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Fires in the night sky

Fires in the night sky

Stars and Planets dancing
Lighting a mist filled path

Sensing deep movement
As the Moon and Stars
Are Birthed inside me

Waves of ancient toning
Voicing the great energies
Plot a course for the sprouting mustard seed
And blooming chrysanthemum

Longing to be held
Moon, Mars and Mercury
Leaping into each others arms
Spinning togetheró Faster now
Soaring with the ancient clan

Held tightly in celebration; homecoming tears flow
The time of parting now over
By the great hall fire we remember
Each other In Joyful embrace my
Daughter, Brother and Wise Old Friend

Sun, Earth
Stars and Milky Way
In firm and intimate welcome
Letting the Aeons pass in earnest tango
Past the Fires of the night sky

Tender lovers they whisper
Their no longer silent longings
Hold me closer they say
We have secrets to share