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ASPIRE Volunteer Orientation

Exciting volunteer opportunity - come see what it's all about.
Don't miss your chance to volunteer with one of the state's most
exciting volunteer programs.

ASPIRE volunteers help high school students get an education beyond
high school. They mentor the students and help them turn dreams into
reality. Sound wonderful? It is! How can you help this fantastic
program? Come find out!

When: August 31st, 6:30pm OR Sept. 1st, 11:00am
Where: Marshall Campus (formerly Marshall High School)
3905 SE 91st Ave. (Near SE 92nd and Powell)
What: Come get the scoop on the ASPIRE program, meet other
volunteers, and eat some food.

Please let us know if you will be coming so we can buy the right
amount of food.

For more information, or to let us know you will be coming to
orientation, email bannsa@... or call (503) 916-5240 x.

phone: phone: (503)916-5240 x.1229