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Superdome injustice

Hundreds, maybe thousands of the poor, elderly, and children are standing in the hot, humid New Orleans sun for many blocks long waiting to get into the Superdome. The reason makes me angry.
What is taking so long for these people to get into the Superdome? They are being patted down and metal detectors wanded over their bodies! How sick! Here's a major catastrophe headed their way, and people are subjected to body searches. How unjust can it get!

I am angry! Let them inside! They are carrying what little along, and will likely stay inside a week--if it indeed can hold up to 20 feet of water. Then when they get out, what will they have left.

There's been some poor planning there. And give the people are break. Let them inside NOW. This pathetic situation is sad, and I am extremely ANGRY.
Black Hole of New Orleans 28.Aug.2005 22:08

Ima Cynic

I hope I'm wrong. I find myself wondering about packing 100,000 poor into the Super Dome to await a 30 foot storm surge. If it is flooded or collapsed, at least (from the gub'ment POV) it will be easy to clean up all those bodies in just one spot.

It's terrible to find yourself thinking such things. Thanks for the imagining Bush & Co.

National Guard of Louisiana all out of the country fighting oil wars for Bush... 28.Aug.2005 22:53

reader and quoter

I read that around 25,000 are in the Superdome now.

The second level is at 35 feet above the base, so even if it floods as much as 20-25 feet in New Orleans (actually, the conservative estimates), these thousands will be relatively ok. Winshear on that building supposedly constructed to withstand around 200 mph winds.

However, according to estimates

And by the way: 3,000 "National Guard of Louisiana" are in Iraq: out fighing Bush's asinine empty of purpose or rationale war for Carlyle corporation oil and Halliburton contracts--instead of at home for what they are there for: protecting their state. Bush has made statements about the horror of it all--from his vacation ranch in Texas.

Louisiana governor calls Superdome shelter an "experiment" 29.Aug.2005 07:26


This morning ABC had an interview with the governor of Louisiana, a rich white bitch who spoke like someone out of Nazi Germany. When the reporter asked her about the Superdome shelter and whether the structure would hold or flood, she called it an "experiment". She obviously doesn't mind if the thousands of poor folk die from flooding or roof collapse.

This reminds me of other statements by high-ups in the USA. The morning of the London public transport bombings, someone on FOX called the bombings a good buying opportunity. Shortly after the tsunami in South Asia, a member of the Bush administration called the tsunami a "wonderful opportunity".

Heard on the radio this morning there's a hole in the roof. The Dome was supposed to withstand 200 MPH winds, and the peak winds from Katrina haven't even hit the Big Easy yet.

One reason regular people had to wait so long to get in: they first let in the old and frail. Some regular people didn't bother to go in the Dome because the line was so long.

As far as stadia go, the Superdome is better than most if this "experiment" succeeds in sheltering the public from the storm. Most public-funded stadia have nil value in protecting against natural disasters.

