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Notes on Looting and Looters: Some Perspectives

Notes on Looting and Looters: Some Perspectives
Unidentified Hurricane Looters in New Orleans
Crime: Looting food, diapers, clothes, consumer items
Punishment: Summary execution during martial law

Neil Bush
Crime: Looted US taxpayers of at least $1.6 billion as head of the Silverado Banking, Savings & Loan Association in 1988 during the S&L meltdown
Punishment: Get out of jail free. Currently runs a major education software company with money from a lucrative contract with Floridas governors office.

Ken Lay
Crime: With the help of other Enron executives, looted at least $1.5 billion from California rolling blackout crisis of 2001
Punishment: Get out of jail free. Live with family in mansions in Long Island and Colorado.

Crime: Looted at least $8.8 billion in US tax dollars and $1.9 billion of Iraqi money during the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation (this money is officially declared missing)
Punishment: Whistleblowers silenced. Awarded more no-bid contracts from the Bush Administration.
physical survival needs prioritize "private property" 02.Sep.2005 10:53

"looting" is a corporate media fallacy

The emergency situation in New Orleans justifies people taking needed action for their personal physical survival. If this requires taking food or other items from a store shelf, that is not considered "looting" as the corporate media likes to claim. All these items, including weapons, may be needed for mental and physical survival in this situation. Hence the term "looting" as used by the corporate media, is in fact a fallacy. Even in these times of emergency and human suffering, the politicians, corporations and their media ilk still demonstrate that their priority is profit, property and money, human health and survival have never been high on their list of importance..

Since the US federal government under the GW Bush regime has proven unresponsive to both the numerous global warming storm surge warnings years ago and has hijacked FEMA funds for their war on terror for Iraqi petroleum reserves, their current action of ordering the National Guard to openly fire on people trying to survive by procuring food, it can only be surmised that this is an act of genocide by the US government against low income people of color in New Orleans and surrounding area..

Any military or police presence in New Orleans needs to be for the emergency rescue and health needs of the residents and people of need (elderly, disabled, children, injured, etc.), NOT for protecting "private property". Since when does protecting material items take precedence over saving people's lives? Only when those people are of African origin or low income and the government is controlled by corporate tyranny, a racist dictator war criminal named George Herbert Walker Bush..

There is no excuse for any military presence in New Orleans to prioritize protecting private property above saving human lives. The people of New Orleans are justified in acts of self defense against any brutality or acts of aggression by the police and military. If the police or military are not there for the purpose of saving lives, then they are contributing to taking lives away in defense of private property. Any actions taken by the military, police or otherwise that injure anyone trying to procure items needed for their personal survival will be added to the list of international and domestic crimes against humanity carried out by the Bush regime..

The Bush administration has already been accused of war crimes in Iraq by an international tribunal. Domestic crimes against humanity during an emergency situation can and will be added to the list of war crimes..