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Gun nuts on Alberta street

looks like trouble
crap, I have a bad feeling about this...
crap, I have a bad feeling about this...
I found this posted on a power pole that I was cutting down.
prank 29.Aug.2005 23:15

gotta be

alberta co-op wouldn't be involved in something as bizarre looking as this. (nothing against guns or private gun ownership, mind you, but this is obviously a joke poster.)

Too Bad 30.Aug.2005 01:28


Too bad it probably is a joke, it would be hilarious and nerve rattling for the cops. The people need more guns, governments need less.

I have a water gun in my pants 30.Aug.2005 11:18

Dingo the clown

Thanks for noticing it is a joke, Most of the time the Indymedia people get all bent out of shape when I post comic relief thus giving me a good laugh (and cry).
We are however having the 80's muscle bound, heavy Metel rocker THOR performing on our stage at 4 o clock on Friday (more cruelty free circus stuff) so I held off posting the Gun Parade flier all up and down the street, I dont want people to think ALL our fliers are B.S. Now when you see the Gun Parade flier, you will be in on the gag.

bloggy question 30.Aug.2005 12:35


Do you really have a "Joust" arcade game at CLoWn HoUsE? Whoa, the only thing that could be more sweet would be Spy Hunter.

Spy hunter 30.Aug.2005 14:14


Spy hunter is my favorite game too. We wouldn't have it at the clown house because it's car related.
Bikes are alergic to cars, they cause terminal train cancer.

Hunting cars 30.Aug.2005 16:32


Oh yeah, Spy Hunter is all about cars but you get to SHOOT and BUMP OFF THE ROAD lots-o cars in the game. I like to imagine that the Hunter car is powered by corn fuel, or something. OK, yes... Joust, flying on an ostrich I admit is very sustainable and earth-friendly.

BIKE HUNTER 30.Aug.2005 18:02


We should find some geeks to make us a game and call it Bike Hunter