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August Critical Mass Report

This month: lots of polite biking: courteous cops, patient drivers, happy pedestrians, mild mannered massers. Still the question lingers, how much police presence is necessary? Can we handle policing ourselves? Do we need to be radical to get our point across? Where is the bike fun next month?

Finally, how awesome is it to have cops corking?

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Seattle Police Harass Critical Mass Yesterday

Dining on Broadway last night, I heard the sounds of cheering and ringing bells and looked up to see a hundred or so bicycle riders cheerfully and slowly making their way down Broadway. People on the sidewalk began throwing thumbs-up signs and cheering them on. Suddenly, the ride turned and started flowing backwards, filling the whole street. I looked back at where they were going and that's when I saw the problem. They were being tailed by constables on patrol. There were at least six police cars, 1 or 2 police VANS and several bicycle cops. The vehicles followed as the bike cops tried to flank the ride. I have often seen critical mass ride down Broadway, but NEVER with a police presence, especially one this out of proportion. You would have thought they were tailing the Gotti brothers after a bank heist.

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