Horror at the Superdome 01.Sep.2005 22:29


I really don't know how to begin as I shudder with mental images and phantoms of some things I have reciently seen and heard. I cannot describe my own shock or even attempt to fathom the experience of anyone at the Superdome.
First, please let me say that I am from Portland, Or and I moved to Lafayette, La to take care of my father(who just reciently past) and my family and I here, just had wind gusts from Katrina, not much more. It seems comparable to 9/11 the events in New O right now. I just got done watching a local News Channel(one of the more renegade ones) and their guest was a policeman who barely made it out of New Orleans alive. He was actually engaged in gun-fights with criminals who had AK47's. He said right out, that Not only were the people of New Orleans and the Supredome were abandoned, but the police and meger(and un armed) nation guard were too. I agree with the "experiment" comment previous to my post. This police officer blames N.O.P.D(and others) for their lack of support, planning and even called the police chiefs cowards. The young Lt. officer stated that he wasnt a Special Operations officer so niether he or those under his command were given anything more than 45 calabur pistols. They managed to coordinate with other officers to draft a plan to stop the crimminal element at the Superdome. You see, what is not in the media, is the real story of what is happening there. FEMA, Red Cross, and the other politicians are for some reason sitting in wait of something. The Superdome has it's own security police as well and the police officer on the TV interview I watched said that he met up with the Superdome security(He even knew some officers for having worked with them in the past durring games) and was ready to go in and check on the people in the Superdome. This is where the horror really hit me. The security told the Lt that the Superdome has been taken over by criminal element. they have bands of Men with AK 47's and other heavy weapons literally killing people and enslaving the inhabitants. They witnessed men being beaten to death and tossed out into the corridors, and women in almost every corridor being raped. I lost my mind after hearing that on the news. When I look at CNN and FOX, i see vide with people standing, sitting, fanning eachother, waiting for relief. But no news cameras has entered the Superdome. They show busses snaking in to pick up passengers, but failed to show the many yellow school-busses that have been hijacked and overtaken my mobs of people trying to escape the horror. Doctors, nurses and EMTs long escaped the Superdome barely with their lives. in a TV interview on CNN, one Dr. says it was so dangerous in the Superdome, that he will not go back in there. WTF?!?! I mean, this was on CNN!!! Did I hear that right? What about the thousands of people trapped in there? The numbers of people that are being murdered and rapped?!? Where is the water and the food, Mr. FEMA, Red Cross, mr. Bush?!?! I mean on CNN, Sen Landrieu was just on CNN trying to sugar coat the events by profusly thanking all the politicians(I don't think she missed too many, by the number of flies circling her nose) and Anderson Cooper tore her a new one...And he was in Mississippi!!! Why is the Red Cross, FEMA, National Guard and Bushie-boy dragging their feet on this? Bush refused help from Canada!!! Who knows how many countries that may be offering help that are being waved away? My uncle lives in Lafayette near me and he drove around and says the Lafayette airport and other airports and basses, shipyards and all are all empty! Where the F**K are they?!? The Tsunami got massive support from Bush. Iraq is still sucking every highschool kid out of their parents homes and sent to Bagdad. But Bush drags his knuckles on relieve to Elderly, Patients dying in hospitals, homeless being eatin by aligators, bitten by snakes, raped by legions of criminals, not helping the police and national guard protect the people. One policeman told a woman begging for water and food to "Go to hell! It's every man for himself!" WHAT????!!!!!!!!???? The Lt Officer I saw on the local channel sid that the police felt so abandoned that "everyone was talking about quiting...Everyone". After barrowing his fathes truck for gathering supplies from Walmart(who donated a big pallet of water bottles) like socks and water for the police and refugees, he headed to his home to check on his wife and child in Lafayette. When he got there, his wife was in tears. She had just found out that her Mother and Father did not make it out of New Orleans and had just died. He lost it. He brought the supplies to the police and refugees that they picked up from New O and headed back home and resigned. he told the Ancors on the News that if the N.O.P.D want's their police car back, the can come and pick it up.
God, Please save those people.
and as far as the Superdome being a test. I suspect it as being a test to how strong a shield the "Bush Regeme" can draw up between the American public and the real events that are happening at given areas in our country. I think that many innocent people are going to die, be murdered. Durring Marial Law, are the military and police supposed to secure a state or area? Where is the security of the poor, sick, dying, thursty, hungry, vulnerable women and children?!?!?

unexplained-- Aftermath of Katrina 02.Sep.2005 22:05

Miss. Outraged N. Sadness

Dear American Government
Oh how you have failed me. All my life I have live and learned by American justice, equality and the laws. Hurricane Katrina has tested our People, Government and Louisiana's state officials, from what I have seen and heard in the past week, unfortunately we all have failed. It is shocking that the U.S. could help and feed other entire countries but could not do the same for our own.
To Governor Blanco I have had so much faith in you. I faithfully voted for and stood behind you. Proudly-- our first female governor."GOVERNOR BLANCO!" Governor Blanco you have poorly governed my beloved Louisiana. Please Ms. Blanco wake up and realize you are speeding down a long road of wrong turns. You have wasted precious life saving time dealing with looters and holding senseless "hot air" press conferences. Remember these people have nothing, if looting is what they need to do to survive, then my God let them loot, regardless if is food, pampers, water, dry and clean shoes to put on their feet or clothes to put on their backs. Than putting more security on the streets for looters, more protection is needed in the Superdome for rapist, more search and rescue teams are needed on the streets to save lives. Is a couple pairs of sneakers and a few shirts more important than human life? Ms. Blanco I beg you to wake up. Wake up, Get up , Stand up do something more to help our fellow Louisianans. Than leaving them behind. They are not in some foreign place far across the seas. They are right here standing on the same ground as you and I. This is unacceptable!

Miss Outraged N. Sadness
Baton Rouge, Louisiana