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"Globalizing" Community Radio

come support Bartolina Sisa and Patrik Angstrom Poore as they get ready to travel through Mexico, Central, and South America connecting community radio stations and gathering sound for an international audio documentary
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Veganopolis Flyer
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Bartolina and Patrik have been organizing and pulling together resources for about a year and a half, and now it's finally time! They will travel through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and more from September 16th 2005 to April 1st 2006.

They will be reporting on the road to KBOO's news dept to report on their adventures!
They will call into nearly 20 other stations regularly, both in Spanish and English!
They'll be collecting audio for a documentary about the diversity of communities in Latin America!
They'll be spending time with Human Rights, Peace, and Justice organizations and finding out how communities are really affected by Neoliberal policies!
They'll be making connections between community and LPFM stations in North and South!
They'll be providing training and travel funds to bring local journalists along for the ride!
They'll be connecting stations with technical resources when feasible!
They'll explore models for long distance, cross-language information exchange!
They'll explore models of multicultural cooperation - an Aymaran Bolivian and an Anglo working together
They'll discover what can be done when just a few people get many small scale resources together
And finally, they'll discover what it takes to use our distributed, grassroots media networks to provide more timely and accurate information to our communities.

You Can Help!

Veganopolis has agreed to give a donation to the project if they can generate at least 100 lunches during Sept 3, 6, and 7. Print out a copy of the attached flyer and present it at the register when you pay for your order. You can also provide your own contribution to the project if you're super excited about what they're doing.

You probably eat at Veganopolis anyway, so come down and bring a flyer and show people all through Latin America that Portland pays attention to global events.

Eat Locally, Act Globally
Rebalancing the Global Economy, One Sandwich at a Time

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