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Fossil fuel expectations

I read in the commentary section of The Oregonian on the 21st of August, an article on the consumption of fossil fuels on our planet. The general gist of the piece was one of overshop optimism of how we, as a culture, will deal with this potentially "horrible" situation.
This article spoke of how Portland, with its economical practices and implementation combined with the over abundances of people working in modern trades of what some would consider to be out dated, would not really be that bad off. My question then becomes, "So Portland will initially be okay, but what about the rest of the country?" Is local area politics all that the Oregonian readers are thinking of? Since the advent of modern technology and specificly, the internet, our global community grows smaller all the time. We can't ignore the plight of foreign lands any longer, because now what effects them, effects us. The reverse is just as true, but we're not a culture that's trained to see the truth, we're trained to accept things as they are. And this denial will be the end of our society, possibly our species. We've gotten ahead of ourselves in our arrogance and can't admit when the fun might end, but it may very well be upon us. I'm hopeful this will be an opportunity for the American people to take a long, hard look at ourselves and what we're doing to ourselves as a species, yet realisticly this is unlikely.
There was speak in this article of a dramatic hike in fuel prices over the next three years, which will cause inconvinience for a majority of us "middle class" blue and white collar wage slaves. In other words, a majority of the population would instantly be negatively affected. To say nothing of how this affects grocery store chains who ship their products from several states over. Conventional grocery will get more expensive, to accomidate any and all shipping charges. However in contrast, a majority of Europe has been paying five dollars plus per gallon for the luxury of driving an automobile. They have lived comfortably with alternate forms of transport, for the better part of a century. On top of it, they seem the best equipped continent for weaning off of fossil fuels. Portland OR, as well equipped as we are, should not expect such a luxurious transistion as the Oregonian would have us believe
True, we are more than likely better off than most of the country. But that's just it, we're part of a larger country, and if they go down we will as well. Also true, we have local area growers who will be cheaper by comparison to conventional chains. But will smaller companies have the funds to transport food even that distance?
I'm all in favor of a potential utopian society with a closer knit community, built finacially on trades and agricultural jobs for support and survival, but it's unlikely. This is what the article would have you believe, that we have the best suited methods and the rest of the country will follow our example. In my moderately realistic opinion, there's just no way this definition will happen as decribed. I did say moderately, though.
What I will agree with is that matial law may very well be put into place. And if that's the case, the already spread thin military would have to be positioned strategically in every major city, for the sake of being efficient. So they would either have to pull troops from every location around the world. (Which wouldn't work, because of the domination complex this country has grown.) Or the National Guard and local police would undergo rigerous training to intensify the governments position in our lives, and to protect the oil. But as Americans we're used to things being "normal" so we can have our fun. Martial law isn't fun, so we would end up protesting it. Seeing the dissent among the masses, the government or local authorities may resort to authorizing lethal force in this situation. Thus, those killed will be perfect examples of what will happen if you step out of line. After all, they're trying to keep the peace. But I'm sure the National Guard and police will tire of the idea of killing their fellow Americans, especially since they themselves are going to suffer reprecussions from the lack of oil, and can sympathize with those that protest.
At this point I theorize three possibilities, based on some research and speaking with my peers. They sound outlandish and highly unlikely, but hear me out until the end, because they can be backed up with varried sources around the internet. Do your own research, talk to other people, and think. It may just change your perpective on a lot of issues.
The first of these theoretical scenarios is the more likely than the other two. With an already depleted military force of Americans spread tinnly the globe over, and local authorities resisting the murder of the masses they've sworn to protect, what is left to keep the government perogatives flowing as smoothly as possible? What can the powers that be do to ensure control over the average American? It's quite simple really, the "the terrorists" win a few more rounds.Let a few more "9/11's" occur, which will firmly establish that our government is literally our last chance for survival, and we had better do what they say. Which might have been planned from the begining, seeing as how the Al Queda was trained in US military and torture tactics a few decades back. Osama Bin Laden himself was trained at the School of Americas, in varried subjects to be competant in US military and stategy methods. It made it easier to throw an already turbulent Middle East into complete upheaval over the years. Which, conviniently enough, assisted the US in getting a foothold on the oil fields therein. The oil fields we so desperately need to prolong the inevitable lack of fossil fuels our economy depends on.
