground and honest commentary on the race/class issues.

Please KATU, you got a new viewer, now put the news on at 10pm, and please let a stray dog chase you out of your truck for a live-shot worth my 2 cents on the power bill.
Disgusting, Treasonable, Criminal, and Treacherous 03.Sep.2005 00:49

James W.

Fox, Bush, Cheney, Republicans, Democrats, and FEMA are playing with our minds. This is surely some type of PsyOps game for them.

I am completely outraged with the treatment of these poor people stuck in New Orleans.

On ABC News, there was a story about a Spanish parliament member and his family stuck at the Convention Center in New Orleans. He told ABC that the treatment of these trapped people was "genocidal." He added with disgust that "they are being treated worse than dogs."

The next shot showed the Spaniard and his family being whisked from the Convention Center by military police. (Most likely the Spanish government pulled some strings to get them out of there.)

Start the impeachment process now!

Fox Turnabout 03.Sep.2005 11:59

media critic

I rarely watch major media. But I turned on the TV Monday to see some pictures connected to what I was hearing. On Wednesday, I couldn't believe what I WASN'T seeing: airdrops of food and water. I was fixed to the TV wondering when the help was going to come. I've been watching on and off since then.

My habit is to flip channels so I eventually see all the footage on all the major news channels. Interestingly, Fox drew me in with a reporter standing on a highway exit, simply stunned that no rescue effort was visible. I couldn't believe the scathing criticism of the federal response, which I found almost as fascinating as the unfolding of the event itself. All channels were highly critical.

Yesterday, Friday, the tone changed. An apologist anchor (Ugh, I've forgotten who, maybe Bill O'Reilly, but don't laugh at me if I've got it way wrong) basically argued with the reporter about what was going on. The anchor kept insisting that the rescue operation was on-going and supplies were being shipped in, while the reporter kept insisting there were none to be seen. It was almost funny.

Today the tone is quite apologist again. Those are my observations.

... 03.Sep.2005 12:40

this thing here

fox news is a fucking joke. a tragic, dangerous joke. in that many people will grow to believe that it is a legitmate source of objective news, and not a right wing propaganda outlet, designed and run first and foremost to generate bullshit and protect bullshit from questioning. it is a sham equal to that of the present administration. the fact that there is something like fox news and something like the shrub admin. happening at the same time is no accident.

and what's even more depressing is that all the other corporate news outlets aren't much better. on the friday evening CBS news broadcast, i observed a canned scene in which a national guard "general" gave orders to a subordinate. there was a barely repressed giggle on the lips of the subordinate as he tried to play act the part of the "cavalry" coming in to "save" the poor people. what a joke, so obvious what was going on. and of course, the editors of CBS news felt canned bullshit was appropriate to broadcast. down down down we sink...

God, I hate to say this but.... 03.Sep.2005 12:49


FOX actually had the best coverage. CNN's Anderson Cooper was safe in Biloxi, but Sheppard Smith was actually on the dangerous streets (even at night!). The usually somewhat juvenile Smith was obviously going through some LSD like changes. When locals cops wouldn't stop for a mother with a 5 DAY old, fever-ridden baby, he stood in front of a cop car to make it stop, and embarrassed the officer inside into taking the kid for help. He was visibly shaken and verbally generous in his denunciation of 'authorities'. A real change from Geraldo Rivera, last seen (In safe Biloxi of course) putting his hand on Bill Frist's shoulder and calling him 'Doc'. There may actually be some hope for Smith yet. FOX was superior in having people on the scene with live cameras, in the mix so to speak. CNN was one high hotel or chopper shot after another. Safe and cozy at 5,000 feet. I'm not trying to defend Murdoch's Marauders here. Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly should be lobotomized for the good of humanity. I gotta say- CNN stunk up the house on this gig. Except for that Edward R. Murrow wannabe they have. The curmudgeon. He was cursing out the Feds bigtime early on. But he was the ONLY one who betrayed any outrage compassion for those dying victims.

so what. 03.Sep.2005 14:06

this thing here

who fucking cares if fox had people on the scene. that doesn't proove shit. all the fucking networks and newspapers had people "on the scene". even the foreign press. so what. and they are still a joke, a fucking dog and pony show, a goddamn potemkin village of "journalism", styrofoam shaped into food and sprayed with flavor sauce. no thanks, i can still taste the styrofoam.

... 03.Sep.2005 22:40


It's pretty typical for commercial coverage of an unexpected event to be surprisingly honest and spin-free for the first day or so, when the reporters are actually doing their jobs and the editors, publishers, and producers haven't had time yet to propagate their commandments downward through the hierarchy telling the guys and gals on the bottom what to say and how to think. I remember during WTO in '99 an anchor on TV was arguing with a reporter on the scene about whether there was "looting" going on on Capitol Hill during the police riot -- the anchor insisted there was, the reporter denied it.

If this Fox reporter actually did civil disobedience on camera, that's just rad. Standing in front of a cop car to get it to stop in any other situation would've gotten him thrown in the pokey.

hey thing- Don't be TOTALLY nihilistic, OK? It was just an observation 04.Sep.2005 10:33

the rodent

geez- you STARTED it

sheppard smith 06.Sep.2005 10:54

joyce fabian jfmadoyce@aol.com

i like sheppard smith and i think he tells the tuth just like when he was reporting on iraq invasion and now on the bride telling someone to get help to the people put shep on and take some of the other reporters off. people in New Cumberland, Ohio like Shep and want to see more of his honest reporting you could see the pain and frustion on his face