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UPDATE: Sitters and ground support shot at by loggers in Mckenzie Watershed

SAVE STEN! (and Rimpy too!!)
At 1pm on saturday 8/27 a large white suv with 3 or 4 loggers stopped just below the tree-sit. A man got out and unloaded 6 shots at the sit and 2 ground support people. Each shot was answered by war whoops and yells. As the ground support got closer to the fireing the shooter took off in the truck and
fled, as support made loud chicken sounds in appreciation of their false bravado!
4 shell casings were recovered, steel jacketed 45 shells.
Logging is going on in all the units around the sit and a cat trail was ploughed into unit 43 on thursday. Forest Service raided base camp and used dogs to search for supplies. Logging company people were also taking off with peoples camping gear.
This campaign needs vid support, cell phone and regular visits from town.
A benift is also in the works.
This is a real deal action, constant chain saws, agro loggers, nasty freddys, and rock solid sitters that need more support! Come on and get your STEN-ON. more info @:

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/08/323445.shtml

Clarification 30.Aug.2005 15:35

Bison Boy

How could you tell the bullets were steel-jacketed from just the casings found? Were bullets recovered as well?

Love and support to you people 30.Aug.2005 22:23

They are thugs and terrorists

Funny how those good guys in the timber industry feel a need to resort to violence to intimidate NON-VIOLENT protestors and get their way. What if the shoe was on the other foot and it would have been forest activists threatening loggers with guns? You would have seen FBI, BATF, Homeland Security, the dog catcher and every other goverment agency known to mankind out there and coming down hard on the tree-sitters and their support.

Press conference 31.Aug.2005 11:32


Activists will be holding a press conference today at the Eugene Federal building/USFS headquarters, 1:30 pm to explain what happened and why the Sten Timber Sale should be cancelled. All media and the public are invited.

loggers shooting at tree sitters? 01.Sep.2005 12:03

new strategies

next time... shoot back

My Heroes 04.Sep.2005 08:31

gts gunnarsharp@yahoo.com

I am awed at the sitters behavior.
I cannot imagine the courage it took to let yourself be shot at and only return whoops and yells.
This is the stuff of legends.
You guys are my heroes.

And I agree with the person who pointed out the double standard: If the ELF had shown up at a lumber mill and started shooting, the FBI would have been involved and life sentences would have been handed out like candy.

But some fat SUV driving good ol' boys do it and . . . well, you know, boys will be boys.

Did anyone get the license plate number?