Scenario number two: Rather than terrorists, (which might be too chaotic) The government licences contracts out to other countries with unrelenting millitaries and bad economic power, to enforce the martial law and carry out the US governments edict. Russia, for example, has a huge military force that was set up during the Cold War for the express purpose of possible entanglements on US soil. Their economy has repeatedly failed them due to inproper applications of theoretical practice, and obvious corruption among higher offices in their government. In some South American countries as well, the powers that be may be up for a militant contract from the US. American corporations have already put a stranglehold on their economies, to say nothing of the drastic difference in the positions of their rich and poor. The rich can practicly own the military in some places, and make "laws" as they see fit. Since some of these "militaries" are actualy so called "death squads" you could bet they would have no problem with enforcing lethal methods of persuation under contract. I might be willing to count this scenario out, except that I remember hearing that Rumsfeld was speaking with the more powerful South American governments who are, conviniently enough, currently dealing with social upheaval.
3:"The Last Resort/Armageddon scenario", in my opinion. After the protesting, the local authorities, and foreign militant aid do not silence the dissenting population. There's really only one outcome left for a tyranical government to do, in my opinion. The government comes out of the totalitarianism closet it has built around itself. They take a poll of the percentage of dissenting citizens in the country, find a major city that is the most vocally outraged at our situation, and bomb them as an example to the rest of the country. If that doesn't silence us, continue to bomb systematicly until only 75% of the projected population is left, then see if we have any fight left in us. It's what could have happened to Japan in WW2. After the US destroyed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, "Surrender or Tokyo is next." Japan gave in real quickly thereafter, and theoreticly, so will we. I'm not necassarily saying they'll use "nukes" on US soil. The land might prove useful to their needs later on. It is more likely that some newer weapon would be used and will leave the land intact, possibly a microwave emitter to rupture our organs. Such things already exist on a small scale for theoretical military riot control applications. It could be anything really, perhaps something we percieve as being scientifcally impossible, who knows what might be cooked up in the years to come. In any event, the Earth won't support our world population growth for much longer, and a government approved genocide plan might be around the corner sooner than you think. To say nothing of a UN approved plan. Fossil fuel exhaustion might be the perfect excuse.
All of this possibility from one far too optimistic article about one natural resource disappearing. It's really sad that we can allow one natural resource to dominate over the needs of an entire planet. We have many other options, but I fear they won't be implimented until it is far too late. And even if they are implemented in time, it won't be on large enough of a scale. We need those options available on a massive scale right now, not tommorrow.
Regardless of whether you find my ramblings to the work of an over-active imagination, too many Hollywood movies, or a legally mentally insane person. Regardless of if you believe this is possible or not, or that the government would ever consider such drastic action. Take a long, detailed, and open-minded look at the world in which we live. Just take in all the information that surrounds us. All the pain, suffering, death, and remorse we do not suffer while the rest of the world does. It had to come from somewhere, it had to start with those who have been in power and still are, this doesn't "just happen". And how long will it be before the American people have to suffer alongside the other countries where the powerful dictate to the masses? How long will we let it happen? We have excuses, like "I don't want to get involved" or "That's the government's problem." which is wrong. We already are involved, and we control the governments actions in regard to these problems. At least we do when we stop being lazy and do our patriotic duty, which is to run our democratic society, which it looks less like every day. The strength of a few cannot control the majority of our planets population, unless we let them. Take control of your life or it will be taken from you.
Petition your local government to represent your community. Get those in power to listen, force them to understand the situation, the possible ramifications of a lack of action. Get them to represent you to a higher political powers with the same drive and ambition you should have to get the ball rolling. The same insistancy you should have at the potential destruction of everything you hold dear.
For the love of whatever you hold sacred, do something. Do anything. But if you sit around lazily doing nothing until we bring doomsday upon ourselves, then we had better hope there's no such thing as hell, because we'll all burn on this one.
And if we let them choose for us, if we are really so lazy that we'll let the few in power lead us all toward destruction, then we deserve to die.

Empire is collapsing, can't afford totalitarian hold 28.Aug.2005 22:45


The only problem with this theory is that it assumes that the U.S. government will possess the economic resources needed to pull off totalitarianism. The U.S. empire is collapsing, along with it the corporate empire and any other empire that has built itself up over the past 100-200 years. The U.S. empire has already overextended itself with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It doesn't possess the resources to even wage those wars successfully. It doesn't really even possess the competence, as we can see. Not the competence and confidence that the leaders tossed around during WW2 and thereafter. Our swagger is hollow, followed by a sharp stab of pain in the back and the leaning against a cane.

Before the oil runs out, the U.S. empire will shudder from the first tremor in its collapse--this is my prediction.

Martial law isn't fun, so we would end up protesting it. 29.Aug.2005 20:43


until they start shooting.