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Arturo Commando Interviews Human Rights Activist Matthew McDaniel

Arturo Commando, host of the Arturo Commando Show on Portland Indymedia Web Radio, recently interviewed human rights activist Matthew McDaniel. The interviewed aired live on Sunday (8/28/05), the regular day of Commando's show.

McDaniel spoke at length on his human rights activism in Southeast Asia, specifically with the Akha tribe. They also talked about the United States involvement in Southeast Asia, the US funded drug war, and the vast measures the United States is employing to keep McDaniel and his wife out of the United States. The interview is 45 minutes long and available for download and for streaming. It is a great introduction to the horrors that exist in SE Asia and provides insight on how we can help bring justice to SE Asia.

listen to the interview: listen to streaming file | download torrent file | more torrents from indytorrents.org

The streaming file is the entire Arturo Commando show, which is about 100 minutes long. The actual interview starts about 40 minutes into the show and lasts for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of winding down after the interview.

The torrent file contains the entire show and a cropped version with just the interview. If you only wanted the interview, downloading the torrent would be the better option. You could delete the other file after downloading.

Enjoy the interview folks!

they won't let him in 30.Aug.2005 09:59

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

mayhaps the u.s. government is afraid of what he will find in the us. while they are touting how they are supporting human rights all around the world, they don't want the people of the world to find how little human rights are observed in the u.s.a. kind of hard to complain about your neighbors if your own yard is a mess!

1306 john evansville, ind. 47714

WoooHoooo Arturo 31.Aug.2005 15:41

Wee Raven wee_Raven@resist.ca

Wow Arturo, your show grows more amazing everyday and I see it's popularity is spreading like wildfire (sincere comment).
I am glad you are always there to cover the really hard hitting stories.
-Wee Raven